Thursday, May 5, 2016

Zoo Animal Clothing and Nursery Decor

A friend of mine contacted me to design gifts for her grandson. She desired a graphic design that was unique because the stores at the mall all offered the same old thing for boys. I chatted with her to determine what her daughter liked and found out that the nursery was zoo animals and the giraffe was the favorite. Knowing what mom liked I was able to create two designs that featured an adorable illustration of a giraffe.

Here is a baby boy set that I created. It shows the cute giraffe graphic design on a baby blanket, and another zoo animal design on a navy blue t-shirt; giraffe with your baby name in alphabet text. This t-shirt is a template from which means you can edit it to add your own photo and text.

Bellow this photo see other products from this baby collection. Shop for baby clothing and nursery decor by clicking on the link. See giraffe with straw hat products for a baby girl here

Giraffe Print Outfit for Baby Boy by sgolis 

Shop for baby boy giraffe animal clothing and nursery décor here.

Baby Giraffe Animal Blanket
Baby Giraffe Animal Blanket by Susang6
See other Giraffe Baby Blanket at zazzle

Here is a cute giraffe print fabric that is perfect for a baby nursery. This fabric is perfect for curtains, throw pillows, and more.

Decorate your baby's nursery with this cute zoo animal poster. This poster features a graphic designed giraffe with an area for your baby's name.

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