Friday, January 26, 2018

Valentines’ Day Clothing for Everyone

Dressing up for Valentine’s Day is fun for kids and adults. Children and teens will wear a t-shirt, leggings and red accessories to school or to parties. Women will wear a heart pattern shirt or red dress and men will dress for the holiday by wearing a patterned tie or casual shirt. Overall kids and adults have fun on Valentine's Day when they wear a festive holiday pattern or other red clothing.

Sweet Heart Candy Pattern Valentines' Day Tie

Here is a casual outfit that I created from a red heart collage. The design features a large red heart on a smaller heart background.  You can wear the tee with a festive holiday pattern legging, jeans, or whatever you like.

Happy Valentine's Day by sgolis featuring red heart clothing and accessories

On Valentines Day children will exchange cards, attend parties and teens may go to a dance. Adults usually spend time with their special someone and celebrate the love that they feel for each other. Everyone who celebrates the holiday will dress up in some form of Valentine’s Day clothing.

Red is the primary color for Valentine's day and is symbolized in love, hearts, and roses.

Do you wear the color red on Valentine's Day?

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