Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Unique Political T-Shirt Designs

Normally when it comes to politics I prefer to not design products because I think it is wise to stay neutral as I would not want to offend clients. So for the last nine years, I stayed away from political designs until two days ago when my husband promoted my graphic design work to a buddy of his that brought this type of shirts for his shop.

My husband asked me to design unique statement shirts for his friend. Normally I would jump to it, but since the designs were to be controversial, trendy and political statements I found that I was dragging my heels.

I thought about the designs for a good six hours then decided that to not do the work for this client I would be showing prejudice so I accepted the contract and designed political party statement shirts for republican, democrat and democratic socialists.

The t-shirt designs were rejected by the client due to the costs. What he was willing to pay was out of range and now I can offer the shirts to the general public.

What I like about the shirts is that the designs are in good taste and that the supporter can wear them without saying a word. All will know what they support or believe in without bashing anyone or political party.

The shirts are shown on men however they are available in a variety of styles for men women and children. You can also choose different colors and if you are not happy with the text, you can also add your own words. Please click the highlighted blue link below the image to view the different styles at my Zazzle store.

Economy Booming Under Trump Politcal T-Shirt