Monday, September 26, 2016

Winter Weight Zazzle Shirts for Layering

When it comes to dressing for the winter season you will want to layer with clothing that is intended for cool to cold days.

I recommend a heavyweight long sleeve t-shirt that is made with at least 6 ounces of cotton to be worn as your first layer. Then a comfortable loose fitted flannel shirt, sweatshirt or fleece top would be worn over your first layer. When you dress in two layers this look is fashionable when worn with jeans, and leggings. A casual comfortable look that will keep you warmer on cool to cold days.
2 layers + legging a fashion look for the cool season

All of this sounds great until you have to shop for a heavyweight cotton long-sleeved t-shirt. They are easy to find in the menswear department but not so easy for women to find a basic 6-ounce cotton t-shirt. You can spend the day at the mall and not find what you are looking for. There are plenty of fashion long sleeve shirts that will not keep you warm. 

I found quality made cotton shirts at that are perfect for cool weather.  They have preshrunk 6.0 ounce 100 percent cotton shirt is a must-have. When you put it on you will notice that the fabric feels soft on your skin and that it is heavier cotton, not see through like others. You will feel warm when the house is cool and when you wear this shirt with another layer outdoors you will appreciate the feeling of warmth.

Layering will keep you Warmer in Winter

When the weather turns colder you will want to wear three layers of clothing. I would recommend wearing a 6-ounce cotton long-sleeved shirt worn as your first layer then the winter weight long-sleeve flannel shirt or fleece sweatshirt worn as the 2nd layer then your outerwear should be a hoodie. Know that I wear outfits like this and I feel comfortable in 30 degrees. For colder weather, you should wear outerwear/coat that provides better insulation.

I know you will love these heavyweight shirts and sweatshirts and that they will become your favorites because they are soft on your skin, quality made and will keep you warm.

Here are a few cool-weather shirt designs. All are made from heavyweight cotton. You can buy the tee as shown with designers image or make your own from uploading your photograph.

Silver Snowflake Long Sleeve Black T-Shirt

Merry Christmas Tree Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Autumn Maple Leaf T-Shirt

Vintage Brown Sheet Music Violin Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Classic Style Monogram and Soccer Ball T-Shirt

Care Instructions

I recommend that you launder the shirt in cold water permanent press cycle then dry shirt in delicate cycle, remove from dryer when the shirt is damp, shake before hanging, finish with air dry. By doing this your shirt will look “new” longer.

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