Friday, January 13, 2017

Zazzle Activewear Product Review

I have been shopping at local stores and online for workout outfits and have not found anything that I liked because the tops that go with the legging prints are too skimpy and I would prefer a cotton t-shirt with the same design as the legging.

If I were younger say in my mid-twenties and not married the body-hugging activewear tops to show off your abs would be okay but I am married and this type of clothing is not what I am shopping for.

I found legging outfits online at and but the active-wear tops/leggings were plain, solid colors and no patterns. Then I learned that zazzle sells active-wear and I found that the leggings and the matching shirts and tank tops were fabulous.
Black and blue Lizard Pattern Legging by

What I like about Zazzle is you can shop for activewear legging and shirts that have been designed by a variety of artists or you can make your own by uploading a photograph. This means that the colors in your top will match your leggings perfectly. 

About Zazzle Leggings

When you buy a Zazzle legging you are not only getting a work of art, you are also buying a unique style, and a legging that is extremely comfortable.
Know that the leggings are made by hand and are printed before they are sewn. The leggings are quality made products that I know you will love.

I have worn a lot of leggings and many of them looked nice but were uncomfortable. This is not the case with Zazzle leggings, the fabric is medium weight heavier than most leggings, however, it does stretch to fit your body comfortably.

Those other store brand leggings become stretched out after a workout, or a day of shopping at the mall and they never regained their shape. You will be happy to know that leggings do keep their shape and when you launder them they look new when you follow the laundry directions, then your leggings will not fade. I laundered in the delicate cycle then hung to dry.

You can wear zazzle activewear leggings to the gym, yoga class or for an everyday casual outfit. The legging outfits can be dressed up or down, worn with flip-flops, sneakers, or heels for a fashion legging outfit.

See black leather-look legging dressed up. This legging fashion look is fabulous.

If you want a unique legging; leather look, snakeskin or other prints for exercise and beyond then shop at Zazzle for designer looks.

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Dani Bee said...

This is a great in-depth review of Zazzle's leggings! I am a designer and fan of their leggings on Zazzle. Always nice to learn more about the products they carry. Love your blog and all the helpful information!