Saturday, October 13, 2018

Organize Extra Keys with Zazzle Keychains

If you are like me and have many keys on your ring then you may want to downsize by buying specialty chains for the keys you do not use all the time. This is a fabulous idea to lighten your key ring and to be more organized.

On my keychain I have my car, house, garden shed, garden gates and our storage shed keys. Because I have the gate keys my husband is always grabbing my keychain to open up the gates and sure enough he leaves my keys outdoors in the lock while he works in the yard. Or I may be wanting to go to an appointment and sure enough, my husband has my keys at the storage center across town.

It is never a good idea to have all your keys on one ring. It is, however, a great idea to buy inexpensive classic button keychains for all of your “other” keys.

Zazzle offers a variety of inexpensive to high-quality keychains for your extra keys. The button style rings are great because you can buy as shown or personalize with your own photograph of your kids, garden pets or another photograph. You can also add your own text; gate, shed, storage to identify what the keys are for. I find that the basic button style chains have a sturdy clasp that keeps your keys together securely and holds up well through daily wear-and-tear. If you do not like the basic button then you can choose from a variety of keychain styles.

I bought 3 additional keychains for my garden gates, shed and storage unit. I like that my main keychain with car and house keys is no longer heavy. It is really a good idea to keep all of your other keys organized.

Here are some keychains that you may like. Click the highlighted text to view the product at the designer's store.

Garden Shed Keychain

Organize Extra Keys / Rental House Keychain

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