Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Work

This morning while having coffee with my neighbor I asked if they were planning to wear a Valentine's Day outfit to work on February 14th. She replied “No it is not professional.” I replied by saying that I could show her how to put together a professional outfit that featured a Valentine fashion look that would be a perfect work-wear look for her job.   Well my friend was skeptical and told me that she had to look professional at all times because what would her clients think of her if she dressed in red hearts for Valentine's Day?

After coffee I went back to her house to have a look at her closet and from there I found a red wool blend skirt that she told me she wore with black top and the matching red blazer with black buttons. So I suggested a black Valentine's Day t-shirt that would add a little pop but still be conservative.

When this tee is worn with a business suit and is accessorized with heart style jewelry, coordinating bag and shoes then it becomes a different look. It is no longer your favorite tee to wear with jeans but instead it is a Valentines day business look. View a few of my red heart jewelry designs here.

When you put all the clothing and accessory pieces together it creates a Valentine's Day outfit that is perfect for work and after work meet-up with friends. All you have to do is take off the jacket and your outfit will appear as business casual.

This year Valentine's Day falls on Sunday and many people are off that day.  So consider celebrating the holiday on Friday by wearing a coordinated red and black outfit with heart accessories to work.

Love and Kisses Valentine Wishes