Thursday, June 30, 2022

Living Accents LED Solar Crackle Light Product Review

 This beautiful crackle glass solar light will add a cozy ambiance to your yard and garden. 

Shop for high-quality outdoor solar pathway lights at ACE

I shopped at ACE hardware and found the living accents solar-powered LED path lights and liked the high-quality look of the crackle glass globe and stainless-steel hardware.  I bought six at $9.99 each.

The light was easy to put together. Set the globe into the stainless steel base. Then press the small black button on the side of the crystal light base to change the color from white to multiple colors.   Set the solar pathway lights in an area that gets a minimum of six hours of direct sun. Switch to the on position and you are done with the installation.

My solar lights come on at dusk and stay lit until midnight.  The lights are bright and the interchanging green, red, and white colors look beautiful. I think the living accents LED solar crackle pathway lights are beautiful and I am a very satisfied customer.

 Here are my photographs.

Added to my herb container garden so we can enjoy 

the pretty solar light on our patio

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Personalized New Home Gifts


Shop for uniquely designed new home or housewarming gifts for your friends and family. Find gifts and home décor products that you can personalize with name or other text. Know that personalized gifts and décor items are always appreciated because the recipient knows that you “really care”

photo by pixabay
Personalized home decor is a thoughtful gift for new homeowners

Know that many of my friends have bought new homes in the last year and normally I shop locally for home décor gifts but found that nothing was to my liking. I also thought that all of of the stores featured the same product designs.

So I went to my Zazzle online store and created my own home sweet home and new home gifts and décor products.

Here are a few of my favorite product designs. Know that you can personalize many with your own words. For example "home sweet homes" you can buy as shown or add your own words.   Click the highlighted words below the image and you will be taken to the store where you can view a larger product image, learn more or buy.

Home Sweet Home Blue Gingham and Carrot Throw Pillow

New Home with Family Name Square Wall Clock

Personalized Creekside with Brown Leather Square Wall Clock

Tawny Leather Look with Family Name Accent Pillow

New Home / Housewarming Personalized Glass

**Special Housewarming Gift Ideas

Now if you know the person, and know their style and their bathroom colors you may want to buy them a monogram bath towel set. A few years ago I bought my mother-in-law a monogrammed bath towel set and she loved it. 

Normally I don’t buy gifts like this but had heard her say that she shopped at many stores and couldn't find a uniquely designed gray towel set for your guest bathroom. Since I knew she liked lilies I created a watercolor floral design that consisted of pastel pink and yellow lilies on a gray background. I also personalized the hand towel with her initials.

Here is the towel set that I created for my mother-in-law. 

The hand towel features the monogram.

Vintage Pink Floral with Monogram Bath Towel Set

Here are other popular monogram towel sets that you may like to buy as housewarming gifts.

Shabby Chic Pink Floral Pattern Bath Towel Set

Modern Monogram Towel Set l Circle Pattern

Trendy Blue Leaves on Brown / Monogram Bath Towel Set

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Cute Kid-Style Aprons/ Zazzle Product Review


This past winter holiday I bought my niece's darling snowman-designed aprons at  I bought the girl's specialty aprons that were personalized with their names and the girls loved their gifts.  Know that I had never bought an apron at Zazzle so I didn’t know what the quality was, nor did I know how the printing would turn out, but not knowing didn’t stop me from personalizing the aprons with the girls names and shipping the aprons sight unseen.

The winter snowman design was adorable, the ink colors used in the printing were perfect and both girls were excited to see their names on the aprons. 

Here are photographs of the aprons.

The aprons are easy-care polyester with a twill texture finish. They come in three sizes small for kids, a medium which is for an adult and hits above the knee, and a large which is longer and hits below the knee. There is an apron size for everyone so if you want to create a mommy and me look you can.

The kid apron designs aren’t just for cooking/baking cookies. They can also wear them when they are painting, planting flowers, or doing other activities where their clothes need to be kept clean

Here are a few cute kid-styled aprons that you may like. Click the highlighted text under the image to be taken to the Zazzle designers store. There you can view a larger image of the apron, learn more, or purchase.

Aprons for boys and girls 

Personalize Children's Easter Bunny in Garden Apron

Egg Colorist Cute Easter Apron

Monogram Easter Bunny and Yellow Daffodil Kids Apron

Easter Bunny Butterfly and Carrot Kids Holiday Apron

Personalize Pink Floral Girls All-Over Print Apron

Jungle Monkey and Palm Tree Craft or Cooking Kids Apron

Personalize Kids Underwater with Fish Apron

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Awesome Bingo Ticket Holder Gift Idea

 If you play bingo at the casino, community center, church hall, or at a party then you will know that it's hard to keep track of all the tickets. Well, my friend minx267 at Zazzle enjoys playing bingo at the casino but was always aggravated about the tickets so she created this awesome ticket holder.

