Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Small Bedroom Space Saver Tips

So many of the new homes have really small bedrooms. It seems that the master bedroom is a decent size but the other bedrooms seem to pay the price. Like many people, I have a decent size master bedroom but my other bedrooms are small. In order to make the bedroom appear larger, I needed to save some space.

Save space in a bedroom by buying a twin-sized bed with the drawers located directly underneath This bed with drawers will eliminate the need for a chest of drawers. You can create a more spacious look in your bedroom with build-in bookshelves with cabinets instead of freestanding shelving.

Here is a room set that I did to show my customer how she could save space in her daughter's small bedroom. Shop for the blue home accessories are shown in the room set here.

.Another way to save space is to buy a raised bed that has a built-in desk underneath. These raised beds look like bunk-beds only there isn’t a lower bed. Kids seem to love this bed ensemble.

My niece had a really small bedroom so her Dad created a loft sleeping area for her. He then created a study area underneath the loft. By raising the bed to the loft area her bedroom was more spacious.

My sister saved space in her small bedroom by installing a Murphy Bed. When the bed is locked into the wall your room will look very spacious. My sister has her office in that room along with a potted palm tree and a comfy chair. When she needs the room for guest she will utilize the Murphy bed.

When shopping for furniture select a small frame bed and a nightstand as large furniture would make the room look less spacious.

Buy plastic storage containers and put a few on the top shelf of the closet for past season clothing. This will free up space in the drawers and your clothes that are hanging will not look cramped.

Well those are some ideas that I thought I would share with all of you on how to save space in a small bedroom.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Floral Tote Bags / My Zazzle Top Picks

When it comes to choosing my Zazzle top picks for tote bags I find that I prefer warm-season styled bags. I also tend to shop for durable bags that can be used every day and for grocery shopping. I find these bags to be useful to my needs.

This fashion set features one of my tote bag designs. This particular style allows you to add your monogram.

Warm season tote bags can be used throughout the spring and summer season. I like floral prints and because they are perfect for gift giving and the florals are colorful and go with many outfits.

In the past, I have bought a few tote bags from Zazzle. The bags are all quality-made bags that are durable. You can use them for every day or take the bag to the beach, pool, or use them for shopping at the mall or grocery store.

I shopped at and found some beautiful floral tote bags. All bags shown were created by independent designers. Each tote shown is bursting with colorful flower blooms and the bags feature a unique design. Know that when you buy a tote bag at Zazzle that each tote bag is printed when you order it, not mass produced like shops do at the mall.

The tote bags come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the right size for your needs. A larger size will hold your laptop, tablet, groceries and more. A small bag is perfect for your everyday things, cosmetics bag, phone, tablet, and your wallet.

Here are a few of my favorite tote bags. Click on the blue text below the image to be rerouted to the designer's store. There you can see the bag on a larger screen and learn more about the tote. It may be difficult to choose just one so buy one for yourself and another for your daughter or your friend. Tote bags that can be used every day for your miscellaneous things can also be used for shopping or for traveling.

This purple bearded iris tote bag is a great carry-all for books, groceries or garden supplies.

Purple Iris Botanical Tote Bag

This canvas style bag was made for your shopping needs. It is durable yet pretty. The design features a cheerful yellow sunflower, greenery, and a butterfly. Buy this shopping tote for yourself or give it as a gift. A bag like this would be a thoughtful birthday or another occasion gift for her.

Summer Style Sunflower and Butterfly Shopping Tote Bag

This summer style tote bag features a turquoise blue background with a red poppy and sunflower wreath. Inside the wreath on a creamy white element is where you will add your monogram or other text. This durable bag is perfect for your everyday needs.

Personalized Monogram Sunflower Shopping Tote Bag

Take this summer tote bag with you when you shop, go to the beach, the pool or for everyday fashion looks. This stylish bag features a watercolor purple and yellow flower pattern. If you like flowers then you will love this bag.

Summer Floral Watercolor Tote Bag

by Susang6

This budget tote bag is Available in 5 sizes to fit all your lugging needs, these bags are made of 100% natural material and can be customized with your favorite pictures and text for the perfect gift or casual accessory. Versatile, trendy, and durable, this custom tote means you'll always look fashionable!

Succulents Floral Blush Peach Greenery Tote Bag

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Valentines Day Clothing and Accessories

When it comes to Valentine’s Day many people will put together an outfit that represents the holiday. For adults, this holiday represents the love that they feel for each other so they will wear the color red or pink. They may wear a heart pattern or they may wear a pattern that features red roses. For children its a day to “dress up” in a Valentine's outfit for school or parties.  On this holiday children will hand out friendly “will you be my Valentine” cards to their friends and their classmates.
Valentine's Day holiday is represented by red hearts, red roses, chocolates and the wearing of the clothing that indicates that you love the holiday or that you are in love with that special someone. Overall Valentine’s day is a fun day of gift-giving, exchanging of holiday cards and expressing love to each other.

