Monday, December 14, 2020

All Over Printed Aprons for Everyone

Many people are spending more time at home and find that they are cooking meals, baked goods or they are doing crafts. Whatever you are doing you will find that an apron is a must.  

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Normally I wear an apron when I garden because I do not want my clothes to get soiled but thanks to COVID19 and the stay-at-home orders I find that I am cooking more and need an apron to keep food stains from my clothing.

Zazzle came out with some all-over printed aprons that I really like. The aprons are made from polyester which means they will not wrinkle and after you launder them they will not need ironing. Your apron will look perfect (no wrinkles) at all times no matter what you are doing.

Red Gingham and Strawberries Personalized Apron

Monogram Green Stripe with Carrots Garden Girl Apron

Farmhouse Style Blue Gingham and Carrots Apron

Here is an apron that I designed for kids. It's the perfect size for a girl to wear when she makes cookies, picks flowers, or does crafts.  You can personalize this apron with your kid's name.

View this purple flower apron here

The aprons are available in 3 sizes for adults (men and women), and for kids. Each apron comes with a neck strap and adjustable waist string to ensure the best fit. This apron is one you will want to be seen in and you may want to wear one that goes with your outfit.

I bought the pink apron (shown above) to wear when I am working in the garden. The plant lady apron was created for the florist, gardener, or person that that is crazy about gardening. The apron features a darling pink and white stripe on the bottom and on the bib is the flower pot design with a cartoon bumblebee. An apron like this would be a thoughtful gift. 

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Uniquely designed printed aprons for everyone