Sunday, December 16, 2018

Comfortable T-Shirts for Men

You may think that all T-Shirts are created equal but if you ask a man they will tell you exactly what they like and dislike. My husband lives in T-shirts. He may have an entire closet full of designer polo shirts and or button down shirts but he will not wear them. He is a comfortable t-shirt with pressed Levi’s jeans type of guy.
See the shirt below

When I went shopping with him, I learned that the weight of the fabric mattered. He did not the thin see-through T-shirts. He also did not like fitted t-shirts. He told me that he needed a heavier cotton tee with a loose fit. He also preferred preshrunk shirts.

We shopped at Macy’s, The Gap and Kohls and found one tee that felt good but he did not like the design. So I decided that I would shop at Zazzle because they offer a variety of T-shirts for men, many styles and colors to choose from. There are the basic cotton, crew. or V neck tees that come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Then there is a print all over a tee with short sleeves. The fabric is soft and it does not wrinkle. Two qualities that men like.

Know that if your guy is someone who lives in T-shirts that the reason is that they are comfortable. Your guy is not opposed to a trendy designed T-shirts as long as he feels comfortable. Here are a few of my shirt designs. This is a basic style men's T-shirt that is styled to be comfortable, casual and has a loose fit. 

This heavyweight shirt that has become my husband's favorite tee. It is 100 % cotton and when washed in cold water with a low heat dry we saw no shrinkage.

Add Your Photo to Dark Blue Sailboat Regatta T-Shirt

Nautical Navy Leather with Sailboat Print T-Shirt

14 T-Shirt

Blue Abstract Design Mens T-Shirt

Slow Down Windy Road Sign Khaki Color T-Shirt, Men T-Shirt

Love USA/Red White Blue Flag T-Shirt

Lucky Irish St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt


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