Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Fabulous Handfasting Wedding Invitations


Many couples from different religious backgrounds are choosing handfasting over the traditional wedding ceremony. They like the romantic symbolism of the tying of hands.  Research indicates that handfasting was actually an engagement ritual. When two people decided to be married they would celebrate their engagement with a handfasting ceremony. Today the handfasting is a ritual that signifies s the couple's commitment to each other.

If you are planning a wedding ceremony and intend on implementing the handfasting where the bride and groom's hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives, then you will love these fabulous wedding invitations.

Otherworld invitations features a variety of handfasting invitations from regal silver flourish in dark green, to a lovely red roses, and more. You will find an invitation color scheme for every wedding theme at Otherworld invitations

All Otherworld invitations are fabulous with details that you will not find at other invitation shops. So if you are planning a handfasting wedding and are seeking a fabulous wedding invitation then look no further. What you are seeking is here.

Here are a few favorite handfasting wedding invitations Click the highlighted link to view at the designer's store and be sure to check for the daily sales and coupon codes.

Elegant red and black handfasting wedding invitations 

Stunning and Fabulous Red and Black Gothic Floral Handfasting or Weddinginvitation perfect for your special day.

Beautiful and luxurious Regal Silver Flourish over a deep dark Hunter Green from the "Shadow Jewels" color palette, with stylized hand lettering sure to leave an impression.

Beautiful dark Navy Blue and Tan gold Rose with gold wedding rings tied together by a flowing navy blue bow. View this invitation and other designs are without the gold wedding rings to stand out for an unforgettable invitation to your most important events at the wedding collection.

Bright Summer Floral Greenery Handfasting Invitation

Share unforgettable memories with the Bright Summer Floral Greenery Handfasting design

Sweet Sage Green & Pink Floral Broom Handfasting Invitation

With an Ode to Traditional Handfastings, the Sweet Sage Green makes a delightful contrast for this 'boho' style collage decorated with pink roses, beads, ribbon, and foliage in a gorgeous and unique watercolor display.

Rustic Blue Dried Flowers Handfasting Wedding All In One Invitation

This beautiful Rustic Blue Dried Flowers Handfasting or Wedding design is perfect for your special day featuring pretty blue flowers and dried grass florals. This All in One invitation has everything you need and does NOT require any envelopes! It even comes complete with a tear away RSVP Postcard!

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