Saturday, January 19, 2019

Minx Nail Wraps Review

Accessorize your fashion look with Minx nail wraps. Wear the wrap with polish, under acrylic, or on your natural nails. Minx nails are a great way to get extra shine and style while protecting your nails from drying out, becoming brittle, or stained.

I like that I can wear a flexible polymer film nail wrap without the application of acrylic gel or nail polish and that my nails will be protected from breakage and splitting. I also liked that the application only needed heat from my hair dryer to shrink the wraps.

However, even though the benefits of wearing nail wraps were positive I was hesitant because I thought they would be difficult to apply to my nails.

I mentioned my concern to one of my friends and she told me that she loved the Minx nail wraps. Said wearing them made her fingers and toes look fashionable and that I should watch the how-to video a few times. She assured me that there was no reason to go to a manicurist. That even if I made a mistake I could reheat the film with my hairdryer and reapply to my nail until I perfected the application.

Know that it is a little tricky putting the wraps on your nails but once you do it a few times you are an expert. Learn how to Minx with co-founder, Janice Jordan and bring fashion to your fingertips

I love Minx nail wraps because they are fashion looks for my fingers and my toes. Coordinate the nail color or pattern to go with your bridesmaid dresses or wear the nail wraps for a holiday or other special occasion.

Shop for Minx nail wraps below. All nail designs were created by the independent artist at Use the nail wrap design for your fingers and your toes.

Buy the nail wraps as shown or create your own nail art design with your photographs or graphics. All designs shown here are fully customizable. To learn more about creating your own minx nails click the product link below. Then follow the instructions on how to modify the product template. 

Minx Red Tulip Flower Nail Art

Rose Pattern Minx Nail Covers Minx Nail Art

Painted Tulip Flowers l Holiday Minx Nail Art

Bronze Zebra with Gold Glitter Minx Nail Art Decal

Painted Red Poppy Minx Nail Art Decals

Black Rose Gothic Nail Wrap by Minx

Fireworks in the Nights Sky Minx Nail Wrap

Tabby Cat Black Minx Nail Covers Minx Nail Art

Black and White Zebra Animal Print Minx Nail Art

Blue Abstract Art Minx Nail Art

Abstract Pink Hearts Minx Nail Art Decal

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