Tuesday, May 12, 2020

CDC Recommended Reusable Face Mask For Men

The CDC recommends that everyone wears a face mask until there's a cure for COVID19 and men have been wearing the paper throw away masks and find them to do what they are intended but that the paper is uncomfortable especially if you have to wear the face mask for many hours.

My husband was constantly telling me that the paper face mask that he wore to grocery shop or to go to work was so uncomfortable. He said he knew he was not supposed to touch his face but the paper was so scratchy that the could not resist touching the mask to adjust or he would pull it away to scratch his nose. Then he would forget to wash his hands. Granted the paper face mask did protect him from getting COVID 19 provided he did not touch the mask.

So when Zazzle came out with the CDC recommended cloth and cotton facemasks my husband asked me if I could design him a few double pieces of cotton or triple cloth face mask that would protect him from bacteria, viruses, and germs. He wanted a mask that was soft to the touch with a masculine design.

I designed a few CDC-recommended cloth and cotton face masks for men to wear to work, shopping, working in the yard when outdoor allergies are high or for social distancing. (see below) If you would like to view a larger image of the mask or would like to buy then click on the highlighted words and you will be taken to my online store.

* Know that I recommend that you buy two or more face masks because when you launder one you will have a clean one to wear and thus never without a mask.

The denim face masks were created from a photo of jeans. My husband has the black and the blue cloth reusable denim face masks and he really likes them. We bought a face mask carbon filter at Amazon and this filter fits well in the provided insert that is sewn to the mask.  Everyone wears denim so these masks are unisex. 

Modern Jean Black Denim Reusable Cloth Face Mask

Modern Jean Black Denim Reusable Cloth Face Mask

Modern Blue Denim For Him Reusable Cloth Face Mask

Copper and Black Metal Wolf Reusable Mens Black Cotton Face

This novelty face mask features a faux black leather background with an overlay of a wolf howling. This mask was designed for a man however it can also be unisex. Anyone who loves wolves will like this trendy cloth face mask.

Silver Wolf Howling  Black Leather Mens Cloth Face Mask

Silver Wolf Howling  Black Leather Mens Cloth Face Mask

Masculine Men Brown Leather Monogram Reusable Black Cotton
Face Mask

Trendy Golf Ball Print on Blue Cloth Face Mask

Golf Club and Ball Pattern on Green Cloth Face Mask

COVID19 Snakeskin with Black Leather Reusable Cloth Face

Steampunk Leather Clock Gears Cloth Face Mask

Abstract Camouflage with Black Leather Cloth Face Mask

Cobalt Blue and Black Fractal Reusable Unisex Cloth Face

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