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Friday, April 28, 2017

Indoor / Outdoor Area Rugs

Add ambiance to your outdoor living space with an area rug that is made to withstand the weather. Most outdoor rugs are made from nylon and polyester which makes the outdoor rug stronger and good for high-moisture areas including covered patio, porch, laundry room and bathroom.

Recently I was shopping for a rug for one of my clients and found that there are a variety of patterns, sizes, and shapes to choose which will allow you to choose the indoor/outdoor rug that will appeal to your needs. 

Are you feeling inspired to decorate your outdoors space?  Here is a patio design set that will show you how to decorate a covered porch with patio furniture and an outdoor rug.   The rug brings the seating area together and this space is eye appealing.  Do you agree?

When you accessorize your patio with an outdoor rug you will be able to cover up a section of your patio or deck that is worn paint peeling or cement crack. Nobody will view the imperfections when the rug is concealing them.

Another benefit would be that an outdoor rug makes your patio and sitting area more cozy and welcoming.


Even though the rugs are made to be mold resistant it is best that your outdoor living space has a covering because a rug left out on a patio without a covering will become worn out quickly. After a hard rain, the rug may develop mold or have a mildew smell.

Would you like to learn more about outdoor rugs? Here are some online stores that I recommend.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Insulated Energy Efficient Drapes / Curtains

Keep your living areas warmer in winter and cooler in summer with insulated drapes and curtains. Microfiber backed window treatments have three functions, energy savings, they block UV rays and the curtains blackout the light so you can sleep during the day.
My husband and I work nights so when we are heading for bed the sunlight is bright in our bedroom. When the insulated drapes are closed the room is darkened and we can sleep, plus these drapes keep the room quieter because they block the outdoor noise.

If you are interested in insulated energy efficient drapes for your bedroom or other room in your home, then here are some fine online shops that offer a variety of patterns, colors at fair prices. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pink Patterned Legging Outfit - Fashion Looks

Pink is the universal color that women are attracted to and this color is always in fashion for spring and summer fashion. There are a variety of pink colors from bright fuchsias to pastels making the color pink complimentary to many skin and hair colors.

My hair color is red and I have fair skin, the fuchsia color or the bright pink color is not good for me but pastel pinks are fabulous.  what I like about pink is that it looks good with a variety of colors.  Wear pink with gray, black, white or with blue jeans. 

Shop for prints or solids, the choice is yours. Here are a few of my favorite pink fashion looks for spring and summer. The t-shirt, pattern leggings and coordinating pink accessories are my designs that I created at You can buy as shown or customize to make your own from uploading your own pink photograph of watercolor, painting or other.

About this outfit:

The T-shirt is fine cotton with 10 % polyester jersey that is soft and lightweight. A classic style for everyday wear to work or for casual outfits. The leggings are stretchy eco polyester spandex blend (88% polyester, 12% spandex) and are hand sewn. This legging was designed from a photograph of clouds then I added a filter edit.

The leggings are made from a heavier fabric that is breathable and stretches to fit your body perfectly. The legging hugs your body in all the right places, making you look thinner but does not constrict and does not feel uncomfortable. Normally leggings that fit like like this will stretch out in the wash, not the case with this legging because they do not lose their shape after you wear or wash them. You will love the way this legging feels and will want them in every color.

Here is a pink legging outfit that I created.  It shows you how to put together a fashion look using a variety of pink patterns. 

Spring Style Pink Outfit

Spring Style Pink Outfit by sgolis featuring pink shoes

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cute Bella Raglan Sleeve Shirt Customer Review

The  Women's Bella Canvas white shirt with red raglan sleeves and red ladybug design is super cute for summer outfits. You can wear with jeans a denim skirt. This shirt looks comfortable and super cute but does run small.

I bought the shirt to mix and match with several outfits in my wardrobe. The product about did say that the shirt ran small and that you should size up so instead of buying the medium I bought the large. The shirt arrived and it was super cute, looked better than on the website but the size large was a form fitted medium and I really did not want a shirt to hug my curves. 

