Thursday, October 20, 2022

Autumn Season Home Décor by Zazzle

 This year I shopped at and found several unique product designs for my autumn home decorations.  I didn’t need many decorations but what I bought at Zazzle complimented the things that I had. 

Zazzle-made whitewashed wooden box with pumpkin design

Prior to shopping at Zazzle, I did shop locally at the mall and at the area craft stores.  I did buy some silk mums for floral arrangements and an autumn tabletop fall tree with orange lights but did not find locally a table runner or pumpkin-designed décor for my wall or bookshelves.

Here are the photographs I took of the pumpkin and sunflower table runner that I bought at  It looks better than what is shown on the website.  You can use it for your end-of-summer and autumn-season home decor. 

All of the stores seemed to have cheaply made wood boxes with the same design, and honestly, I wanted something unique that allowed me to personalize with my own words or upload my own artwork.

I bought a decorative birch box with a whitewash finish at Zazzle. This box is quality made from birch wood and this wooden box features watercolor pumpkin artwork on a whitewashed background. The box can be set on a table or you can hang it on the wall.

Shopping at the Zazzle website was easy.  You can buy as shown or make changes to the template by uploading your image or adding your own text, achieve all changes by using the edit tool.  

Click here to view made by Zazzle Autumn home decorations