Thursday, October 20, 2022

Autumn Season Home Décor by Zazzle

 This year I shopped at and found several unique product designs for my autumn home decorations.  I didn’t need many decorations but what I bought at Zazzle complimented the things that I had. 

Zazzle-made whitewashed wooden box with pumpkin design

Prior to shopping at Zazzle, I did shop locally at the mall and at the area craft stores.  I did buy some silk mums for floral arrangements and an autumn tabletop fall tree with orange lights but did not find locally a table runner or pumpkin-designed décor for my wall or bookshelves.

Here are the photographs I took of the pumpkin and sunflower table runner that I bought at  It looks better than what is shown on the website.  You can use it for your end-of-summer and autumn-season home decor. 

All of the stores seemed to have cheaply made wood boxes with the same design, and honestly, I wanted something unique that allowed me to personalize with my own words or upload my own artwork.

I bought a decorative birch box with a whitewash finish at Zazzle. This box is quality made from birch wood and this wooden box features watercolor pumpkin artwork on a whitewashed background. The box can be set on a table or you can hang it on the wall.

Shopping at the Zazzle website was easy.  You can buy as shown or make changes to the template by uploading your image or adding your own text, achieve all changes by using the edit tool.  

Click here to view made by Zazzle Autumn home decorations 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Living Accents LED Solar Crackle Light Product Review

 This beautiful crackle glass solar light will add a cozy ambiance to your yard and garden. 

Shop for high-quality outdoor solar pathway lights at ACE

I shopped at ACE hardware and found the living accents solar-powered LED path lights and liked the high-quality look of the crackle glass globe and stainless-steel hardware.  I bought six at $9.99 each.

The light was easy to put together. Set the globe into the stainless steel base. Then press the small black button on the side of the crystal light base to change the color from white to multiple colors.   Set the solar pathway lights in an area that gets a minimum of six hours of direct sun. Switch to the on position and you are done with the installation.

My solar lights come on at dusk and stay lit until midnight.  The lights are bright and the interchanging green, red, and white colors look beautiful. I think the living accents LED solar crackle pathway lights are beautiful and I am a very satisfied customer.

 Here are my photographs.

Added to my herb container garden so we can enjoy 

the pretty solar light on our patio

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Personalized New Home Gifts


Shop for uniquely designed new home or housewarming gifts for your friends and family. Find gifts and home décor products that you can personalize with name or other text. Know that personalized gifts and décor items are always appreciated because the recipient knows that you “really care”

photo by pixabay
Personalized home decor is a thoughtful gift for new homeowners

Know that many of my friends have bought new homes in the last year and normally I shop locally for home décor gifts but found that nothing was to my liking. I also thought that all of of the stores featured the same product designs.

So I went to my Zazzle online store and created my own home sweet home and new home gifts and décor products.

Here are a few of my favorite product designs. Know that you can personalize many with your own words. For example "home sweet homes" you can buy as shown or add your own words.   Click the highlighted words below the image and you will be taken to the store where you can view a larger product image, learn more or buy.

Home Sweet Home Blue Gingham and Carrot Throw Pillow

New Home with Family Name Square Wall Clock

Personalized Creekside with Brown Leather Square Wall Clock

Tawny Leather Look with Family Name Accent Pillow

New Home / Housewarming Personalized Glass

**Special Housewarming Gift Ideas

Now if you know the person, and know their style and their bathroom colors you may want to buy them a monogram bath towel set. A few years ago I bought my mother-in-law a monogrammed bath towel set and she loved it. 

Normally I don’t buy gifts like this but had heard her say that she shopped at many stores and couldn't find a uniquely designed gray towel set for your guest bathroom. Since I knew she liked lilies I created a watercolor floral design that consisted of pastel pink and yellow lilies on a gray background. I also personalized the hand towel with her initials.

Here is the towel set that I created for my mother-in-law. 

The hand towel features the monogram.

Vintage Pink Floral with Monogram Bath Towel Set

Here are other popular monogram towel sets that you may like to buy as housewarming gifts.

Shabby Chic Pink Floral Pattern Bath Towel Set

Modern Monogram Towel Set l Circle Pattern

Trendy Blue Leaves on Brown / Monogram Bath Towel Set

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Cute Kid-Style Aprons/ Zazzle Product Review


This past winter holiday I bought my niece's darling snowman-designed aprons at  I bought the girl's specialty aprons that were personalized with their names and the girls loved their gifts.  Know that I had never bought an apron at Zazzle so I didn’t know what the quality was, nor did I know how the printing would turn out, but not knowing didn’t stop me from personalizing the aprons with the girls names and shipping the aprons sight unseen.

The winter snowman design was adorable, the ink colors used in the printing were perfect and both girls were excited to see their names on the aprons. 

Here are photographs of the aprons.

The aprons are easy-care polyester with a twill texture finish. They come in three sizes small for kids, a medium which is for an adult and hits above the knee, and a large which is longer and hits below the knee. There is an apron size for everyone so if you want to create a mommy and me look you can.

The kid apron designs aren’t just for cooking/baking cookies. They can also wear them when they are painting, planting flowers, or doing other activities where their clothes need to be kept clean

Here are a few cute kid-styled aprons that you may like. Click the highlighted text under the image to be taken to the Zazzle designers store. There you can view a larger image of the apron, learn more, or purchase.

Aprons for boys and girls 

Personalize Children's Easter Bunny in Garden Apron

Egg Colorist Cute Easter Apron

Monogram Easter Bunny and Yellow Daffodil Kids Apron

Easter Bunny Butterfly and Carrot Kids Holiday Apron

Personalize Pink Floral Girls All-Over Print Apron

Jungle Monkey and Palm Tree Craft or Cooking Kids Apron

Personalize Kids Underwater with Fish Apron