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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fashion Baby Girl Valentine's Day Outfit

When it comes to dressing baby girl for Valentine's Day some mommies will dress their darling girl in frilly dresses and bows. These babies look adorable, but those frilly dresses, lace, and bows will not due when it comes to my niece. She desires her baby to have a big girl fashion look on Valentine's Day and from what I gathered is that she prefers a look that is fashion like mommy.

So today I shopped online and clipped a few of my likes to my account at polyvore. Then I went to my print on demand shop at zazzle and designed a red raglan sleeve with white top that features a triple floating heart and the words “I love mommy” This baby girl top can be worn with red leggings, skirt of basic blue denim jeans. Plus the top can be worn beyond the holiday.  This top is also available in the adult size so mommy and baby girl can have matching T-shirts.

While I was at my shop I also designed a pacifier and a baby bib. These baby accessories are nice because they coordinate with the outfit.

Here is the fashion baby outfit digital design that I created. It will show you how to put together a baby girl outfit that is adorable for a casual look on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Fashion Baby Girl - Valentine's Day

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is less than a month away and since I had some down time I thought I would check out the sales at since they have a nice collection of home decor and other types of Valentine's day gift ideas.

What I like about zazzle is they have updated their style.  Years ago this print on demand website was geared for the t-shirt lover but now zazzle offers a variety of products including  upscale home decorations, a variety of craft fabrics,  delicious desserts for special events, adorable baby clothes and custom T-shirts for everyone even the family dog and more.

Today I did a little shopping for my hubby and bought him a black leather look coffee mug with all over heart print and since he has a sweet tooth I also bought him some luscious and oh so delicious looking brownies.

While I was there I did look at some red and black "Love" pattern throw pillows, a coordinating table runner and a table lamp.  I am certain that these home decorations would really add the look of love to my bedroom or sofa.

I am really glad I took the time to check out zazzle's Valentine Gift Guide because I think my husband will appreciate that the gifts were created by designers and that I went that extra mile to get him a unique gift.

Do you shop at print on demand online stores for your gifts?

Zazzle Valentine's Day Giftguide

Friday, January 22, 2016

Must Have Vivienne Westwood Blue Tartan Poncho

Poncho styled capes hit the streets in the fall of 2015. These trendy tartans were desired by all because they provided the same warmth as your mid weight coat but were a whole lot easier to put on and take off. Plus blanket capes and ponchos were cozy and comfortable while being a fabulous fashion look.

The tartan poncho is the perfect  style to wear when it is cold outdoors.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for a poncho you will find a variety of styles and fabrics, from acrylic to cashmere and everything in-between. The acrylic and wool blends are good for climates that are not bitter cold, and the wool and cashmere are for colder climates provided you wear a sweater underneath. 

Trendy Tartans

Know that the tartan ponchos are the hottest accessory for winter season and this blue and white Vivienne Westwood tartan is one of my favorites. I wear denim nearly every day, and the style of this poncho makes it a must have.

Speaking of Must Haves

So to convince my minimalist husband I had to create a need for my must have poncho. I explained that I needed something light weight to walk the dogs and that the poncho would be all I would need while driving or riding in the car. The plaid colors would coordinate with many of my outfits and the tartan was a classic style.

This particular poncho is open in the front which means it is like an oversize scarf, if you feel warm you can push it off to the one side, or you can drape around your shoulders and still look fabulous.

Seeing is believing and convincing in my case. I designed this fashion set to show my husband why this poncho was a must have. Here is a western outfit that features a Vivienne Westwood acrylic tartan poncho cape that is shown with a Rick Owens Crater peal color mohair knit sweater, classic boot cut denim jeans. This outfit is accessorized with denim bag and Cordovan Western Mustang Custom Belt and boots.

Click the link bellow the image if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous poncho outfit. 

Western Tartan Poncho Cape
Western Tartan Poncho Cape by sgolis featuring western belts

Fashion Looks For Spring Break

This winter has been cold and there has been a lot of snow so when my husband asked me if I would like to go visit my friend in Florida I went to the closet and grabbed my suitcase.  Normally I would pack what I had but this year I will be shopping for fashion looks for my vacation. 

I will not need much because my vacation consists of a long weekend at the beach. On my list, I have added a new swimsuit, cover-up, T-shirts,  dresses, leggings, flip flops, sneakers and coordinating jewelry. I will also want some hair accessories.

Instead of bringing along many bags; beach, evening, and day I think I will take along a wristlet and a cute backpack. The backpack is smart because I can pack my toiletries and makeup in this bag and it will be my carry-on for the flight.

Ideally, if I buy spring fashion looks that can be mixed and matched I will not have to pack a lot. So I will shop before my trip for some spring outfits that are cotton knit and comfortable.

Here are some fashion looks that are perfect for spring break or beach weekend.

