Thursday, October 20, 2016

Big Brother / Little Sister Clothing

Recently I was hired to create big brother / big sister clothing for a customer. She told me that the new baby is getting gifts and the big brother and sister are feeling left out and think that nobody likes him. So I designed big brother and sister shirts for my customer and for customers at my online store. 

New Baby Brother shirts by sgolis 

Whenever there is a new baby and the big sister or brother are young children then it is a good idea to give them both a gift. Otherwise, the sibling feels left out, they think nobody likes them and these anxious feelings could cause the toddler or child to become jealous of their little brother or sister.

The big brother or sister shirts are very cute. My niece is three years old and she has a new baby sister. I saw her the other day and she had on a big sister t-shirt. When I asked her about her shirt, my niece proceeded to tell me all about her new baby sister She was so happy to wear the shirt and to tell us all about her responsibility of being the big sis.

Here are a few big brothers or big sister T-shirts that you may like.  Click on the blue text below the product image to view this product at the Zazzle designer's store or to buy.

big to sister crowned baby T-Shirt

New Big Sister Baby Announcement Shirt

Big Sister Owl Personalized T Shirt

Adorable Snail Big Sister Girls' Spaghetti Top

Cute Big Brother with Lion Toddler T-Shirt

Promoted to Big Brother T-Shirt

Big Brother Baby Announcement Shirt

Friday, October 14, 2016

Winter Trees Camouflage Legging Outfit

If you are a fan of camouflage clothing then you will love this Winter tree pattern legging outfit. I designed the pattern used on print all over legging and coordinating hoodie from one of my original photographs. The photo used was captured while I was hiking in the Ozark Mountains on a late fall day.

Real Trees, Fall  Style Hooded Sweatshirt

Know that I do wear camouflage clothing when I am in the woods taking photographs of deer and other wildlife but feel that the patterns are manly. This is why I created the winter tree pattern separates for women at The products were designed for women and the tree patterns are beautiful.

Click on the blue link to view or buy real tree camouflage clothing; tank top hooded sweatshirt leggings

Real trees pattern clothing makes a stylish outfit that is perfect for everyday gatherings and casual date with that special someone

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Decorating with Table Runners

Table runners are not limited to the dining room, I say use them in the living room, foyer or bedroom. The runner with a cheerful, seasonal or colorful pattern will add interest to your space.

A table runner was used on Christmas themed coffee table.

I decorate my home and my customer's home by using table runners on a variety of tables and cabinets. Sometimes I will gather it up to add soft folds in the fabric then set a floral centerpiece in the center. I may open up the fold in the table runner to add more interest or I will decorate around the folds with books, figurines, or other collectibles.

Autumn Style Living Room by sgolis featuring orange leaf print table runner

Another way to decorate your space with table runners is to use them to accent your coffee table. Choose a cheerful pattern that has colors that compliment your room theme. Set the runner in the center of your coffee table then make your table interesting by adding home accessories. Add candles a jigsaw puzzle, magazines, silk floral arraignments, or a holiday decoration such as a cornucopia for Thanksgiving. 

Festive Holiday Garland Table Runner

When it comes to decorating a space I would recommend that you be creative. Try new things, if you like the way the runner looks on your table then keep the display. If you do not like it, then do something different. It’s your space, do what makes you happy.

Here are other seasonal and holiday table runners that you may like

Monday, September 26, 2016

Winter Weight Zazzle Shirts for Layering

When it comes to dressing for the winter season you will want to layer with clothing that is intended for cool to cold days.

I recommend a heavyweight long sleeve t-shirt that is made with at least 6 ounces of cotton to be worn as your first layer. Then a comfortable loose fitted flannel shirt, sweatshirt or fleece top would be worn over your first layer. When you dress in two layers this look is fashionable when worn with jeans, and leggings. A casual comfortable look that will keep you warmer on cool to cold days.
2 layers + legging a fashion look for the cool season

All of this sounds great until you have to shop for a heavyweight cotton long-sleeved t-shirt. They are easy to find in the menswear department but not so easy for women to find a basic 6-ounce cotton t-shirt. You can spend the day at the mall and not find what you are looking for. There are plenty of fashion long sleeve shirts that will not keep you warm. 

I found quality made cotton shirts at that are perfect for cool weather.  They have preshrunk 6.0 ounce 100 percent cotton shirt is a must-have. When you put it on you will notice that the fabric feels soft on your skin and that it is heavier cotton, not see through like others. You will feel warm when the house is cool and when you wear this shirt with another layer outdoors you will appreciate the feeling of warmth.

