Saturday, January 19, 2019

Minx Nail Wraps Review

Accessorize your fashion look with Minx nail wraps. Wear the wrap with polish, under acrylic, or on your natural nails. Minx nails are a great way to get extra shine and style while protecting your nails from drying out, becoming brittle, or stained.

I like that I can wear a flexible polymer film nail wrap without the application of acrylic gel or nail polish and that my nails will be protected from breakage and splitting. I also liked that the application only needed heat from my hair dryer to shrink the wraps.

However, even though the benefits of wearing nail wraps were positive I was hesitant because I thought they would be difficult to apply to my nails.

I mentioned my concern to one of my friends and she told me that she loved the Minx nail wraps. Said wearing them made her fingers and toes look fashionable and that I should watch the how-to video a few times. She assured me that there was no reason to go to a manicurist. That even if I made a mistake I could reheat the film with my hairdryer and reapply to my nail until I perfected the application.

Know that it is a little tricky putting the wraps on your nails but once you do it a few times you are an expert. Learn how to Minx with co-founder, Janice Jordan and bring fashion to your fingertips

I love Minx nail wraps because they are fashion looks for my fingers and my toes. Coordinate the nail color or pattern to go with your bridesmaid dresses or wear the nail wraps for a holiday or other special occasion.

Shop for Minx nail wraps below. All nail designs were created by the independent artist at Use the nail wrap design for your fingers and your toes.

Buy the nail wraps as shown or create your own nail art design with your photographs or graphics. All designs shown here are fully customizable. To learn more about creating your own minx nails click the product link below. Then follow the instructions on how to modify the product template. 

Minx Red Tulip Flower Nail Art

Rose Pattern Minx Nail Covers Minx Nail Art

Painted Tulip Flowers l Holiday Minx Nail Art

Bronze Zebra with Gold Glitter Minx Nail Art Decal

Painted Red Poppy Minx Nail Art Decals

Black Rose Gothic Nail Wrap by Minx

Fireworks in the Nights Sky Minx Nail Wrap

Tabby Cat Black Minx Nail Covers Minx Nail Art

Black and White Zebra Animal Print Minx Nail Art

Blue Abstract Art Minx Nail Art

Abstract Pink Hearts Minx Nail Art Decal

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Rooster Decor for Kitchen and Home

When it comes to decorating my kitchen and den I like to accent with farm animals, primarily chickens, and roosters. Maybe it is because I live in a farming area and this is why I like chickens. All I know is that my family and friends always tell me that they like my hen and rooster home accents.

Overall I think farm animal décor is welcoming and comforting. Of course not any rooster or chicken accessory will do. I prefer products that are vintage and in good taste. I also like rooster silhouette fabric for craft products. It is fun to make your own pillows, drapes, placemats, table runners and picture frame covers.

Many people decorate with roosters and chicken products all year round. I am not one of those people. I tend to add rooster products to my kitchen and living room in the spring and throughout the summer months.  Then put them away in the fall and winter season.

I love the Fritz and Floyd vintage French country rooster. The rustic charm is very appealing to me, I think the hand-painted roosters in pastel colors look best displayed in the kitchen on top of the refrigerator or on a bakers rack. I like to put collectible figurines up high up so the children and my dogs don’t break them. This rooster figurine would look lovely displayed on a buffet or an end table.

If you love farm animal figurines and collectibles then I would recommend shopping online at Amazon or eBay. For other products such as pillows, fabric, kitchen mugs, and placemats, teapots you should check out my online finds below. 

If you see a product that you like then click on the text below the product image and you will be taken to the designer's store. There you can view a larger product and you can check out the daily sales and coupon codes.

Barnyard Chickens / Hen and Rooster Throw Pillow

Adorable red black & white vintage rooster pillow

Black & white rooster cotton throw pillow

Elegant vintage French Rooster black grey & white Throw Pillow

Teal Blue Rooster Kitchen Towel

Blue French Country Kitchen Rooster Kitchen Towel

Backyard Chicken Farmer with Rooster Design Hand Towel

Country Chicken fun place mat

Vintage Art Farm Chickens Placemat

Vintage Style French Damask Black n White Rooster Cloth Placemat

Vintage Rooster Fowl Bird Personalized Template Placemat

Vintage Chicken black white check placemat cloth

Vintage Paris rooster Country Teapot

Black white check Country Rooster teapot

Sebright Bantam Chickens Ringer Mug

Coffee Roster Poster

Country Rooster Poster

Vintage Farming Victorian Print Rooster

Keepsake Birth Stats Nursery Pillows

Birth announcement decorative pillows make wonderful keepsakes for parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles. The pillow features the baby’s name, birth date, the day of the week, weight and the length. All stats are added to this personalized pillow to mark the special occasion.

This year our family is going to grow because three of my nieces are expecting. My one niece told me that we should give her a years supply of diapers. She, of course, was suffering from sticker shock after learning how many diapers she will need and how costly they are.  My other niece wanted everything from a breast pump to nasal wipes and everything in-between including receiving 12 swaddle blankets, 36 onesies and a list that went on and on. Then my niece who was expecting her third child said that what she really wanted was a keepsake birth stats pillow for the nursery. She liked that this pillow would be personalized with her babies information and that it would be supportive for her and "daddy" when they held their baby. 

