Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Keepsake Birth Stats Nursery Pillows

Birth announcement decorative pillows make wonderful keepsakes for parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles. The pillow features the baby’s name, birth date, the day of the week, weight and the length. All stats are added to this personalized pillow to mark the special occasion.

This year our family is going to grow because three of my nieces are expecting. My one niece told me that we should give her a years supply of diapers. She, of course, was suffering from sticker shock after learning how many diapers she will need and how costly they are.  My other niece wanted everything from a breast pump to nasal wipes and everything in-between including receiving 12 swaddle blankets, 36 onesies and a list that went on and on. Then my niece who was expecting her third child said that what she really wanted was a keepsake birth stats pillow for the nursery. She liked that this pillow would be personalized with her babies information and that it would be supportive for her and "daddy" when they held their baby. 

What I like about the nursery pillows that are offered at Zazzle is the quality of the pillow, the softness of the fabric, and the printing.  I found that it was very easy to add my personalized information to the pillow and that the finished product was lovely.  Also, I could choose the fabric I preferred and I opted for the cotton over the polyester.  I also selected the pillow that featured the zipper because it enabled me to launder it. 

Here are a few customers pillow reviews

“The quality of the product is great. The Grade A cotton pillow feels nice and there is a zipper so you can remove it to clean.” by D. Queen
This personalized pillow is a one of a kind and made a great gift! “ by SC
“I enjoyed making this pillow as much as giving it! The pillow turned out beautifully and was received with much appreciation and enthusiasm” by Heather B

I always recommend buying something from the baby shower registry, then after the baby is born it is nice to give her a birth stats nursery pillow. She will love it and will know that you really care because it is personalized.

Here are a few of my favorite nursery pillow designs. The pillows were all created by independent Zazzle designers. Know that when you shop and buy from a Zazzle designer that you are supporting a small business and not a big box store. Thank you for supporting small business.

Birth Stats Nautical Whale Nursery Throw Pillow

Cute Dinosaur Baby Boys Birth Stats Pillow

Boy Baby Birth Stats Blue Toy Train Pillow

Rustic Gray Baby Birth Stats Nursery Pillow

Girl Birth Stats Keepsake Pillow

Birth Stats Baby Girl Woodland Creatures Fox Throw Pillow

by samack

Baby Girl Birth Stats Cute Elephant Throw Pillow

Birth Stats Baby Girl Forest Creature Pink Owl Throw Pillow

by samack

Cute Jungle Animals Baby Girl Announcement Pillow

Twins Birth Stats Keepsake Pillow

Peas in a Pod Twins Baby Birth Stats Nursery Throw Pillow

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