Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Zazzle Ladybug Toddler Raglan Sleeve Shirt Review

Zazzle sells toddler clothing that is stylish and super cute. All of the shirts and other clothing styles feature artwork by designers which make the toddler clothing unique. When you shop at Zazzle you view a variety of toddler clothing, however, there are no models so you have no idea what it looks like on a girl or boy.

Know that I searched the verified customer reviews on Zazzle and learned that the fabric used to create the toddler clothing is quality and that the print on the design is perfect, but not one person mentioned it the tee was running true to size. Nor did they mention how the tee held up in the laundry. 

I bought the toddler ladybug tee for a verified customer review. I needed to know how the shirt ran so I could note my findings at Zazzle as it would help my customers choose the right size.

Ladybug 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Toddler T-Shirt
Ladybug 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Toddler T-Shirt by Susang6
Shop for Ladybug T-Shirts online at
My friend.s daughter wears a size 2T in fact. I was told that the 2T would be a good size. I checked the manufacture and it was noted that the raglan sleeve shirt for girls or boys ran true to size. I bought the size 2T and when the shirt arrived the toddler modeled the shirt with the black sleeves and ladybug design with black leggings and for her hair a red hair accessory. The outfit was darling however the size 2T was gigantic.

Will it shrink when laundered?

This sporty shirt is made from 50/50 polyester- cotton blend. This blend resists wrinkles and gives the fabric a softness but due to the blend, I doubt it would shrink. Here is the review of raglan sleeve ladybug shirt click given to me by my friend, the mother of the toddler that is wearing the tee.

We received the ladybug shirt today! It is very soft and has a charming vintage look right out of the package! Doesn't have that brand new shirt stiffness. However, It does run big, sleeves are full sleeves on her and it's a bit on the long side.”

This shirt has not been washed and the manufacturer recommends washing before wearing so I suspect that it will shrink. But if the shirt does not shrink an entire size after washing then I would advise everyone to just order a size smaller and it would be perfect! Know that It's never a bad thing to have a shirt be a little on the big side! Kids will always grow into it! “

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Top Picks for Zazzle's Christmas In July Sale

Normally I do not shop in July for my Christmas gifts but when the sales are up to 60% off on gift wrap, ribbon, gift bags, ornaments, invitations, cards, and other seasonal essentials it is hard to not buy.

In the past. I have shopped online at for their ceramic ornaments . I bought these Christmas tree decorations for gifts and everyone told me that they were very nice. I know firsthand that the printing is high quality and like that many ornaments can be personalized on the back.

Personalized ornaments will create a happy memory and is a great way to give a keepsake ornament. 

Know that you can buy the Christmas party cards and other paper products as shown or upload your own photo and personalize with your own text or buy as shown.  

*Below find my top picks for Christmas 

 Vintage Style Ornaments

Vintage Santa Claus Circle Ornament with Greeting

Add Your Photo to Oval Christmas Ornament

Shop for the best buys on party paper; gift wrap, bags, and ribbon. Here are my top picks

Cute Tabby Cat in Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

Here are my picks for Holiday / Christmas Cards 

Snowy Pines with Fox Christmas Nature Card

Cute Santa and Snowman Christmas Greeting Card


Happy Holidays Whitetail Deer Greeting Card

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Value T-Shirts for Fourth of July – Top Picks

Many people like to dress in patriotic t-shirts for the fourth of July. However, instead of buying a designer outfit they will choose a value t-shirt for their holiday look. Then coordinate it with red white and blue bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

For the last week, I have been shopping for t-shirts to wear on Independence Day and have found some really cute halter tops that I could wear with shorts to our family BBQ but I would rather buy a value t-shirt and a pair of patriotic flip flops for the 4th of July. This value t-shirt will serve me well, I can wear it all day and not worry about getting it dirty because it was not expensive.  So if you want a trendy fashion look for your holiday party then shop for a value t-shirt at I found a few for him, her and kids. The shirts shown here are my picks for 4th of July.

If you like what you see, click on the blue link under the product image and go to the store where you can check for sale coupons and buy.