It's a great idea with a cute bingo design. Buy this bingo ticket holder for yourself, or buy and give it as a gift for that special someone who loves playing Bingo. They will love the ticket holder and will think that you are thoughtful.

 If you would like to view it at the Zazzle designers store then click on the highlighted link below the product image and you will be taken to the independent designer's store to view a larger image, learn more or buy. 

My Bingo Money Place Card Holder
by minx267

Monday, October 18, 2021

Vintage Style Santa Claus Home Decorations

Decorate your home with a Santa Claus theme and you will add a jolly Christmas ambiance. 

Many adults and children smile when they see Santa Claus. the plump and jolly older man with white hair and beard who is dressed in a red velvet suit and black boots. They smile because they know Christmas day is coming soon and that Santa will put presents under the tree for all the good boys and girls.

Know that Santa Claus represents the spirit of Christmas, the gift-giving, and the desire to be good, kind, and caring.

We love to see kids' faces light up when they see our Santa home decorations. Even adults seem happier when they are in a room that features Santa Claus. 

 If you love Santa and enjoy decorating your home with a classic red, white, and green color scheme then here are some darling Santa decorations that I created at my Zazzle store. 

Decorate your kitchen with a red, white, and green color scheme. Then accessorize this space with Santa Claus-designed kitchen towels, serving trays, mugs, and table linens. You don’t need many Santa-designed decorations a few will add a jolly ambiance. Here are a few Santa kitchen decorations that you may like.

Accent the decor of your kitchen or dining room with this vintage Santa Claus on a red tablecloth. This festive table cloth with a jolly Santa with delight adults and kids on Christmas day.

Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Holiday Red Tablecloth

Buy Christmas kitchen towels with a darling Santa Claus design for yourself or buy two as a gift for that special someone

Christmas Santa Claus Holiday Home Kitchen Towel

Vintage Holiday Style Santa Claus Red and Green Kitchen Towel

Decorate your home with this Vintage Santa pillow. This pillow features one of my original collage designs which includes snow-covered pine trees, snow, wrapped presents and a poinsettia plant Personalize this pillow with your own text or buy as shown with "Merry Christmas".

Santa Sleigh and Christmas Gifts Throw Pillow

Create a cozy ambiance with this Merry Christmas throw pillow. This pillow features a cute Santa and Christmas tree design that will be enjoyed by children and adults. Buy as shown with indoor fabric or choose outdoor and set on our outdoor furniture, porch, or other. An outdoor Christmas pillow is a good way to welcome guests to your holiday home.

Christmas Tree Throw Pillow

Shop for classic Santa Claus-designed Christmas products at this Zazzle collection. Find darling Santa designs for your home, t-shirts, and gifts for everyone, plus holiday cards, party invitations, and more. Click the highlighted text to view this darling Santa Claus collection

Santa Claus Cards and Gifts

by Photo Gifts by Sgolis  When it comes to decorating our home we think it's fun to feature Santa Claus 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Don’t Shop Adopt / Zazzle Made Cat T-Shirts

If you like cats then you will love a cat-designed t-shirt. All of the Zazzle-made shirts were created for the cat lover who believes that it's better to adopt a cat from a shelter than to buy one. I created this cat design from one collage art design. Each element is layered by hand to create this fall season feline design

The t-shirt design features a pumpkin patch, a cut-out illustration of adorable cats, and a fall season tree background. The design is shown on a basic short sleeve black t-shirt.

Both my husband and I have this basic t-shirt and find it to be a comfortable tee that is perfect for everyday wear. This heavy-weight tee is made from 100% cotton. We find this shirt to be comfortable due to the loose fit and natural fabric.

You will love the attention to detail as this shirt has double-needle stitching at the bottom of the sleeve and at the hem. A quality-made t-shirt that is reasonably priced.  All shirts are offered in a variety of styles including unisex and come in a variety of colors.

Here are a few of my favorite cat t-shirt designs 

Friday, August 6, 2021

Must Have High Waisted Capri Workout Legging


I bought a black denim print Capri legging at Zazzle and I love it. The feel of the fabric and the compression fit is not only comfortable but it gives me a perfect shape. Even my husband likes the legging. You bet the Capri legging is a must-have for every woman.

The legging wears well as I have worn to power walk, exercise, work in the garden and after a whole lot of bending, I found that the knees did not stretch out. This legging kept its shape even though I squatted, twisted, and turned. The stretch recovery is wonderful and the waistband stayed in place, I didn’t have to pull it up which means the fit is excellent.

Classic Black Denim Summer Yoga Style Capri Leggings
by Susang6

I washed the legging in the delicate cycle took it out shook and hung it to dry. After several washes, this Capri legging looks just as good as when I bought it.