Layering will keep you Warmer in Winter

When the weather turns colder you will want to wear three layers of clothing. I would recommend wearing a 6-ounce cotton long-sleeved shirt worn as your first layer then the winter weight long-sleeve flannel shirt or fleece sweatshirt worn as the 2nd layer then your outerwear should be a hoodie. Know that I wear outfits like this and I feel comfortable in 30 degrees. For colder weather, you should wear outerwear/coat that provides better insulation.

I know you will love these heavyweight shirts and sweatshirts and that they will become your favorites because they are soft on your skin, quality made and will keep you warm.

Here are a few cool-weather shirt designs. All are made from heavyweight cotton. You can buy the tee as shown with designers image or make your own from uploading your photograph.

Silver Snowflake Long Sleeve Black T-Shirt

Merry Christmas Tree Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Autumn Maple Leaf T-Shirt

Vintage Brown Sheet Music Violin Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Classic Style Monogram and Soccer Ball T-Shirt

Care Instructions

I recommend that you launder the shirt in cold water permanent press cycle then dry shirt in delicate cycle, remove from dryer when the shirt is damp, shake before hanging, finish with air dry. By doing this your shirt will look “new” longer.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Zazzle Toddler Girl Sunflower Shirt Review

For the last year, I have been designed baby and toddler clothing at I really like the styles and the fabric but was not sure of the sizes. So I asked a friend of mine if I could send her one of my baby fashion tees to determine the size and to learn more about the product.

She agreed to help me. Her daughter wore a size 2T perfectly in other brands. When it came to the sizes at the 2T was a size too big. Even when the shirt was laundered the shrinkage was minimum.

Since the size was too big I asked my friend if she would like to try the 24 months size. At first, she thought it would be too small, then agreed because it was the best way to find out how the toddler t-shirts fit.

The size 24 months t-shirt fit her toddler girl perfectly. This tells me that the t-shirts for toddlers run big and if you want a perfect fit that you should size down when buying.

Here are some photos of the sunflower shirt, this is a size 24 months. The shirt is not too tight if fits this toddler perfectly.

Even after a long day at the park, the tee is not wrinkled

Know that the sunflower tee was laundered in the delicate cycle, then put in the dryer under air-dry followed by hanging to completely dry. The color in the print did not fade, in fact, I was told that it laundered beautifully and that it looked new.

This sunflower toddler tee allows you to add your child’s name. My friend's daughter loves that her name is on her shirt and she also likes red ladybugs.

If you would like to view or buy this toddler tee click here.
View my entire collection of kids clothing here

Childrens' Fashion and Accessories

Here is a fashion baby set that I created that shows you how to create adorable outfits with this sunflower shirt.

Sunflowers for Fashion Babies by sgolis 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Zazzle Ladybug Toddler Raglan Sleeve Shirt Review

Zazzle sells toddler clothing that is stylish and super cute. All of the shirts and other clothing styles feature artwork by designers which makes the toddler clothing unique. When you shop at Zazzle you view a variety of toddler clothing, however, there are no models so you have no idea what it looks like on a girl or boy.

Know that I searched the verified customer reviews on Zazzle and learned that the fabric used to create the toddler clothing is quality and that the print on the design is perfect, but not one person mentioned it the tee was running true to size. Nor did they mention how the tee held up in the laundry. 

I bought the toddler ladybug tee for a verified customer review. I needed to know how the shirt ran so I could note my findings at Zazzle as it would help my customers choose the right size.

Ladybug 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Toddler T-Shirt
Ladybug 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Toddler T-Shirt by Susang6
Shop for Ladybug T-Shirts online at
My friend.s daughter wears a size 2T in fact. I was told that the 2T would be a good size. I checked the manufacture and it was noted that the raglan sleeve shirt for girls or boys ran true to size. I bought the size 2T and when the shirt arrived the toddler modeled the shirt with the black sleeves and ladybug design with black leggings and a red hair accessory. The outfit was darling however the size 2T was gigantic.

Will it shrink when laundered?

This sporty shirt is made from a 50/50 polyester- cotton blend. This blend resists wrinkles and gives the fabric a softness but due to the blend, I doubt it would shrink. Here is the review of the raglan sleeve ladybug shirt. The product information was given to me by my friend, the mother of the toddler that is wearing the tee.

We received the ladybug shirt today! It is very soft and has a charming vintage look right out of the package! Doesn't have that brand new shirt stiffness. However, It does run big, sleeves are full sleeves on her and it's a bit on the long side.”

This shirt has not been washed and the manufacturer recommends washing before wearing so I suspect that it will shrink. But if the shirt does not shrink an entire size after washing then I would advise everyone to just order a size smaller and it would be perfect! Know that It's never a bad thing to have a shirt be a little on the big side! Kids will always grow into it! “