Saturday, February 10, 2018

Retro Style Sunflower Home Decor

When it is time to decorate for the spring and summer season I tend to decorate with flowers that I grow in my cutting garden. The home always feels warm and cozy when there is a vase of black-eyed Susan’s and sunflowers on the table. I also like to accent my homes décor with yellow and white sunflower accessories; tablecloth, coffee mugs,  plates, and throw pillows are a few decorations that will add ambiance to the home.

This week while going through a trunk in the attic I came across a sunflower cluster bouquet that was painted 35 years ago. The paper was discolored due to the age and the floral still life had not been completed. It was one of those paint by number drawings that I enjoyed doing when I was younger.

The still life picture was not completed, vase and table had no color, but I thought the flower cluster would look nice on home décor products.

The arrangement in the painting had yellow sunflowers with green leaves, orange coneflowers, and touches of blue. I thought I would scan it to make it digital then edit it on photoshop to restore it. After hours of editing, I decided it was ready to be uploaded to Zazzle where I could design a few of the home products.

The retro style home decor turned out better than I had hoped. I like the look of the unfinished sunflower bouquet. I also like the areas where the paint bled.

If you like retro style floral patterns that will look fabulous in a Country or Cottage style home then you will love the sunflower throw pillows, tablecloth, and bathroom accessories (see below)

This tablecloth is so pretty for a special occasion or every day. I can visualize the kitchen table with this yellow floral and white cloth and a centerpiece of flowers.

White Table Cloth with Yellow Sunflowers - Floral

This paper plate was designed to go with the tablecloth. The text is for Mother’s Day however you can personalize the text or remove it.
Mother's Day Paper Plate with Retro Yellow Flowers

 Paper Plate with Retro Yellow Flowers
Accent your sofa or your bed with pretty yellow and white sunflower throw pillows. Personalize with your own text or edit this template to remove the text. The choice is yours. Add a few solid color pillows to your pillow décor.

Accent Pillows that will go with Sunflowers

Moss Green Linen Like Throw Pillow

Yellow Linen-Like Throw Pillow

For your bathroom decorate it with a retro floral pattern shower curtain and matching bath towel set. If you would like to view the sunflower products larger or if you would like to buy them click on the blue highlighted words under the product image.

Do you decorate your home with the color yellow?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cottage Style Floral Print Bath Towels

Recently I designed bath towels with a vintage style floral print for a customers cottage style bathroom. The bathroom color scheme was light gray with white trim, and décor was shabby chic so the feminine floral print was complimentary.
Cottage Style bath soap and sprig of lavender

My customer informed me that when she shopped locally or at online stores but all she could find was solid gray bath towels and she wanted bath towels with a delicate vintage style flower pattern. Know that when I get customer requests I tend to work on the design diligently. Many times I will work straight through until the design is completed and links are sent to the customer. I happy to say that the customer did buy one of my bath towel set designs.

I am grateful to my customer because she gave me the opportunity to create a design for her cottage theme bathroom and she made me realize that gray was a color that is in demand. I learned that most shops in town offer solid color gray towels and it is really hard to find a gray pattern and impossible to find pastel flowers on gray towels.

 Know that specialty towels that allow you to personalize with a monogram are a thoughtful bridal shower or housewarming gift for that special someone.

Here are a few towels that would complement the Shabby Chic, cottage, or Victorian bathroom theme. Towels are shown as a set of three, however, you may buy them separately.  Many towels are customizable, you can change the background color, add your own design, and monogram.  Click the highlighted towel title to be rerouted to the designer's store to view or to buy.

Vintage Pink Floral with Monogram Bath Towel Set

by Susang6

Retro Daisy Floral with Monogram Towel Set in Gray

by Susang6
This design features gray leaves on a white background with pink and yellow flowers. This towel set is good when you need a “touch of gray”

Shabby Chic Pink Floral Pattern Bath Towel Set

by Susang6

Pink Hydrangea Floral Bath Towel Set

Pink Hydrangea Floral Bath Towel Set

Pink Hydrangea Floral Bath Towel Set

Romantic Rose Pink Floral Cottage Style Decor Bath Towel

Romantic Watercolor Flower Bouquet Bath Towel Set

Pink Victorian Roses on Black Pattern Bath Towel Set

Blush Pink And Purple Watercolor Floral Bath Towel Set

Blue Hydrangeas Bath Towel Set

Blue Hydrangeas Bath Towel Set

Elegant Shabby Chic Watercolor Spring Floral Bath Towel

Elegant Engraved Pink and White Floral Toile Bath Towel

Friday, January 26, 2018

Fashion Hoodies for Everyone

Hoodies are trendy fashion because they are comfortable and look good with leggings and jeans. Men, women, and children wear hoodies during the cool season as an upper layer or they wear them over a t-shirt when the weather is not too cold. You can wear a hoodie for a casual look or dress them up with your accessories.
Black hoodie with tree design

Red Rose Hoodie for Valentine's Day by sgolis

Instead of wearing a sweater, one will take along a hoodie to wear when it is windy or the weather is cool to cold. They are perfect for travel, taking out on the water when you go sailing.