I will definitely be buying another pair of Capri leggings for the warm days of fall. If you have not bought this style of legging you should. You will love the way the fabric feels on your skin and the way the compression fit makes you look. 

Know that I prefer black outfits and thought the buffalo plaid or zebra print Capri legging would be darling with a black tunic top and black ballet flats. If you like either of these leggings and would like to view a larger image then click the highlighted text below the image and you will be taken to my Zazzle store.

Here are a few of my fall must-have favorites.

Cute Black and Gray Buffalo Plaid Capri Leggings
by Susang6

Chic Black Zebra Pattern with Silver Glitter Capri Leggings
by Susang6

Here are a few of my spring/summer Capri legging designs.  They are classic polka-dot floral and gingham designs.  Perfect for everyday outfit looks, for exercise, power walking or you can dress them up and wear them to a spring gathering. 

Floral Red Blue Flowers and Butterflies Yoga Capri Leggings

Spring Floral Red Tulip Daffodil Lilac Capri Leggings

Cheerful Yellow Daffodil Flower with Polka-Dots Capri Leggings

Blue White Gingham Capri Leggings

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Vintage Style Roses with Gold Throw Pillow

If you are someone who loves beautiful furnishings for your vintage home then you will love this elegantly designed throw pillow.

Vintage Style Roses with Gold Throw Pillow

Elegant Vintage Floral Rose Victorian Style Throw Pillow

This square throw pillow was created from a photograph of vintage victorian wallpaper. The image is not perfect due to the age of the wallpaper, I did use photoshop to restore the photo and I think considering the age of the wallpaper that design is quite lovely. The elegant vintage floral decorative pillow features an urn filled with mauve-pink and burgundy roses on a soft gold color background and gold filigree accents.

Use this vintage style pillow as an accent for your sofa or bed. This lovely pillow will add ambiance to the décor of your home. For a sofa, I would recommend two or more.

Know that Zazzle-made pillows are made from high-quality simplex knit fabric. The 100% polyester pillows are soft to the touch and wrinkle-free. This isn’t a thin fabric.  All Zazzle-made pillows feature a heavyweight stretch material that provides a beautiful color definition for the printing of the design.

There are three fabric choices for this throw pillow; polyester, cotton, and outdoor. Know that a  vintage rose print square pillow like this would be a thoughtful gift for a housewarming or another occasion

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Fabulous Handfasting Wedding Invitations


Many couples from different religious backgrounds are choosing handfasting over the traditional wedding ceremony. They like the romantic symbolism of the tying of hands.  Research indicates that handfasting was actually an engagement ritual. When two people decided to be married they would celebrate their engagement with a handfasting ceremony. Today the handfasting is a ritual that signifies s the couple's commitment to each other.

If you are planning a wedding ceremony and intend on implementing the handfasting where the bride and groom's hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives, then you will love these fabulous wedding invitations.

Otherworld invitations features a variety of handfasting invitations from regal silver flourish in dark green, to a lovely red roses, and more. You will find an invitation color scheme for every wedding theme at Otherworld invitations

All Otherworld invitations are fabulous with details that you will not find at other invitation shops. So if you are planning a handfasting wedding and are seeking a fabulous wedding invitation then look no further. What you are seeking is here.

Here are a few favorite handfasting wedding invitations Click the highlighted link to view at the designer's store and be sure to check for the daily sales and coupon codes.

Elegant red and black handfasting wedding invitations 

Stunning and Fabulous Red and Black Gothic Floral Handfasting or Weddinginvitation perfect for your special day.

Beautiful and luxurious Regal Silver Flourish over a deep dark Hunter Green from the "Shadow Jewels" color palette, with stylized hand lettering sure to leave an impression.

Beautiful dark Navy Blue and Tan gold Rose with gold wedding rings tied together by a flowing navy blue bow. View this invitation and other designs are without the gold wedding rings to stand out for an unforgettable invitation to your most important events at the wedding collection.

Bright Summer Floral Greenery Handfasting Invitation

Share unforgettable memories with the Bright Summer Floral Greenery Handfasting design

Sweet Sage Green & Pink Floral Broom Handfasting Invitation

With an Ode to Traditional Handfastings, the Sweet Sage Green makes a delightful contrast for this 'boho' style collage decorated with pink roses, beads, ribbon, and foliage in a gorgeous and unique watercolor display.

Rustic Blue Dried Flowers Handfasting Wedding All In One Invitation

This beautiful Rustic Blue Dried Flowers Handfasting or Wedding design is perfect for your special day featuring pretty blue flowers and dried grass florals. This All in One invitation has everything you need and does NOT require any envelopes! It even comes complete with a tear away RSVP Postcard!