Sunday, June 5, 2016

Zazzle Everyday Toddler T-shirt Product Review

If you have not shopped at for kids clothing then know that the t-shirts are Mom Approved for quality, durability, and style.

I am a product designer at Zazzle and started creating designs for baby, toddler, and kids clothing several months ago. I got into designing baby clothes when friends had asked me to make them t-shirts. Then my niece needed everyday t-shirts to be worn with jeans or leggings, but her mom preferred a tee with style or a print.

I designed a few tees for a 24-month toddler girl and ended up sending a white basic tee with a pink graphic Dahlia flower pattern to my niece. Her mom told me that she loves the Zazzle t-shirt for toddlers. The fine jersey is soft on baby’s skin and style is so cute with leggings, shorts or jeans.

Here is a photo of my niece wearing the zazzle tee doesn’t she look darling?

The tee in the photo looks new, right? WRONG The tee you view is not new, I learned that the first time my niece wore this basic tee she dropped a grape soda on it. The tee was hand-washed immediately then hung outdoors in the sun and the stain was removed. The white tee with the pink flower has had many things spilled on it, but all the stains came out in the wash.

Know that this toddler t-shirt is loved by my niece, she pointed to the flower and asked what it was. Now she learned a new word “Dahlia”.

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