Patriotic USA 4th of July T-Shirt
Patriotic USA 4th of July T-Shirt 
Look at more Independence day T-Shirts at zazzle

Love USA Flag Women's Basic Tank Top

Flag Lady July 4th Vintage Patriotic Postcard Art T-Shirt

4th of July Home of the Free Because of the Brave T-Shirt

by Telken

All-American Girl T-Shirt

4th of July Girls Baby Doll Fitted Shirt

4th of July Eagle and American Flag Illustration T-Shirt


Other holiday products that you may like are shown below. I created these patriotic shirts, accessories and home decor products at my store. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Zazzle Everyday Toddler T-shirt Product Review

If you have not shopped at for kids clothing then know that the t-shirts are Mom Approved for quality, durability, and style.

I am a product designer at Zazzle and started creating designs for baby, toddler, and kids clothing several months ago. I got into designing baby clothes when friends had asked me to make them t-shirts. Then my niece needed everyday t-shirts to be worn with jeans or leggings, but her mom preferred a tee with style or a print.

I designed a few tees for a 24-month toddler girl and ended up sending a white basic tee with a pink graphic Dahlia flower pattern to my niece. Her mom told me that she loves the Zazzle t-shirt for toddlers. The fine jersey is soft on baby’s skin and style is so cute with leggings, shorts or jeans.

Here is a photo of my niece wearing the zazzle tee doesn’t she look darling?

The tee in the photo looks new, right? WRONG The tee you view is not new, I learned that the first time my niece wore this basic tee she dropped a grape soda on it. The tee was hand-washed immediately then hung outdoors in the sun and the stain was removed. The white tee with the pink flower has had many things spilled on it, but all the stains came out in the wash.

Know that this toddler t-shirt is loved by my niece, she pointed to the flower and asked what it was. Now she learned a new word “Dahlia”.

. Here is a collection of toddler clothing from my shop

Friday, June 3, 2016

Dress Styles for Women with Curves

Finding a dress that fits when you have curves can be difficult. Most designers cut their dresses for women that are flat chested and have no hips. I am not one of those women, I have curves and would like to wear a floral pattern summer dress with ballet flats but usually give up because I cannot find a dress that fits my body type.

If you are like me then know that the yellow dress in the fashion set below is a good style for us.  The flared skirt is so forgiving if you have curves.

Know that you can change your accessories and wear this dress to a summer day wedding, or make it casual with a pair of flip-flops, a sun hat, and a tote bag.

I think you will love the way this dress fits and shows off your figure.

Here is the yellow and black tote bag that I designed at my Photo Gifts by Sgolis shop at

Colorblock Yellow Flower Fashion Tote Bag

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Living Room

I accepted a Christmas home decorating contract yesterday and even though the holiday season is months away I am brainstorming decorating ideas for this assignment. 

My client has requested a winter wonderland theme and I think the decorations will be perfect for her holiday parties.  Here is a white Christmas home set that I designed to show my client. Know that these digital designs are a good way to communicate your ideas to your customer.

Do you love the pillow that was designed by The Silver Snowflake?  I featured the designer's pillow on the chair in the home set.   You can view or buy this pillow at

Here are some Christmas décor ideas for living room

  1. Decorate your living room by draping a pre-lit balsam garland on your fireplace mantle and also add to the railing of your staircase.
  2. Fill 12 apothecary jars with silver ornaments and feature a few on top of the mantle, coffee table, and foyer tables.
  3. Drape iridescent beads over the balsam garland. The sparkle from the beads will glisten in the light and will look stunning.
  4. Add a flocked balsam centerpiece with white pine cones that are tipped with silver glitter to your dining table to pull the white Christmas theme together.
  5. Clear the coffee table, then cover the table with a white damask Christmas tablecloth. If the tablecloth is too long to gather the bottom of the tablecloth and fold under.  This will give the bottom a pouf appearance.  
  6. Arrange the apothecary jars, votive candles or balsam arrangement on top of the coffee table. Or you can set a silver tray in the center of the coffee table, then arrange an assortment of large medium, small and white candles with clear glass or crystal holders on top of the tray. Accent this arrangement with silver ornaments and sprigs of fresh balsam from your Christmas tree. 
  7. Add touches of crystal prisms to the coffee table and the mantle as this will make the display sparkle.

When the sofa and chairs are not complementary to the Christmas theme you can remedy the problem by buying or making sofa or chair covers. Choose a fabric pattern and color that will compliment the winter white theme. Sofa covers are a great way to pull the room together so all furniture looks like it was made for your holiday theme. 

Add coziness to your living room with throw pillows.  Here are some lovely white Christmas pillows that would compliment a winter white theme living room.  These elegant pillows were found at