Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Small Bedroom Space Saver Tips

So many of the new homes have really small bedrooms. It seems that the master bedroom is a decent size but the other bedrooms seem to pay the price. Like many people, I have a decent size master bedroom but my other bedrooms are small. In order to make the bedroom appear larger, I needed to save some space.

Save space in a bedroom by buying a twin-sized bed with the drawers located directly underneath This bed with drawers will eliminate the need for a chest of drawers. You can create a more spacious look in your bedroom with build-in bookshelves with cabinets instead of freestanding shelving.

Here is a room set that I did to show my customer how she could save space in her daughter's small bedroom. Shop for the blue home accessories are shown in the room set here.

.Another way to save space is to buy a raised bed that has a built-in desk underneath. These raised beds look like bunk-beds only there isn’t a lower bed. Kids seem to love this bed ensemble.

My niece had a really small bedroom so her Dad created a loft sleeping area for her. He then created a study area underneath the loft. By raising the bed to the loft area her bedroom was more spacious.

My sister saved space in her small bedroom by installing a Murphy Bed. When the bed is locked into the wall your room will look very spacious. My sister has her office in that room along with a potted palm tree and a comfy chair. When she needs the room for guest she will utilize the Murphy bed.

When shopping for furniture select a small frame bed and a nightstand as large furniture would make the room look less spacious.

Buy plastic storage containers and put a few on the top shelf of the closet for past season clothing. This will free up space in the drawers and your clothes that are hanging will not look cramped.

Well those are some ideas that I thought I would share with all of you on how to save space in a small bedroom.

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