Heading out to the beach spring break or other holiday. You won't want to to go there without a flip flop t-shirt with matching shoes. Here is a set I designed at polyvore.  It features FUN shirts and accessories from

Day at Beach Essentials

Overall comfort is a factor when it comes to fashion looks for spring break but I also want outfits that have a look. Here is a fun tie-dye print all over top that can be worn with shorts, denim skirt or jeans.  

The  image  at the bottom is a digital design of  a casual black outfit that is perfect for wearing  to go shopping, or out for lunch.  You could also wear it to meet up with friends at a trendy beach bistro.  You bet I really like these comfortable outfits for spring break and beyond.

Summer Style at the Beach

Summer Style at the Beach by sgolis 

Chic Summer Style Outfit

Chic Summer Style Outfit by sgolis featuring espadrille wedge sandals

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Classic Shift Black Dress Wardrobe Tips

A classic styled shift black dress can be worn to a business board meeting or out for a casual lunch, shopping or walk in the park, or out to dinner.  Know that the fashion looks are endless as you can change the look of the little black dress with jewelry, shoes or jacket.

Create a fashion look by coordinating the shift styled sleeveless black dress with a red leather blazer. Accessorize this outfit with red, black and white patterned silk scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck and wear instead of a necklace.  Accessorize your dress outfit with classic sterling silver or gold earrings. Wear black pumps or boot for a high fashion look. 


The black dress is a fashion look as it will never go out of style.  Here is a fashion set that I designed that shows how a black shift dress is accessories and look fabulous when worn with a button down classic red leather blazer.

Workwear – Classic Black Dress

Dressing for work can be effortless provided you have classic styled black dresses in your wardrobe. Every woman should have several basic black dresses as this color can be worn for work and for after work meet up with coworkers or friends.
You can create a functional work wardrobe from a sheath black dress and then coordinate the dress with add-on; black and white blazer, fashion bag, jewelry, silk scarf, and cap toe black pumps. Mix and match the accessories to give you a new outfit.
Shop for black dresses that are polyester blended with elastane, jersey or wool gabardine. The best work dresses are made from fabric that does not wrinkle.
Here are some fashion sets that will show you how to accessorize a classic black dress.
A classic outfit that is two outfits in one; a business outfit by day and form fitted sheath dress with an accessory update for dinner at 7:00.

Stylish Minimalist Outfit by sgolis featuring tote handbags
Whether it is an afternoon meeting with client or cappuccino at 4 with the boss you will be dressed for success when you wear a blazer dress with coordinating accessories.

Black Dress Outfit by sgolis 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Little Black Dress with Red Accessories

Here is a little black dress that is coordinated with red accessories including silver jewelry, red and black bag, a fabulous red jacket and black boots with red heels. When it comes to fashion looks that it is wise to buy a few little black dresses for your wardrobe.  This fabulous dress can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories.  

Bellow see a fashion set that I designed, This visual fashion board features a black stretch cotton blend tank dress from Givenchy. The scoop neck and back make this dress perfect for a dinner date or wear this fitted silhouette with a jacket or blazer and change out the kneehigh boots for black pumps for work.

Black Dress/ Red Accessories by sgolis 
This dress is shown with accessories that I designed; silver and red-faced watch and heart charm bracelet.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dress To Impress Your Valentine

This is a vintage dress that you will love to have in your wardrobe. This red special occasion dress is perfect for Valentine's Day and other party type events.    You will feel flirty and feminine when you wear this dress because of the way the fit and flare style.
I think this dress was made to dance all night just because of the way it looks...simply gorgeous.
This visual fashion set also features a red rose framed dinner party invitation.  Plus heart accessories  and rose pattern minx nail covers made by

RedValentine's Day  Dress Fashion Set by sgolis  

Saturday, January 9, 2016

LOVE- Flirty Valentine's Day Outfit

When it comes to choosing an outfit that you want to wear on Valentine's Day most women will select something with a red heart pattern.  This is because the heart represents love.

Celebrating Valentine's Day is fun because you can decorate your house with a romantic or love theme and also buy and wear an outfit that shows off your sense of style.

On the fashion set bellow I have featured a racer-back tank top that has a FUN heart pattern on the front.  This top can be worn as shown for a casual look, or for work you can wear with a red or black blazer or cardigan.

Here is a boyfriend style red blazer that would be perfect for work or casual looks.
Bcx Juniors' Cuffed Boyfriend Blazer

Get That LOOK

Accessorize this fabulous fashion look with silver or gold heart pattern jewelry.  Shop for a heart shape bag to compliment your heart theme.

Know that this outfit is not for one time only, you can buy a pair of leggings and wear the tank as lounge-wear or sleepwear. The black hoodie can be worn beyond Valentine's Day because everyone loves a heart pattern.

Find the red heart top and hoodie at my zazzle shop. The add on silver accessories, headband, iphone case and sneakers are also my designs.  The red scarf and that fabulous black and red bag and be viewed at polyvore click  onto the link bellow the image to learn more.

Will you be dressing up for Valentine's Day?
Love Valentine's Day