Thursday, January 21, 2016

Classic Shift Black Dress Wardrobe Tips

A classically styled shift black dress can be worn to a business board meeting or out for a casual lunch, shopping or walk in the park, or out to dinner.  Know that the fashion looks are endless as you can change the look of the little black dress with jewelry, shoes or jacket.

Create a fashion look by coordinating the shift styled sleeveless black dress with a red leather blazer. Accessorize this outfit with red, black and white patterned silk scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck and wear instead of a necklace.  Accessorize your dress outfit with classic sterling silver or gold earrings. Wear black pumps or boot for a high fashion look. 


The black dress is a fashion look as it will never go out of style.  Here is a fashion set that I designed that shows how a black shift dress is accessories and look fabulous when worn with a button down classic red leather blazer.

Workwear – Classic Black Dress

Dressing for work can be effortless provided you have classic styled black dresses in your wardrobe. Every woman should have several basic black dresses as this color can be worn for work and for after work meet up with coworkers or friends.
You can create a functional work wardrobe from a sheath black dress and then coordinate the dress with add-on; black and white blazer, fashion bag, jewelry, silk scarf, and cap toe black pumps. Mix and match the accessories to give you a new outfit.
Shop for black dresses that are polyester blended with elastane, jersey or wool gabardine. The best work dresses are made from fabric that does not wrinkle.
Here are some fashion sets that will show you how to accessorize a classic black dress.
A classic outfit that is two outfits in one; a business outfit by day and form fitted sheath dress with an accessory update for dinner at 7:00.

Whether it is an afternoon meeting with a client or cappuccino at 4 with the boss you will be dressed for success when you wear a blazer dress with coordinating accessories.

Black Dress Outfit by sgolis 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Little Black Dress with Red Accessories

Here is a little black dress that is coordinated with red accessories including silver jewelry, red and black bag, a fabulous red jacket and black boots with red heels. When it comes to fashion looks that it is wise to buy a few little black dresses for your wardrobe.  This fabulous dress can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories.  

Bellow see a fashion set that I designed, This visual fashion board features a black stretch cotton blend tank dress from Givenchy. The scoop neck and back make this dress perfect for a dinner date or wear this fitted silhouette with a jacket or blazer and change out the kneehigh boots for black pumps for work.

Black Dress/ Red Accessories by sgolis 
This dress is shown with accessories that I designed; silver and red-faced watch and heart charm bracelet.