I prefer a shirt that is not as tight, one that is comfortable to wear while I work in the garden or other summer activities. On a hot day, the last thing that I want is a cotton shirt that feels tight.

In as much as I love the style of this Bella shirt, I did not want to size up to an extra large. I feel the cut of this shirt is not right for what I need and have decided to return to and buy another style. I saw that this ladybug design is available in several other styles and I found a short-sleeved tee that I like. 

The shirt that I bought says that it is preshrunk and that it ran true to size.  I decided to size up and bought the large. 

The fit on this shirt is better. Not boxy, but not as slim as a fit as the raglan sleeve baseball jersey style shirt.  Know that if you buy a shirt at Zazzle and it is too small or too large, you usually can find another style shirt with the same design. 

Cardinal Bird Lover T-Shirt, Black T-Shirt

Friday, March 31, 2017

Custom Sweet Treats at Zazzle

When it comes to gift giving for special occasions or just because I like to give customized sweet treats from

Zazzle is renowned for their t-shirts, but a few years ago they came out with a candy, and cookie line that is scrumptious. If you are planning a special gathering or need to give a gift to co-worker, family, friend or neighbor you cannot go wrong with the sugar cookies or chocolate candy box that is customized with your own greeting.

Know that these print on demand designer made treats look fabulous when displayed on trays on your buffet or dining area at gatherings. Guests will comment on the designs and will be impressed.

Here is a home set that I created that shows you how to set up a dessert table on Easter or for another special occasion. Shown on the dessert table are a variety of sweet treats and gift wrap or gift bag for the candies, cookies or brownies.

Paris Sweet Shop

Paris Sweet Shop by sgolis featuring holiday decor

Know that last Christmas I gave my brother the chocolate covered Oreo cookies with and adorable snowman design and customized holiday greeting. The oreo cookies came individually wrapped inside a box that was suitable for gift wrap. My brother thought the personalized design was very cute and the cookie was mouthwatering good. So how good are they? My brother told me that after he tasted one he decided he would keep for himself so he hid them in his man-cave. 

The sugar cookies come in four or a dozen and they are really tasty. I have given them as gifts to neighbors and have arranged them in Easter Baskets for the kids. Everyone loves the sugar cookies.
Delectable sweet treats are candies, cookies, and brownies that you can buy as shown with a print on demand unique design or you can customize these treats with your own photograph and words. Thus making a special dessert for your gathering.

Have you bought the bake goods from zazzle?

Here are few sweet treats that I have designed. Click on the text to view these delectable desserts at my online store.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Decorating Easter Egg Trees

I was up early and out the door by 9AM because I had to meet with clients to decorate their Easter tree with ceramic and figurine ornaments that they bought from, Amazon The ornaments used were pastel colors and were classic Easter and spring season designs.

Here is a ceramic vintage style Easter ornament that I designed. Add this ornament to your holiday tree or wreath. This ornament is fully customizable and would make a thoughtful gift.
Vintage Style Easter Bunny Ceramic Ornament

The image bellow is of an adorable decorated table top Easter Tree was found online at This lighted tree comes decorated but you can add a few ornaments of your own.

An Easter tree is not for everyone but families with small children and the elderly do enjoy the festive tree. Most trees are small and are perfect for dining, foyer or coffee table display. Many trees come decorated, and a few are lighted. Most trees have space for a few of your own ornaments.  

Do you decorate your home with Easter egg trees?

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Flowy Boyfriend Style T-Shirt

Summer will be here before you know it and now is the time to shop for warm weather clothing.  Normally I wear prima cotton t-shirts with everything during the summer months. But this year I want to add a fashion look to my outfits and found that this white flowy boyfriend style t-shirt, with the ladybug print, has a look that I love.  

