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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Here are some unique gift ideas for the men in your life. Father's Day is not only the day when you get together with family for a BBQ it is also the day that you honor your Dad by giving them a gift that is all about him.
Unique father's day gifts at Fabulous fashion and decor blog

Know that you dad may need a new lawn mower, or a tool but these items are not the right gifts for your dad.  You want to give him something that he wants, and not what he needs. 

Check out his man cave or office, would he be more comfortable if the sofa or his chair had some pillows?  

A throw or lumbar pillow for his home office or man cave would support his back or cradle his head in comfort.  How about a T-shirt with print-all-over fishing or BBQ patterned tee.  You can add your own photo and words and make Father's Day a happy memory. 

Even a coffee mug that features a design that relates to your dad’s hobbies is a gift that your dad will love. On Father's Day, you need to show the men in your life how special they are by giving them a gift that you picked out just for them.  One that that your dad will love.

Here you will find an assortment of unique, funny, and cool gifts for your dad. If you like what you see, click through to the online store to view in high resolution or to buy.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Living Room

I accepted a Christmas home decorating contract yesterday and even though the holiday season is months away I am brainstorming decorating ideas for this assignment. 

My client has requested a winter wonderland theme and I think the decorations will be perfect for her holiday parties.  Here is white Christmas home set that I designed to show my client. Know that these digital designs are a good way to communicate your ideas to your customer.

Elegant Silver and Gold Christmas Room

Elegant Silver and Gold Christmas Room by sgolis featuring crystal ornaments

Do you love the  pillow that was designed by The Silver Snowflake?  I featured the designers pillow on the chair in the home set.   You can  view or buy this pillow at

Here are some Christmas décor ideas for living room

  1. Decorate your living room by draping a pre-lit balsam garland on your fireplace mantle and also add to the railing of your staircase.
  2. Fill 12 apothecary jars with silver ornaments and feature a few on top of the mantle, coffee table, and foyer tables.
  3. Drape iridescent beads over the balsam garland. The sparkle from the beads will glisten in the light and will look stunning.
  4. Add a flocked balsam centerpiece with white pine cones that are tipped with silver glitter to your dining table to pull the white Christmas theme together.
  5. Clear the coffee table, then cover the table with a white damask Christmas tablecloth. If the tablecloth is too long gather the bottom of the tablecloth and fold under.  This will give the bottom a pouf appearance.  
  6. Arrange the apothecary jars, votive candles or balsam arrangement on top of the coffee table. Or you can set a silver tray in the center of the coffee table, then arrange an assortment of  large medium, small and white candles with clear glass or crystal holders on top of the tray. Accent this arrangement with silver ornaments and sprigs of fresh balsam from your Christmas tree. 
  7. Add touches of crystal prisms to the coffee table and the mantle as this will make the display sparkle.

When the sofa and chairs are not complementary to the Christmas theme you can remedy the problem by buying or making sofa or chair covers. Choose a fabric pattern and color that will compliment the winter white theme. Sofa covers are a great way to pull the room together so all furniture looks like it was made for your holiday theme. 

Add coziness to your living room with throw pillows.  Here are some lovely white Christmas pillows that would compliment a winter white theme living room.  These elegant pillows were found at

If you are interested in shopping for Christmas decorations for your living room, I found some lovely white theme decor products at  Here are my recommendations.

9' x 14" Pre-Lit Frosted Sable Pine Artificial Christmas Garland - Clear LED Lights found at, Pre-lit garland is frosted and embellished with iridescent glitter for a beautiful sparkling addition to your holiday decor

Silver Shimmer Fluted Candle votive. The sparkle goes a long way when you light a candle inside this glamorous holder. This votive candle holder will make your holiday home look gorgeous

Linen Majestic Damask Design Tablecloth White
This tablecloth is gorgeous and will enhance the decor in any home. It is beautifully embroidered, made of silky, rich-feeling material, and the border of fringe adds a touch of class to it.