What I like about the nursery pillows that are offered at Zazzle is the quality of the pillow, the softness of the fabric, and the printing.  I found that it was very easy to add my personalized information to the pillow and that the finished product was lovely.  Also, I could choose the fabric I preferred and I opted for the cotton over the polyester.  I also selected the pillow that featured the zipper because it enabled me to launder it. 

Here are a few customers pillow reviews

“The quality of the product is great. The Grade A cotton pillow feels nice and there is a zipper so you can remove it to clean.” by D. Queen
This personalized pillow is a one of a kind and made a great gift! “ by SC
“I enjoyed making this pillow as much as giving it! The pillow turned out beautifully and was received with much appreciation and enthusiasm” by Heather B

I always recommend buying something from the baby shower registry, then after the baby is born it is nice to give her a birth stats nursery pillow. She will love it and will know that you really care because it is personalized.

Here are a few of my favorite nursery pillow designs. The pillows were all created by independent Zazzle designers. Know that when you shop and buy from a Zazzle designer that you are supporting a small business and not a big box store. Thank you for supporting small business.

Birth Stats Nautical Whale Nursery Throw Pillow

Cute Dinosaur Baby Boys Birth Stats Pillow

Boy Baby Birth Stats Blue Toy Train Pillow

Rustic Gray Baby Birth Stats Nursery Pillow

Girl Birth Stats Keepsake Pillow

Birth Stats Baby Girl Woodland Creatures Fox Throw Pillow

by samack

Baby Girl Birth Stats Cute Elephant Throw Pillow

Birth Stats Baby Girl Forest Creature Pink Owl Throw Pillow

by samack

Cute Jungle Animals Baby Girl Announcement Pillow

Twins Birth Stats Keepsake Pillow

Peas in a Pod Twins Baby Birth Stats Nursery Throw Pillow

Monday, December 31, 2018

Fabulous Baby Receiving Blankets

The receiving blanket is a lightweight material that is soft to the touch. The sizes may differ from square to rectangular and they come in a variety of patterns, and prints. Hospitals still use receiving blankets for newborn babies and the nurses always teach the moms how to swaddle their infants before they are discharged.

Parents and Grandparents love the Zazzle baby receiving blanket. Here are a few customers reviews.

“ This is a go-to baby gift for me when our friends and family have babies. The quality is great and everyone loves how beautiful it looks as well as the size and softness of it”. (J Hughes)
I have purchased numerous baby blankets from Zazzle, this one is my absolute favorite. The design and personalization made it even more special. I am truly in love with this blanket and I know my Son & Daughter-In-Law will love it as well “ (deb7869)
This is a big size baby blanket and very soft, nice size for a crib or carriage. The new parents will have it for many years getting a lot of use from it. What a lovely gift to receive for their new baby. “ (Barbara L)

This blanket can be wrapped around to swaddle the baby to maintain their body heat while they sleep, The receiving blanket can also be used as a changing mat, a burp cloth and a cover for mom when she is nursing and for strollers. The receiving blanket is a must-have for babies because of the many uses.

About Swaddling

"American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that when done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep."  
Swaddling is good for your baby because newborns are used to sleeping in a cramped position. When the baby is swaddled they will feel secure and will sleep better. A baby that is swaddled in a receiving blanket sleeps on their back.
The general rule of swaddling is to put your baby to sleep on their back and not to sleep on their stomachs or sides and to stop swaddling when your baby grows to the point that they show signs of rolling, (2 months)

Swaddling is not for all mommies.  My one friend told me she could not swaddle her baby because her baby kept pulling her arm out and wanted to roll over.  So she put her baby to sleep in a swaddle sack. She went on to say that she loved her baby blankets for stroller, car seat, changing table and more.  She continued to use them when her daughter was a toddler. 
Learn how to swaddle a baby with a receiving blanket

Here are a few of my designs and other Zazzle designer finds. Click on the highlighted link below the product image to view the fabulous blankets at the designer's store. 

Monogram Blue Chevron Zigzag Custom Baby Blanket

Monogram Pastel Pink Zigzag Custom Baby Blanket

World Explorer Vintage Airplanes - Personalized Baby

Personalized Blonde Princess Pink Leaves Frame Swaddle

modern vintage french queen bee stroller blanket

modern vintage french eiffel tower swaddle blanket

Midnight Blue and White Stars pattern Monogrammed Swaddle

Personalized Baby Boy Stats Arrow Pattern Gray Stroller Blanket

Personalized Under the Sea Baby Receiving Blanket

Black and White Cow Print Baby Blanket

Funny Bears baby Fleece Blanket

Trendy Zebra Print Chic Hot Pink Bow and Name Swaddle Blanket

Monogram Leopard Print Custom Baby Blanket

Jungle Animals Boys | Girl Birth Stats Blanket

Baby Blue Elephant Birth Keepsake Design 🐘 Baby Blanket

Airplane Personalized Boy's Baby Blanket

Boys Personalized Elephant Baby Blanket

Bailey's Good News Bear Personalized Gifts Baby Blanket