Saturday, April 3, 2021

Lemon Citrus Accessories for Kitchen

Create cheerful ambiance with lemon citrus printed accessories. Lemons are the color of the sun and are a good way to add warmth and positive energy to your kitchen.

 Lemon Citrus Kitchen Accessories 

One way to add lemon decorations to your kitchen is to buy printed kitchen towels. Shop for kitchen towels online at Zazzle and find darling designs created by independent designers. Use the towels to dry your dishes, wipe down your counters, and accent your baker's rack. You can drape one on the rack or you can roll a variety of towels and put them in a basket. Set this basket on your countertop so the pretty yellow and white towels can be viewed.

Lemon Citrus Kitchen Towel 

Personalize Lemon Print Kitchen Towel 

Farmhouse style Lemonade Recipe Mason Jar

Another way to add citrus decorations to your kitchen is to buy fresh lemons and set them in a clear bowl. Use this bowl of lemons as a table centerpiece.

Add a fresh look to your kitchen with lemon citrus accessories. Create a tablescape with a yellow lemon print on a white background tablecloth Or cover your table with a lemon-designed runnerplacematsnapkin, and plate. Set the bowl of fresh lemons in the center. Enjoy this tablescape throughout the spring and summer season.

Cheerful lemon printed tablecloth

Every Day or Special Occasion Lemon Print Paper Plate

Here is a collection that features a variety of lemon-printed home accessories for your kitchen and living areas. All products featured were created by independent designers. Click the highlighted text below to view the designer's website.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Cat Décor for Your Kitchen


Accent the décor of your kitchen with darling cat product design and you will add a happy ambiance to your space.  Cat designed kitchen products are uplifting and a good way to add positive energy to your table, bakers rack, or to your countertops. Shop for uniquely designed black cat, stray cat and vintage cat designs at and you will find darling kitty designed kitchen products.

A darling gray cat designed cake plate

Add cute feline mugs to your coffee station, soup bowls, paper plates cake plate and more to your décor to create a cheerful cat ambiance. 

Cats in the flower garden teapot

Black cat soup bowl with gray and white stripes

Know that many cat lovers lean toward the eclectic style when it comes to decorating their kitchen with a cat theme. They will shop for a variety of cat colors and designs while others who have a white kitchen will buy a monochromatic color scheme and will feature a black cat and utilize the colors white, gray, and black.  There are no rules when it comes to decorating your kitchen with cat décor, it’s your kitchen so shop and buy the products that make you happy.

Anyone who loves cats will be delighted by these kitchen decorations. Cat kitchen decorations are thoughtful housewarming, new pet, and birthday gifts  Here are a few of my cat designs. Find them at my Zazzle store by clicking on the highlighted text below the image.

Shop for products in the image above Cat Kitchen Home Accessories

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Animal Pictures / Pet Photo Designed Shirts


Show off your love for your fur-baby by wearing a shirt with the photo of your dog or cat or another animal on it. Shop for template t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts at Zazzle and find the style that you like. Then follow the steps for customizing to upload your photograph or to edit the text.

A darling shirt for a cat lover

Shop for a variety of shirt designs as there are many styles to choose from. The short sleeve cat t-shirt (shown) is basic cotton with a relaxed fit. 
This shirt features a cutout photo of an orange tabby cat and an overlay of tulip flowers and a butterfly. Wear this shirt for the spring season and on holidays such as "Mother's Day" Buy as shown or remove the design to upload an image of your fur-baby. 

Here is a black sweatshirt that I created from a photo of my Pitbull dog. The sweatshirt is exactly what I need during the winter and I really like that, I could customize with a photo of my dog. Know that if you love this sweatshirt with my dog's photo that you can buy it as shown.

This is a template sweatshirt you can buy as shown or design your own animal or pet photo shirt.

As far as fabric and care the sweatshirt as its made with 10-ounces of a cotton-poly blend. The inside is textured like fleece and I think it makes the shirt feel cozy and warm. The sleeves are set-in with a double-needle stitched neckline and the bottom band really helps to keep you warm.

The t-shirt is 100% cotton which is perfect for warm spring and summer weather.

I recommend washing the t-shirt and the sweatshirt in the permanent press cycle, cold water, and tumble dry on low heat.

Know that I bought my first Zazzle shirt five years ago and I am still wearing them seasonally. 

Shop for a variety of animal picture/pet photo-designed shirts  Zazzle.  You can buy one that is already designed with a fur-baby or you can customize a template to create your own.                      

If you love birds then check out these unique bird design shirts.

View other animal picture/pet photo sweatshirt designs here. Click the highlighted text to be taken to the designer's store.