12 Glass apothecary jars for your Christmas home decor. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hired to Decorate Clients Home for Christmas

This year I was hired to decorate a client's home with a classic winter white theme. I enjoy decorating homes with the classic red and green holiday theme but think a white Christmas theme is absolutely stunning. It is the perfect theme for elegant parties and stunning for a winter wedding.

The white decor symbolizes the winter snow in a forest with evergreen trees. You may see a deer in the clearing and on a moonlit night the forest seems peaceful.  The snow-covered trees in the forest are the inspiration and what I think of whenever I decorate a home with a winter white Christmas theme. This winter white theme allows for a peaceful and natural setting where the rooms ambiance is calm and cozy.

Here is a winter room design that I created at  

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Before I can begin to decorate a home for Christmas my customer has to decide which rooms will feature the Christmas decorations. When the decision Is made then those rooms will be cleared of All past season accessories and decorations will be removed and put into storage containers. Then those containers will be stored in the garage, attic or basement. When the room is cleared then I will be able to visualize where the white and evergreen decorations will go.  The client must decide if they will be using fresh balsam greenery for Christmas tree, wreaths, swags and garland or if they prefer artificial.

Whenever I decorate a client home I try to use what they have. I will ask the client to take an inventory on their white silver, gold, glass, crystal or iridescent votive candle holders, candlesticks, crystal prisms, snowflakes, ornaments, ribbon, table runners, white or balsam green floral arrangements, pine cones, white table linens, silver or gold plate chargers. All of these accessories will be grouped together in categories and set in an area where I can view them and determine if they have a use in the white Christmas theme.

When I know what my client's inventory is I will then be able to create a room design for them. One way to achieve this is to take photographs of the rooms that will feature the white Christmas decorations. Print the picture onto a blank piece of paper. List next to the photo what decoration will coordinate with the room. By doing this the customer will be able to determine exactly what you need to purchase to complete your Christmas theme.

 I can also create a digital design for my customer that will show them what their room will look like with their inventory. Here are a few digital designs that I have created for my customers. In these Christmas designs, I have featured their products and suggested online finds that will compliment their room.

Vintage Style Red and Green Christmas Decor

Silver Snowflake Home Decor

Silver Snowflake Home Decor by sgolis featuring red home decor

Here are my online finds at and View the must haves for white Christmas theme home décor.

by designer Amber Dawn Riley at 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Zoo Animal Clothing and Nursery Decor

A friend of mine contacted me to design gifts for her grandson. She desired a graphic design that was unique because the stores at mall all offered the same old thing for boys. I chatted with her to determine what her daughter liked and found out that nursery was zoo animals and giraffe was the favorite. Knowing what mom liked I was able to create two designs that featured an adorable illustration of giraffe.

Here is baby boy set that I created at polyvore. It shows the cute giraffe graphic design on baby blanket, and another zoo animal design on navy blue t-shirt; giraffe with your baby name in alphabet text. This t-shirt is a template from which means you can edit it to add your own photo and text.

Bellow this photo see other products from this baby collection. Shop for baby clothing and nursery decor by clicking onto the link. See giraffe with straw hat products for baby girl here

Shop for baby boy giraffe animal clothing and nursery décor here.

Your Baby Name Giraffe T-Shirt Navy Blue
Your Baby Name Giraffe T-Shirt Navy Blue by Susang6
Check out more Blue T-Shirts at Zazzle

Baby Giraffe Animal Blanket
Baby Giraffe Animal Blanket by Susang6
See other Giraffe Baby Blanket at zazzle

New Baby Congratulations 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates
New Baby Congratulations 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates by Susang6
Look at more New baby Chocolate Boxes at zazzle

Here is a cute giraffe print fabric that is perfect for baby nursery. This fabric is perfect for curtain, throw pillow and more.

Cute Giraffe Animal Print Fabric for Kids
Cute Giraffe Animal Print Fabric for Kids by Susang6
Check out more Baby nurser Fabrics at Zazzle

Decorate your babies nursery with this cute zoo animal poster. This poster features a graphic designed giraffe with area for your baby's name.

Your Baby's Name Giraffe Value Poster Paper
Your Baby's Name Giraffe Value Poster Paper by Susang6
Shop for a Poster template or design online at