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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Columbia Omni-Freeze Dress Product Review

I am a long time customer of Columbia clothing for women, I wear the omni-freeze long sleeve shirts with roll-up sleeves and the sport dresses. I also wear Columbia for women shorts and pants when I am active, in the yard gardening or hiking on nature trails. Columbia makes classic clothing for women that is high quality. You always look good in a Columbia for women outfit and feel a whole lot cooler thanks to the Omni-Freeze technology.the more you sweat the cooler you feel.

Here is a fashion set that I created at polyvore.  It shows the dress that I speak of along with a variety of accessories that I created at my store.

Columbia Cool Blue Dress

Last week while shopping online I found a Columbia summer dress that I thought would be perfect for an outdoor BBQ. I knew that the weather for that day was going to be hot and humid.

I love this Omni-Freeze Columbia summer dress because it is perfect for all outdoor events.  The BBQ that I was invited to will be hot and humid since it is by the river.  Not only will this dress keep me feeling cooler it will also protect me from harmful sun rays. The fabric on this dress had sunscreen protection plus it was said to keep me cooler.

Quote from the manufacturer “dress features UPF 50 UV protection and advanced cooling technology to keep you comfortable in the hot sun. “

Pro's and a Con

Know that I am 5'8 and weigh 139, normally I wear a size 8 dress and the medium in this dress fit me perfectly. 

I like that the length of this dress was not too short, came about 2 inches above my knee. The fabric is silky soft and overall the dress was perfect for what I needed. 

This dress has pockets but anything that goes in the pockets can be seen. So I brought along a wristlet bag and the dress outfit was perfect for the summer  BBQ.

Here is a bag that would look nice with blue floral dress.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Zazzle Ladybug Toddler Raglan Sleeve Shirt Review

Zazzle sells toddler clothing that is stylish and super cute. All of the shirts and other clothing styles feature artwork by designers which make the toddler clothing unique. When you shop at Zazzle you view a variety of toddler clothing, however, there are no models so you have no idea what it looks like on a girl or boy.

Know that I searched the verified customer reviews on zazzle and learned that the fabric used to create the toddler clothing is quality and that the print on the design is perfect, but not one person mentioned it the tee was running true to size. Nor did they mention how the tee held up in the laundry. So I bought the toddler ladybug tee for a verified customer review. I needed to know how the shirt ran so I could note my findings at zazzle as it would help my customers choose the right size.

Ladybug 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Toddler T-Shirt
Ladybug 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Toddler T-Shirt by Susang6
Shop for Ladybug T-Shirts online at
My friend.s daughter wears a size 2T in fact. I was told that the 2T would be a good size. I checked the manufacture and it was noted that the raglan sleeve shirt for girls or boys ran true to size. I bought the size 2T and when the shirt arrived the toddler modeled the shirt with the black sleeves and ladybug design with black leggings and for her hair a red hair accessory. The outfit was darling however the size 2T was gigantic.

Will it shrink when laundered?

This sporty shirt is made from 50/50 polyester- cotton blend. This blend resists wrinkles and gives the fabric a softness but due to the blend, I doubt it would shrink. Here is the review of raglan sleeve ladybug shirt click given to me by my friend, the mother of the toddler that is wearing the tee.

We received the ladybug shirt today! It is very soft and has a charming vintage look right out of the package! Doesn't have that brand new shirt stiffness. However, It does run big, sleeves are full sleeves on her and it's a bit on the long side.”

This shirt has not been washed and the manufacturer recommends washing before wearing so I suspect that it will shrink. But if the shirt does not shrink an entire size after washing then I would advise everyone to just order a size smaller and it would be perfect! Know that It's never a bad thing to have a shirt be a little on the big side! Kids will always grow into it!

Autumn Activities and Fashion Looks

Summer is almost over and I find that I am thinking about the fall season. Fall is my favorite time of the year because of the activities, comfort food, fashion looks and I love when the leaves change. In the past, the leaves would start to turn when the weather changed, when the days or nights were cool.
When there is a slight change in the weather, everyone will change the way they dress. We will dress in autumn colors; brown, orange, golden and will wear leaf pattern shirts, sweats or flannel plaid shirts with jeans and boots. Know that the sweatshirt is a must have in autumn because the weather can change from warm to cool in a matter of hours. If we are going to be out at night we will take along a sweatshirt.
Here are a few autumn outfits that I like. If you like them too, click on the image to shop at the website.
My husband and I spend more time outdoors in the autumn than in the spring or summer. That is because the weather is perfect and there are so many activities. The days are warm and sunny and we like to go to the nature park, to walk on the trails or a float trip.
You bet autumn is one of my favorite seasons, love the wardrobe changes and all of the fun activities. This year we are making plans to harvest pear trees, go to country festivals, and take road trips to Arkansas to  visit the parks in the Ozark Mountains.
When family visits we will take them to the corn maze, and to the pumpkin patch. Everyone enjoys carving a pumpkin for Halloween. We also like to gather with our neighbors for a pot- luck supper.

Fall is the season before winter and our last chance to enjoy the great outdoors. What are your favorite fall activities?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sunflower Home Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating your home for late summer and early fall you may want to add pop to your space with sunflowers. You can accent your living spaces with fresh, dried or silk sunflower arrangements and this sunny yellow flowers will make your home feel cozy.

Create or buy centerpieces for your tables. Then hand a wreath or swag on your front door. Another way to decorate with sunflowers is to shop for room accessories with sunflower pattern. You would need key home accents; throw pillows for your sofa, a sunflower patterned to add extra seating and a poster for your wall. These products would create a focal area and will make your living space feel warm and welcoming.

When you are ready to decorate your home for the autumn season, know that the this cheerful yellow flower looks nice with your harvest decorations. You can create a variety of decorations for your home by using pumpkins, gourds, autumn leaves with the sunflowers. One of the decorations that I like is the pumpkin filled with sunflowers and chrysanthemums.

Here are two home sets that will show you how to decorate your home with sunflowers. The first set is a living space that is decorating with sunflower accessories. The second home décor set shows you how to add sunflowers to a pumpkin centerpiece for autumn season.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home by sgolis featuring a