Monday, September 23, 2019

Zazzle Halloween Shirts For Kids

When it comes to the season of Halloween one will need to shop for a few holiday shirts for their kids to wear. Halloween is no longer celebrated on a few days, instead, it has become a season and it is celebrated the entire month of October.

That, of course, means wearing seasonal shirts with a Halloween design on them to school, spook house, parties and more. With so many Halloween activities I would suggest that you buy at least four shirts for your kids to wear throughout the season with their jeans or girls can dress them up and wear with leggings or even a skirt.

See below a few cute Halloween T-Shirts that I found at Zazzle. They were created by independent designers and all of the prints are unique. If you have not shopped at Zazzle before know that the printing is excellent and the quality of the shirts is excellent also. The shirts are unlike what you find at the mall as Z-shirts are of higher quality. They are not thin and see-through which is good especially now that the weather is changing. You can launder them and wear the shirt over and over again and it will look new as long as you launder in cold water.

If you would like to learn more about the quality of the shirts then click the highlighted text below the shirt image and you will be taken to the designer's store where you will see the Halloween shirt. Scroll down to read the verified customer reviews.

Girls Halloween Shirts

Halloween BOO / Spooky Ghost on Black T-Shirt

Cute Prickly Pear Halloween Trick or Treat Kids T-Shirt

Halloween Scarecrow Jack O Lantern and Black Cat T-Shirt

Boy’s Halloween Shirts

Halloween Ghost Holiday kids t-shirt

Haunted House Shirts

Halloween Haunted House kids Holiday t-shirt

Baby’s Halloween Shirt

First Halloween Black Cat Toddler Baby T-Shirt

Cute Purple Glitter Trick or Treat Baby Baby T-Shirt

Baby's First Halloween Toddler T-shirt

Tee-shirt Jersey End Halloween Baby Baby T-Shirt

Monday, August 12, 2019

Decorative Birch Wood Boxes at Zazzle

Zazzle came out with a birch wood display box that can be used to decorate your home or your office. This box is available in white or black color and comes in three sizes. This hollow backed box comes in handy when you want to accent your home or your office.

You can hang it on the wall by buying 4 or more and create a feature wall.  Another way to accent your décor with display boxes is to set on an accent table, fireplace mantle, bookshelf, kitchen counter or another hard surface. Like a figurine, the wooden display box will add interest to your interior décor.

Shop for a variety of stylish wooden display boxes that have been created by the independent designers at Zazzle or create your own from your photograph. If you want to personalize the box click onto customizing and the editor will walk you through the steps. Know that you can monogram many display boxes with your name or saying at no extra charge.

Personalized products always make thoughtful gifts.

Here are a few of my favorite decorative wooden display boxes. If you would like to view a larger product then click on the highlighted text below the image and you will be rerouted to the designer's store.

Thank you for viewing these products and shopping for unique products created by artists.
View holiday box here
View Christmas tree box here

 Christmas Box Collection 

Christmas Wooden Display Boxes

Other boxes that you may like

Welcome to our Home / Family Wood Box Sign

Monogram Family Home with Date/Decorative Wooden Box Sign

Palm Trees and Monkey Cartoon Wooden Box Sign

Farm Style Cartoon Red Barn Kid's Room/Monogram Wooden Box

Red Poppy Floral Watercolor Wreath/ Be Nice Wooden Box

Modern Black Kitchen/Dining Room Let's Eat Wooden Box Sign

Cute Halloween Pumpkin and Black Cat Wooden Box Sign

Monday, July 1, 2019

Cactus Pattern Clothing Accessories and Decor

Cactus and succulent pattern t-shirt and home decorations have been popular since 2016 however this year the market has exploded and it seems that the prickly pear cactus and slogan t-shirts with “Don’t touch this” or “Go sit on a cactus” is everywhere you look.

The cactus print is a hot trend and if you are somebody who enjoys dressing trendy or decorating your home with the latest décor looks then you need to shop for products with cactus design. Know that it does not look like the cactus tend is going to go south for the winter. While shopping at the mall this week I saw that many stores are getting ready for back to school and are starting to stock their shelves with fall looks and the cactus was viewed on school supplies and t-shirts for kids.

If you are a crazy plant lady or just somebody who likes cool prickly plant designs then check out these watercolors illustrated cactus tees, accessories and home décor finds.

Home Decor Clothing and Gift Ideas

Watercolor Cactus and Succulents Poster

Vintage botanicals yellow cactus illustration poster

Watercolor cactus, floral and stripes design photo print

cactus pillow

Colorful Cactus Flower Vintage Botanical Throw Pillow

Potted Cactus Plants Outdoor Porch Throw Pillow

Pink Stripes with Watercolor Cactus Cake Stand

Pink Stripes with Prickly Pear Cactus Watercolor Latte Mug

Sassy Classy Cactus Plant Lady Watercolor Latte Mug

Cactus Succulent with Lime Green Trim Coffee Mug

Pink and White Stripes with Cactus Succulents Foam Can

Pink and White Stripes with Cactus Succulents Paper Plate

Clothing and Accessories

Prickly Pear Cactus with Desert Rose Women's Pink T-Shirt

Funny Prickly Cactus

Free Hugs Cactus Garden Women's White T-Shirt

Cactus Desert Rose All-Over Printed Women's Tank

Free Hugs Cactus Pattern Baby Bodysuit

Bloom Where You are Planted / Flower Garden Grocery Bag

Add Your Name to Plant Lady / Garden Style Adult Apron

Boho Cactus Succulent Pattern on Turquoise Blue Cloth Face

Funny Not a Hugger Cactus Succulence Reusable Cloth Face Mask
Keep a "safe distance" with this cactus succulent designed cloth face mask. This mask features a funny alert saying " Not a hugger" then it shows a design of three prickly cactus plants. Since you have to social distance and wear a mask while in public why not buy one that has a funny design.

Funny Not a Hugger Cactus Succulence Reusable Cloth Face

Cactus Succulents on Pink Striped Tote Bag

Cactus Pattern Pink Wrist Keychain

Cactus Pattern Black Succulent Men's Tie

Cute Expression Cactus / Succulent Button

BOHO Cactus Succulents White Trucker Hat

Your Business Name Canvas Pattern Tote Bag

Desert Rose / Watercolor Cacti / Cactus Tote Bag

Cute Yellow Cactus Flower Garden Print Flip Flops

by Susang6

Cactus with Yellow Flower and Your Monogram Casual Belt