Golden Retriever Dog Sweatshirt

Bird Lover Sweatshirt

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Love Faux Wrapped Canvas Prints at Zazzle

 If you like the way a wrapped canvas print looks but not the cost then you will love a faux wrapped canvas print at

The faux wrapped canvas prints are a cost-effective alternative to a traditional wrapped canvas that will cost you $100.00 plus and a faux Canvas 10X10 size is under $25.00. 

So if you are seeking a canvas print for a cherished memory like your wedding, a special family photo, or a keepsake then shop for a canvas print that is made with a special ink-receptive coating to protect the surface from cracking or fading. A museum-quality canvas print at Zazzle is stunning and will last a lifetime. But if you want to update the walls in your home with affordable wall art then shop for a faux canvas print or create your own canvas print by uploading a photo onto a template.

Know that I would not recommend a faux canvas print had I not bought one. See the image below. I created the deer print from a photograph I took with my phone. I then uploaded it to a template canvas print and it was easy to edit and create wall art for my home.

View this faux canvas print template here 

I was amazed at the finished product. The faux wrapped canvas print was not only the perfect size but it was also very easy to fold the edges to create the canvas look. I am very satisfied with my purchase as you can from the photo that it is quality made with colorful printing that is perfect.

Shop or View my entire collection of traditional and faux canvas prints here  Buy a canvas print as shown or edit the print to remove the image and upload your own photo.  It is very easy to create your own work of art.  If you have a problem or have a question there is help available at the Zazzle website. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

All Over Printed Aprons for Everyone

Many people are spending more time at home and find that they are cooking meals, baked goods or they are doing crafts. Whatever you are doing you will find that an apron is a must.  

View this apron or buy it here 

Normally I wear an apron when I garden because I do not want my clothes to get soiled but thanks to COVID19 and the stay at home orders I find that I am cooking more and need an apron to keep food stains from my clothing.

Zazzle came out with some all-over printed aprons that I really like. The aprons are made from polyester which means they will not wrinkle and after you launder them they will not need ironing. Your apron will look perfect (no wrinkles) at all times no matter what you are doing.

Here is an apron that I designed for kids. It's the perfect size for a girl to wear when she makes cookies, picks flowers, or does crafts.  You can personalize this apron with your kid's name.

View this purple flower apron here

The aprons are available in 3 sizes for adults (men and women), and for kids. Each apron comes with a neck strap and adjustable waist string to ensure the best fit. This apron is one you will want to be seen in and you may want to wear one that goes with your outfit.

I bought the pink apron (shown above) to wear when I am working in the garden. The plant lady apron was created for the florist, gardener, or person that that is crazy about gardening. The apron features a darling pink and white stripe on the bottom and on the bib is the flower pot design with a cartoon bumblebee. An apron like this would be a thoughtful gift. 

Shop for all aprons shown and other apron design here

Uniquely designed printed aprons for everyone

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Fall Season and Halloween Face Mask Must-Haves

Light cool and comfortable the reusable face masks fit well and provide extra protection for your nose and mouth. 

Shop for trendy face-coverings in fall season colors to coordinate with your outfits. The 2020 COVID19 mask designs are fabulous and must-haves. 

All face masks are designed for a comfortable fit around your mouth nose and neck. Unlike the big box stores, these masks were created by independent designers at

Cute Happy Halloween Pumpkin and Black Cat Face Mask

Shop for the unique fall season and Halloween patterns, prints in a variety of colors to coordinate with your fall season outfits. All masks are reusable for community social distancing and for holiday gatherings.

This blog post features three styles of face masks

I bought the cloth face mask with the elastic ear straps. The fit of this face covering is sturdy, yet the fabric is soft to the touch. Very easy to use the elastic ear straps that make the mask a one-size-fits-all fit. These masks come with an insert slot for an activated charcoal filter. The filter does not come with the mask. You can buy it here. 

All of the reusable masks are easy care as these masks can be machine washed. I hand wash our cloth masks in hot water and antibacterial dawn dish soap and hang them to dry. They launder very well and do not fade.

Here are few of my top 2020 face mask must-haves for the fall season. If you see a mask that you like and would like to view a larger image then click onto the highlighted words below the image and this link will take you to the designer's store.

Thank you for supporting the independent Zazzle designer's.  Know that the artist earns a commission for their product designs when item is sold. This commission is greatly appreciated.

