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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cozy Fleece Blankets for Pets

Today I shopped at Zazzle and found cute fleece blankets with the animal prints for cat or dogs. The blankets shown are small fleece size for babies and there are also stroller blankets which the perfect size for cat carrier, kitten box, or to set on a chair cushion for a small cat to lie on.

I thought this blanket would be a good way to protect my chair from pet hair. Plus a good way to keep a cat or dog warm and cozy during the winter months.

Here is the design that I like. The pink cat and dog pattern is adorable and there is an area to add pets name or other words. My friend got a new Pomeranian and this blanket would make a darling gift for her new dog.

Cute Pink Pattern Pet Blanket, Cat-Dog Stroller Blanket

The pet blankets are available in larger sizes at Zazzle. The larger sizes are useful in cool rooms or in garages. Fold the blanket over and lie on the floor and this will prevent the cat or dog from feeling cold. If you have to take your cat to the veterinarian then cover their carrier with the blanket and cat will feel less anxious while riding in the car.

Cats may be hesitant about lying on the blanket so I would recommend that you spray it lightly with liquid catnip and your cat will love the fleece blanket. When kitty approves then they will think of the blanket as theirs. 

Shop at Zazzle for the baby blankets because this size is perfect for a small dog or cat they are the perfect size 39’ length by 28-inch width. the print is on one side and back is a solid color. The blanket is made from 100% polyester fleece that is soft to the touch. When my cat is cold she will lie under the fleece blanket.

Know that if you prefer to design your own pet blanket you would click on the link under the product image (see below) and customize the blanket with your own photo.

Here are a few pet blankets that I found at zazzle that are super cute.

Colorful Cool Cats in Quilt-like Squares Fleece Blanket

Cute Cat Gray and White Print Fleece Blanket

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Disney Mickey and Minnie Gift Ideas

Disney Mickey and Minnie products are loved by young and old because they bring out the kid in us and also create a happy memory. Whenever I see a Mickey and Minnie or other mouse products I always think of the times I went to Disney World with my family and I remember wearing mouse ears, a mouse pattern t-shirt, and those cute mouse pattern sneakers. For me, a Disney gift is as American as apple pie and it is a gift that guarantees a smile.

If you feel the same way about Disney products then I know you will love these Valentine gift ideas. Here are a few of my favorite Mickey and Minnie and other Disney gift ideas for Valentines' Day and beyond. 

Know that there may be a sale so click through on the link to view a coupon code at

Clothing for Kids and Baby

Fueled up for Fun! T-Shirt

by disney

Mickey & Minnie | Love you Lots Ringer T-Shirt

by disney

Mickey & Minnie | Valentine's Day 2 Baby T-Shirt

by disney

Home Decor for Everyone

Mickey & Minnie | Love you Lots Mug

by disney

Mickey Mouse LOVE | Valentine's Day Long Apron

by disney

Mickey and Minnie Mouse valentine's day on bench Mouse Pad

Cases for Kids

Mickey Mouse LOVE | Valentine's Day 3 OtterBox iPhone 5/5s/SE Case

by disney

Snow White Emoji Land Pattern OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

by disney

Nemo Emoji Pattern Case For iPhone 5C

by disney

Mickey and Friends Hugs All Around Card

by disney

Cars Happy Valentine's Day Card

by disney

Valentine's Day Card border Disney

Winnie the Pooh & Tigger | Sweet 'N' Huggable Card

by disney

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fabulous Red Legging Outfit

When you think of a legging outfit many women assume that this type of clothing is intended for activewear. However, leggings are meant to be worn to exercise but also for shopping, hanging out and more.

Legging outfits are no longer solid bottom with print or plain top. There are many colors and patterns to choose from which makes wearing a legging outfit more fun.

Plus depending on the quality and the design of the legging you may be able to dress it up by wearing a boyfriend sweater, blouse, jacket with accessories and heels. Or dress it down with sneakers or sandals.

Legging outfits are being shopped to replace the jean look. Don’t get me wrong women still love their favorite jeans, but many do prefer the fit and the comfort of a legging outfit.
Know that came out with a fabulous activewear clothing-line and there is a legging that fits and feels fabulous. The tank tops are not skimpy and are cut for women. Very flattering for women who are curvy.
I prefer to wear leggings with hoodie and boyfriend sweater in the winter so I did design a few legging outfits with matching tops. Today I created a red pattern legging outfit from one of my digital design. The abstract pattern has the primary color of red, but there are also blue and black which means you can mix and match with other colors in your wardrobe.
Here is a fashion set that I created at Polyvore. It shows you a doll wearing the red legging outfit. I coordinated this outfit with black accessories and you can see that you can dress it up or wear it as a casual outfit. Change out the boots for black sneakers, then wear a black jacket and you will look fabulous.

Here is a yoga legging outfit that I put together with the red pattern tank top and solid black legging.  This is a great look for women who prefer to not wear skimpy activewear,

Friday, January 13, 2017

Zazzle Activewear Product Review

I have been shopping at local stores and online for workout outfits and have not found anything that I liked because the tops that go with the legging prints are too skimpy and I would prefer a cotton t-shirt with the same design as the legging.

If I were younger say in my mid-twenties and not married the body-hugging activewear tops to show off your abs would be okay but I am married and this type of clothing is not what I am shopping for.

I found legging outfits online at and but the active-wear tops/leggings were plain, solid colors and no patterns. Then I learned that zazzle sells active-wear and I found that the leggings and the matching shirts and tank tops were fabulous.
Black and blue Lizard Pattern Legging by

What I like about Zazzle is you can shop for activewear legging and shirts that have been designed by a variety of artists or you can make your own by uploading a photograph. This means that the colors in your top will match your leggings perfectly. 

About Zazzle Leggings

When you buy a Zazzle legging you are not only getting a work of art, you are also buying a unique style, and a legging that is extremely comfortable.
Know that the leggings are made by hand and are printed before they are sewn. The leggings are quality made products that I know you will love.

I have worn a lot of leggings and many of them looked nice but were uncomfortable. This is not the case with Zazzle leggings, the fabric is medium weight heavier than most leggings, however, it does stretch to fit your body comfortably.

Those other store brand leggings become stretched out after a workout, or a day of shopping at the mall and they never regained their shape. You will be happy to know that leggings do keep their shape and when you launder them they look new when you follow the laundry directions, then your leggings will not fade. I laundered in the delicate cycle then hung to dry.

You can wear zazzle activewear leggings to the gym, yoga class or for an everyday casual outfit. The legging outfits can be dressed up or down, worn with flip-flops, sneakers, or heels for a fashion legging outfit.

See black leather look legging dressed up. This legging fashion look is fabulous.

If you want a unique legging; leather look, snakeskin or other prints for exercise and beyond then shop at Zazzle for designer looks.

Here are a few of my favorite legging outfits. If you like what you see click the hyperlink to view at

Photo Gifts by Sgolis