I love the neckline because necklaces will look pretty and the cut is flattering for many women. The sleeves and the body of the shirt are not constricting like the classic knit T-shirt instead, it has a flowy appearance.  The fabric is airy, light to the touch which is perfect for the hot summer months.

Here is a fashion set that I designed it shows you how this flowy shirt looks when worn with black leggings and coordinated with red accessories.    

 Note: This shirt runs small so if you love it I would recommend sizing up.  I normally wear a medium but bought the large and it fits perfectly.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Casual Outfit Ideas for Easter

Many children will participate in the annual Easter egg hunt at their church, city park or in the backyard. This event is usually casual however the rule is that the clothing has a cute bunny or spring flower print and outfit is pastel spring colors; pink, green, yellow, blue and lavender.

Casual outfits for Easter egg hunt or family gathering should be comfortable, a cotton knit or other fabric that will have some give when kids are bending to pick up eggs or playing other holiday games.

A knit t-shirt outfit is good for moms since they are always more active than Dad's on Easter.  The Easter outfit could be dressy or casual. Here are two outfit ideas for women and toddler girl. View other outfit ideas here.

Easter Brunch

Pink top

J Brand jeans
$38 -

Pink shoes

Pink wallet

Pink necklace

Tech accessory

Beauty accessory

Easter home decor

Here is an adorable white cotton knit dress for toddler girls that can be worn with sandals or sneakers for warm climate or leggings for cooler climates. This dress has a darling Easter bunny pattern which makes it a cute outfit for the egg hunt or a holiday gathering. If you are interested in buying click the product link bellow to learn more or to be directed to the store.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Decorating Ideas for Spring Bedroom

I'm getting inspired to decorate my bedroom with spring green, yellow and purple colors. I think these colors will give my bedroom a cheerful ambiance. I decided to accessorize my room with the color purple, green and yellow because they are my favorite spring flowers.

The weather today is warm and my daffodils are blooming, there are leaf-buds on the purple irises. The warm weather and the spring flowers put me in the mood for decorating for the season of spring.

Here is a home set that I created. It shows a good balance of green and purple color. You do not need many décor accents to create a lovely spring bedroom. If you like the iris flower products you can shop for my product designs by clicking on the product link bellow the image.

Spring Style Bedroom Decor

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cute Fleece Blankets for Pets

Today I shopped at Zazzle and found cute fleece blankets with the animal prints for cat or dogs. The blankets shown are small fleece size for babies and there are also stroller blankets which the perfect size for cat carrier, kitten box, or to set on a chair cushion for a small cat to lie on.

I thought this blanket would be a good way to protect my chair from pet hair. Plus a good way to keep a cat or dog warm and cozy during the winter months.

Here is the design that I like. The pink cat and dog pattern is adorable and there is an area to add pets name or other words. My friend got a new Pomeranian and this blanket would make a darling gift for her new dog..

Cute Pink Pattern Pet Blanket, Cat-Dog Stroller Blanket

The pet blankets are available in larger sizes at zazzle. The larger sizes are useful in cool rooms or in garages. Fold the blanket over and lie on the floor and this will prevent the cat or dog from feeling cold. If you have to take your cat to the veterinarian then cover their carrier with the blanket and cat will feel less anxious while riding in the car.

Cats may be hesitant about lying on the blanket so I would recommend that you spray it lightly with liquid catnip and your cat will love the fleece blanket. When kitty approves then they will think of the blanket as theirs. 

Shop at zazzle for the baby blankets for your small dog or cat they are the perfect size 39’ length by 28-inch width. the print is on one side and back is a solid color. The blanket is made from 100% polyester fleece that is soft to the touch. When my cat is cold she will lie under the fleece blanket.

Know that if you prefer to design your own pet blanket you would click on the link under the product image (see bellow) and customize the blanket with your own photo.

Here are a few pet blankets that I found at zazzle that are super cute.

The Hunting Dog Throw Blanket

Colorful Cool Cats in Quilt-like Squares Fleece Blanket

Cute Cat Gray and White Print Fleece Blanket