View my entire collection of face masks here 

Fall Season Face Mask

Autumn Leaves on Black / Happy Fall Y'all Seasonal Cloth
Face Mask

Happy Fall Y'all / Colorful Oak Leaves Seasonal Cloth Face

Colorful Autumn Orange Leaves on Black Seasonal Cloth Face

Colorful Fall Maple Leaves / Autumn Style Cloth Face Mask

Vibrant Fall Leaves Pattern Black | Multi-Colored Cloth
Face Mask

Rustic Fall Season with Pumpkin Face Mask

Fun Halloween Masks

Halloween FUN Pumpkin and Ghost Face Mask

Halloween Black Cat Eyes and Graveyard Face Mask

Halloween Boo / Ghost in Graveyard Cloth Face Mask

Halloween BOO Ghost on Black Spooky Face Mask

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Back to School Face Masks / Shields

Back to school, this year is different from previous years dud to the COViD19 pandemic. This year your kids will need all of the school essentials and face masks or face covering shields.

Along with social distancing, all kids and teachers will need to cover their faces to stop the spread of COVID19. You can shop locally for disposable face masks or you can sew the face masks for your children. But if you prefer to buy one then you should consider a cloth face mask from Zazzle

The cloth face mask is 2 ply cotton with a filter insert slot. The elastic straps go around your ears and one size does fit most. This is a reusable mask that is machine washable or you can wash by hand with antibacterial soap and hang to dry.
Independent designers create darling prints for kids' masks. Many are graphically, and watercolor illustrations of prints and patterns. You will also find photographs designed face masks that allow you to buy as shown or customize by adding your own photo.
When shopping for back to school face masks for your kids know that I recommend that you buy more than one. It is best to have a few clean ones handy instead of washing the mask daily after your child has worn it.
Here are a few of my back to school face mask and plastic full face shields for elementary and high school teens. View the back to school collection here.
Add Your Kids Name / Cute Zoo Animal Safety Face Shield

Cute Pink Floral with Dragonfly Girly Kids Face Shield

Red White and Blue Patriotic Soccer Ball Cloth Face Mask

Smiling Border Collie Funny Dog Reusable Cloth Face Mask

Doodle Art Colorful Flower Pattern Cloth Face Mask

Funky Abstract Rainbow of Color Cloth Face Mask

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Father’s Day Party Invitations and Gifts

This year Father’s Day is extra special because it will be the first time since March that families will be able to gather. The coronavirus pandemic made it difficult for families to be close and to enjoy each other’s company but now that the country is starting to open up it means that as long as we safe distance and wear a face mask we can get together and celebrate with our family on Father’s Day.

Here are some CDC recommended face masks for your Dad

Official Dad / Golf Style Reusable White Cotton Face Mask

Golf Club and Ball Pattern on Green Cloth Face Mask

Trendy Golf Ball Print on Blue Cloth Face Mask

Super Dad Black Cotton Face Mask

Plan to invite your family to a Father’s Day BBQ. Send out the invitation so all will know when what time and if they should bring a side dish. Here are a few invitations created just for Father’s Day.

Father's Day Barbeque Party Invitations

BBQ Party Fathers Day Invitation

by Spice

Father's Day BBQ Invitation

Create a festive tablescape for your dad with paper plates, napkins, tumbler glasses and mugs and steins. If you Dad likes to play golf then set the table with plates that have a golf design on them, if your dad likes to play another sport then buy a plate with the coordinating sport.

Your Father’s Day table setting should feature a pattern and color scheme that will appeal to your dad. (Remember to set the table so that your guest are 6 feet away from each other). The best way to do this is to skip a place setting.

Father's Day Barbecue Paper Napkin

Come On...Father’s Day Party Paper Plates

Happy Father's Day Bunting Banner Party Flags

World's Greatest Dad Beer Stein

World's Best Ever Dad, Daddy, Father Definition Two-Tone
Coffee Mug

Shop for gifts for your dad online at Buy him T-Shirts, coffee mugs, steins, mancave pillows, posters, wallets, jigsaw puzzles, and more. 

Here are a few gift ideas 

From The Dog Black & White #1 Dad Baseball

Black with Golf Ball Pattern Mens Neck Tie

Fun Golf Pattern Neck Tie

Nautical Vintage Gold Anchor Mens Watch

Woody / Wood Grain Sunglasses

Sleek Black Striped with Monogram Zippo Lighter

Fish Tales Told Here/Fisherman T-Shrit T-Shirt

Modern Masuculine Black Grainy Faux Leather OtterBox iPhone

Monogram Golf Putting Green Set of 2 Custom Car Floor Mat

Wrap your gift in a paper that has a masculine print. Here are a few patterns that you may like

Vintage Fishing Boat Scene Father's Day Wrapping Paper

Add your family photos to this collage gift bag.

Dad photo collage DIY picture 6 pic collage Large Gift Bag

For Dad’s that like to cook wrap their gifts in this “food on forks” paper.

Modern Black with Food on Silver Forks Wrapping Paper

Here’s gift wrap with a fishing pattern

Fishing Pattern Wrapping Paper