Women will wear shirts with a valentines day pattern, or they may wear accessories, earrings, necklaces, scarf or even a belt. Men will wear a heart pattern tie to work and if they take their special someone out for dinner, they will dress to impress and wear Valentine’s Day printed tie.

Dressing up for Valentine’s Day is fun for kids and adults. Here are a few of my fashion and accessory designs and other designers products that I found at Zazzle.   

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and don’t forget that this holiday is on February 14th

Happy Valentines' Day T-Shirt

Valentine  Red Heart Pattern Leggings

Love Valentine's Day Heart Pattern Leggings

Valentine's Day Leggings; Coming & Going Beautiful

Valentine Red Heart Sweatshirt

Valentine Heart Pattern Red Belt

Be My Valentine Round Charm Bracelet

Love love earrings

Heat Pattern Valentine Jewerly Drop Earrigns Earrings

Valentine Hearts and Teddy Bears Slip-on Sneaker

Sweet Heart Candy Pattern Valentines' Day Tie

Valentine's day, love, wedding neck tie

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Beer Steins For Daily Use or Occasion Gifts

Beer steins come in a variety of styles, shapes and are made out of stoneware, pewter, porcelain, glass and ceramic. Some have hinged tops with a thumb lever that is used to open the lid so that you can drink from the stein. and others have open tops. Steins are used for drinking beer however at my house we use them as display on our mantle and in a glass case. Rarely do we drink beer from them but that is not to say that we have not enjoyed them over the years during the holidays and at an Oktoberfest dinner.

The classic beer stein that you would find in Germany or Bavaria are made out of stoneware and the designs are quite unique. The steins are usually sold for special occasion like a housewarming party, a holiday or for a special event. Many people collect the steins because of their style and the ornamental designs.

Since my husband is a collector I make a point to buy him a stein every Christmas. He has a few pewter steins with hinged tops that are from the early 1900’s and are handmade German steins. These antiques never come out of the glass cabinet. They are truly prized for their craftsmanship. He also collects the Budweiser Clydesdale steins, the holiday series that began in 1980. Like any collector my husband will buy steins that are part of series, antique stein and steins for everyday usage.

The beer steins at Zazzle are perfect for everyday use or for giving as a housewarming. birthday, Christmas or another occasion gift. The stein features a traditional German design that has ornate borders at the rim and base and a detailed handle. The beer stein is available in 2 colors; white with metallic gold and gray with blue color. Another feature is that you can buy them as shown or you can upload your own photograph or logo and make your own.

What I liked about Zazzle’s beer steins is they have good look to them and we can use them daily if we want and do not have to worry if they are broken. They would also be thoughtful Christmas gifts or housewarming gifts for anyone who likes to drink beer.

Here are a few of my favorite stein designs. All were created by the independent designers at Zazzle. Click the highlighted blue link under the stein image and this will take you to the designers store where you can view a larger image of the stein, learn more and buy.

Vintage Christmas Bells and Poinsettia Flowers Beer Stein

Vintage Christmas Bells and Poinsettia Flowers Beer Stein

Vintage Christmas Holly and Winter Snow Scene Beer Stein

Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Holiday Beer Stein

Create Custom Vintage Style Business Company Logo Beer

Brandenburg Red Eagle Beer Stein

Vintage Map of Denmark (1801) Beer Stein

Vintage Danish Royal Coat of Arms of Denmark Beer Stein

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Remembrance Christmas Tree Ornaments

When it comes to the holidays you may be missing a loved one who passed away, or you may be sad because you are thinking of your beloved pet.  If you find that you are feeling blue then it is helpful to create remembrance Christmas ornament for your holiday tree.  

It's always hard to have a loved one pass away. Please know that the remembrance ornament is a way to not feel so sad during the Christmas season 
My niece had lost her mother to cancer when she was just a child and she is always sad during the Christmas holidays because it was her mom’s favorite time of the year. So this year I found a photograph of my niece and she has her hand on her mother. It was such a nice remembrance photo of her family. I went to Zazzle and I created an ornament out of the photograph. Uploading my photo was easy to do and I could not be happier with the ornament that I designed.

If you would like to create a remembrance ornament then here is the template that I created. You may use it or you may choose another design. I find the metal backing is nice especially if the photographs are older. It is made very well and the ceramic ornament is protected from the metal encasing

I shipped the ornament directly to my niece and when she received it she said that she cried. They were happy tears, loving tears as she remembered the day that the photo was taken and how she had so much fun with her mom and her cousins.

 She told me now my mom is part of my Christmas celebration because of this remembrance ornament. From this Christmas forward when my niece decorates her Christmas tree with her remembrance ornament she will be keeping the memory of her mother alive through her memories.

Here is another ornament style that you may be interested in. All of my ornament designs are customizable so you can add your own photograph. 

This ornament I created to remember my mother. All of the beaded and sequin ornaments on this tree my mom had made when she was recovering from breast cancer. She told me it was good to stay busy doing the things she loved.  

Remembrance Christmas Tree Ornament

View all of my ornament designs here. All can be customized by adding your photograph.