Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Zazzle Ladybug Toddler Raglan Sleeve Shirt Review

Zazzle sells toddler clothing that is stylish and super cute. All of the shirts and other clothing styles feature artwork by designers which makes the toddler clothing unique. When you shop at Zazzle you view a variety of toddler clothing, however, there are no models so you have no idea what it looks like on a girl or boy.

Know that I searched the verified customer reviews on Zazzle and learned that the fabric used to create the toddler clothing is quality and that the print on the design is perfect, but not one person mentioned it the tee was running true to size. Nor did they mention how the tee held up in the laundry. 

I bought the toddler ladybug tee for a verified customer review. I needed to know how the shirt ran so I could note my findings at Zazzle as it would help my customers choose the right size.

Ladybug 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Toddler T-Shirt
Ladybug 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Toddler T-Shirt by Susang6
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My friend.s daughter wears a size 2T in fact. I was told that the 2T would be a good size. I checked the manufacture and it was noted that the raglan sleeve shirt for girls or boys ran true to size. I bought the size 2T and when the shirt arrived the toddler modeled the shirt with the black sleeves and ladybug design with black leggings and a red hair accessory. The outfit was darling however the size 2T was gigantic.

Will it shrink when laundered?

This sporty shirt is made from a 50/50 polyester- cotton blend. This blend resists wrinkles and gives the fabric a softness but due to the blend, I doubt it would shrink. Here is the review of the raglan sleeve ladybug shirt. The product information was given to me by my friend, the mother of the toddler that is wearing the tee.

We received the ladybug shirt today! It is very soft and has a charming vintage look right out of the package! Doesn't have that brand new shirt stiffness. However, It does run big, sleeves are full sleeves on her and it's a bit on the long side.”

This shirt has not been washed and the manufacturer recommends washing before wearing so I suspect that it will shrink. But if the shirt does not shrink an entire size after washing then I would advise everyone to just order a size smaller and it would be perfect! Know that It's never a bad thing to have a shirt be a little on the big side! Kids will always grow into it! “