A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood. Fashion hoodies are available in pullover or zip-up and come in a variety of colors, neutrals, dark and some come in pastel colors for early spring fashion looks. You can shop for a classic hoodie with no artwork or for a designer look.

The feature of the fashion hoodie is the look and being able to wear it casual or dressy. Dress up the hoodie by coordinating it with trendy leggings and fashion accessories. Such as the black pullover hoodie with red heart design worn with red and black pattern leggings and black accessories. A fabulous outfit for Valentines Day and beyond

The benefit is comfort and easy wash and wear care. Zazzle hoodies are a cozy blend of polyester and cotton fleece. These easy-care hoodies need no ironing but I do recommend that you refrain from drying on high heat and that you remove from dryer when the hoodie is slightly damp, shake and put on a hanger.  *Colors of the design do not fade as long as you refrain from washing in hot water and drying in a hot heat dryer.

Here are a few fashion hoodies that I designed and other finds from

Safari Life Hoodie

Love Soccer - I Play Like A Girl - Pink Hoodie

Hoodie with Melville School logo

Kids tennis clothing | Custom childrens hoodie

Prickly Beautiful Pink Cactus Flower White Hoodie

Happy Garden Flowers Summer White Hoodie

Blackbird Perched on Branch / Bird lover Blue Hoodie

Fish Tales Fisherman T-Shirt, Black T-Shirt

Vail Vibrant Logo Hoodie

Real Trees, Fall Style Hooded Sweatshirt

Valentine Red Heart Sweatshirt

Valentines’ Day Clothing for Everyone

Dressing up for Valentine’s Day is fun for kids and adults. Children and teens will wear a t-shirt, leggings and red accessories to school or to parties. Women will wear a heart pattern shirt or red dress and men will dress for the holiday by wearing a patterned tie or casual shirt. Overall kids and adults have fun on Valentine's Day when they wear a festive holiday pattern or other red clothing.

Sweet Heart Candy Pattern Valentines' Day Tie

Here is a casual outfit that I created from a red heart collage. The design features a large red heart on a smaller heart background.  You can wear the tee with a festive holiday pattern legging, jeans, or whatever you like.

Happy Valentine's Day by sgolis featuring red heart clothing and accessories

On Valentines Day children will exchange cards, attend parties and teens may go to a dance. Adults usually spend time with their special someone and celebrate the love that they feel for each other. Everyone who celebrates the holiday will dress up in some form of Valentine’s Day clothing.

Red is the primary color for Valentine's day and is symbolized in love, hearts, and roses.

Do you wear the color red on Valentine's Day?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Redo Bathroom with Botanical Accessories

An easy way to redo your bathroom is to accessorize it with botanical accessories. You can choose from a variety of floral prints and all will complement a neutral, cream, white or light beige bathroom beautifully. Even if you have a green accent wall most flowers look fabulous with the color green.
I like to redo my bathroom in late winter because the floral products make the room feel warm and cheerful. When you redo your bathroom with a botanical shower curtain, towels, bath mat, and other accessories you will bring the garden indoors. As a rule, when the crocus starts to bloom in the gardens I will redo my bathroom with spring flowers. Tulips, daffodils, and irises are a few of my favorites and all look fabulous when they are printed onto bathroom accessories with coordinating towels.

Here is a set that I created from a photograph of purple irises blooming in a lush green meadow.

Bathroom Redo - Purple Iris Botanicals by sgolis featuring a flower stem

Shop for a variety of Iris designed floral pattern cards and gifts. Find products for your home decorations, gifts cards, clothing, and more.

Irises * Floral Gifts
by Photo Gifts by Sgolis

Know that you can buy this botanical bath set or you can design your own flower pattern bathroom set. Then redo your bathroom for spring and summer.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Cute Baby Valentines Day T-Shirts

Shopping for a baby’s first Valentines Day t-shirt is easy when you shop online at The made by Zazzle baby shirts are as cute as they can be and the basic styles are quality made, There/s a variety of styles and colors to choose from, a shirt that is just right for your baby boy or girl.

Here is a fashion baby outfit idea

Valentines' Day Teddy Bear Fashion by sgolis 

There is a new baby in our family and I plan to shop online then ship directly to my niece instead of having the baby gift sent to me first. I have narrowed it down to a few cute baby shirts for Valentines Day. All are a classic style and they will coordinate well with jeans or other bottoms for baby and these tops can be worn for everyday or dressed up.

Know that I did shop at the mall and found that there were not many Valentine designs for baby. Boy or girl. The ones that I did find were cute, Disney has a cute Minnie Mouse tee for baby, but other than that, the pickings for Valentine shirts for a baby were not many at the mall, and none offered to add your own words like the shirts made at Zazzle.

Here are my top picks. If you like the baby boy and girl shirts shown and would like to buy or look at them on a larger screen then click the blue link below the image to see the designers Zazzle store

Mommy's Little Valentine. Infant Gift T-Shirts

valentine_hearts baby T-Shirt

My 1st Valentine's Day (boy) Infant T-Shirt

Valentines Day Train T-Shirt for Baby Boy