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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Remembrance Christmas Tree Ornaments

When it comes to the holidays you may be missing a loved one who passed away, or you may be sad because you are thinking of your beloved pet.  If you find that you are feeling blue then it is helpful to create remembrance Christmas ornament for your holiday tree.  

It's always hard to have a loved one pass away. Please know that the remembrance ornament is a way to not feel so sad during the Christmas season 
My niece had lost her mother to cancer when she was just a child and she is always sad during the Christmas holidays because it was her mom’s favorite time of the year. So this year I found a photograph of my niece and she has her hand on her mother. It was such a nice remembrance photo of her family. I went to Zazzle and I created an ornament out of the photograph. Uploading my photo was easy to do and I could not be happier with the ornament that I designed.

If you would like to create a remembrance ornament then here is the template that I created. You may use it or you may choose another design. I find the metal backing is nice especially if the photographs are older. It is made very well and the ceramic ornament is protected from the metal encasing

I shipped the ornament directly to my niece and when she received it she said that she cried. They were happy tears, loving tears as she remembered the day that the photo was taken and how she had so much fun with her mom and her cousins.

 She told me now my mom is part of my Christmas celebration because of this remembrance ornament. From this Christmas forward when my niece decorates her Christmas tree with her remembrance ornament she will be keeping the memory of her mother alive through her memories.

Here is another ornament style that you may be interested in. All of my ornament designs are customizable so you can add your own photograph. 

This ornament I created to remember my mother. All of the beaded and sequin ornaments on this tree my mom had made when she was recovering from breast cancer. She told me it was good to stay busy doing the things she loved.  

Remembrance Christmas Tree Ornament

View all of my ornament designs here. All can be customized by adding your photograph.