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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Design Ideas for Outdoor Living Space

Today I was talking to a friend of mine and they asked me if I had any ideas on how to make their outdoor living space more exciting. She told me that her house was white with gray trim and the deck matched the homes color scheme. They had a black table and stainless steel grill and overall the ambiance was drab.

Know that when interior space is small or drab I always paint a wall yellow then update the space with yellow and sage green color accessories. So I did not have to think about her request I knew that yellow accessories would update her gray deck by making it more cheerful.
Add yellow and green to gray color Scheme to update and add interest

I suggested that she paint her black iron seating area white then change out the cushions to sage green, beige or pale yellow. A solid seating cushion would be better than prints because it allows you to accent the seating area with the same color printed outdoor pillows.

My friend told me they had a stone fountain and container gardens with primarily green plants growing. I suggested that she buy colorful ceramic tiles to add to the base of the stone fountain or do a line of tiles down the one side to add color and interest. As for the planters, I thought a climbing rose bush in pink or red or Clematis vine growing in a container with trellis would look nice.

Other ways to brighten a gray deck would be to add an outdoor area rug in a yellow print with touches of green and gray.

Here is an outdoor design that I created for my friend, Click these links to view the accent pillows; Sage and gold circle, green linen texture, yellow linen texture pillow are from my Zazzle. store

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