Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fabulous Red Legging Outfit

When you think of a legging outfit many women assume that this type of clothing is intended for activewear. However, leggings are meant to be worn to exercise but also for shopping, hanging out and more.

Legging outfits are no longer solid bottom with print or plain top. There are many colors and patterns to choose from which makes wearing a legging outfit more fun.

Plus depending on the quality and the design of the legging you may be able to dress it up by wearing a boyfriend sweater, blouse, jacket with accessories and heels. Or dress it down with sneakers or sandals.

Legging outfits are being shopped to replace the jean look. Don’t get me wrong women still love their favorite jeans, but many do prefer the fit and the comfort of a legging outfit.
Know that came out with a fabulous activewear clothing-line and there is a legging that fits and feels fabulous. The tank tops are not skimpy and are cut for women. Very flattering for women who are curvy.
I prefer to wear leggings with hoodie and boyfriend sweater in the winter so I did design a few legging outfits with matching tops. Today I created a red pattern legging outfit from one of my digital design. The abstract pattern has the primary color of red, but there are also blue and black which means you can mix and match with other colors in your wardrobe.
Here is a fashion set that I created at Polyvore. It shows you a doll wearing the red legging outfit. I coordinated this outfit with black accessories and you can see that you can dress it up or wear it as a casual outfit. Change out the boots for black sneakers, then wear a black jacket and you will look fabulous.

Here is a yoga legging outfit that I put together with the red pattern tank top and solid black legging.  This is a great look for women who prefer to not wear skimpy activewear,

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