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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Retro Style Sunflower Home Decor

When it is time to decorate for the spring and summer season I tend to decorate with flowers that I grow in my cutting garden. The home always feels warm and cozy when there is a vase of black-eyed Susan’s and sunflowers on the table. I also like to accent my homes décor with yellow and white sunflower accessories; tablecloth, coffee mugs,  plates, and throw pillows are a few decorations that will add ambiance to the home.

This week while going through a trunk in the attic I came across a sunflower cluster bouquet that was painted 35 years ago. The paper was discolored due to the age and the floral still life had not been completed. It was one of those paint by number drawings that I enjoyed doing when I was younger.

The still life picture was not completed, vase and table had no color, but I thought the flower cluster would look nice on home décor products.

The arrangement in the painting had yellow sunflowers with green leaves, orange coneflowers, and touches of blue. I thought I would scan it to make it digital then edit it on photoshop to restore it. After hours of editing, I decided it was ready to be uploaded to Zazzle where I could design a few of the home products.

The retro style home decor turned out better than I had hoped. I like the look of the unfinished sunflower bouquet. I also like the areas where the paint bled.

If you like retro style floral patterns that will look fabulous in a Country or Cottage style home then you will love the sunflower throw pillows, tablecloth, and bathroom accessories (see below)

This tablecloth is so pretty for a special occasion or every day. I can visualize the kitchen table with this yellow floral and white cloth and a centerpiece of flowers.

White Table Cloth with Yellow Sunflowers - Floral

This paper plate was designed to go with the tablecloth. The text is for Mother’s Day however you can personalize the text or remove it.
Mother's Day Paper Plate with Retro Yellow Flowers

 Paper Plate with Retro Yellow Flowers
Accent your sofa or your bed with pretty yellow and white sunflower throw pillows. Personalize with your own text or edit this template to remove the text. The choice is yours. Add a few solid color pillows to your pillow décor.

Accent Pillows that will go with Sunflowers

Moss Green Linen Like Throw Pillow

Yellow Linen-Like Throw Pillow

For your bathroom decorate it with a retro floral pattern shower curtain and matching bath towel set. If you would like to view the sunflower products larger or if you would like to buy them click on the blue highlighted words under the product image.

Do you decorate your home with the color yellow?