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Friday, March 31, 2017

Custom Sweet Treats at Zazzle

When it comes to gift giving for special occasions or just because I like to give customized sweet treats from

Zazzle is renowned for their t-shirts, but a few years ago they came out with a candy, and cookie line that is scrumptious. If you are planning a special gathering or need to give a gift to co-worker, family, friend or neighbor you cannot go wrong with the sugar cookies or chocolate candy box that is customized with your own greeting.

Know that these print on demand designer made treats look fabulous when displayed on trays on your buffet or dining area at gatherings. Guests will comment on the designs and will be impressed.

Here is a home set that I created that shows you how to set up a dessert table on Easter or for another special occasion. Shown on the dessert table are a variety of sweet treats and gift wrap or gift bag for the candies, cookies or brownies.

Paris Sweet Shop

Paris Sweet Shop by sgolis featuring holiday decor

Know that last Christmas I gave my brother the chocolate covered Oreo cookies with and adorable snowman design and customized holiday greeting. The oreo cookies came individually wrapped inside a box that was suitable for gift wrap. My brother thought the personalized design was very cute and the cookie was mouthwatering good. So how good are they? My brother told me that after he tasted one he decided he would keep for himself so he hid them in his man-cave. 

The sugar cookies come in four or a dozen and they are really tasty. I have given them as gifts to neighbors and have arranged them in Easter Baskets for the kids. Everyone loves the sugar cookies.
Delectable sweet treats are candies, cookies, and brownies that you can buy as shown with a print on demand unique design or you can customize these treats with your own photograph and words. Thus making a special dessert for your gathering.

Have you bought the bake goods from zazzle?

Here are few sweet treats that I have designed. Click on the text to view these delectable desserts at my online store.

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