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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Remembrance Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

When it comes to the holiday’s you may be missing a loved one who passed away, or you may be sad because you are thinking of a  beloved pet. If you find that you are feeling blue then a remembrance Christmas tree will help you.
My remembrance Christmas tree 

For me, it was my dear mother who died in November and that first holiday’s season was very hard because my mother loved Christmas and I was missing her. I could not bring myself to open the Christmas storage boxes to decorate the tree. Then my husband told me that if I decorate for Christmas I will be keeping my mom alive through happy memories. He said it would be good therapy for the grieving process because my heart would be filled with love and not sorrow.  

I thought about it and knew he was right so I got busy with gathering my mom’s ornaments and creating other ornaments for the holiday tree.
I decorated the tree with ornaments that my mom had made

I used a photograph of my remembrance tree to create ornaments at

Christmas Tree in Candlelight Snowflake Ornament

I decorated my mom's tree with the ornaments she had made when she was recovering from breast cancer. She would do her crafts whenever she was sad because I think they were therapy for her. So I hung the ornaments that my mom made on the remembrance tree.

I needed filler ornaments so I found our family photograph box and looked for the photographs of my mom and dad. The photographs were scanned into my computer so I could upload them to to make custom ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Remembrance Christmas Tree Ornament

If you have no photographs for your remembrance tree then if they loved to bake use utensils as ornaments. Add cookie cutters to your remembrance tree. Hang them with a pretty ribbon on a tree branch.

If your loved one liked fishing add the flies on  Christmas hooks. If you can incorporate your loved one's hobby onto the Christmas tree then do it!

Here is a collection of ornaments that I designed all can be customized by adding your photograph.

When the remembrance tree is completed you would then turn on the tree lights. Then each family member will share a special memory of your loved one who passed away.

It is always hard to have a loved one pass away close to the Christmas holidays. Please know that the remembrance tree is a way to heal and to not feel so sad during the Christmas season

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