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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Decorating with Cats - Living Room Ideas

Many people are cat lovers but find that they cannot have a pet. Know that just because you cannot adopt a cat you do not have to live your life without a cat. You can show off your love for cats by decorating your home with cat décor products. Granted these cat products are not going to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, like when a cat lays on your lap or purrs in your ear. However a room that is decorated with a feline theme will have ambiance.

There are a variety of cat decorations, such as a tabby cat portrait poster for your wall, cat designed throw pillows for your sofa, figurines, lamp shade you could also add cat themed coffee table accessories; a puzzle, deck of cards, flameless candle to name a few. When you decorate your home with a few cat designed products your home will feel cozy.

I would recommend that before you shop, and buy every cat product that you see, that you determine your room theme and choose a color scheme. Know that your room will look a whole lot better if the colors are complimentary.  
To give you an idea as to what I mean I designed two living room home sets. One is a green theme and the other is a neutral beige and brown theme, both are decorated with a cat theme.

Do you think these home sets look warm and inviting?  Do you want to go cuddle up on the sofa with a good book?

Tabby Cat Home Decor

Tabby Cat Home Decor by sgolis 

Cat Lover Home Decor Ideas

Cat Lover Home Decor Ideas by sgolis featuring quote throw pillows

I hope this article has inspired you to decorate your living room with cats.  If so then you may want to shop for cat decor.  Here are some cat home accessories that I recommend.

Wayfair Product Review - Bath Accessories

When it comes time to shop for home decor products I prefer to shop online, but when my favorite stores did not have what I was looking for, I decided to shop at a new website;  I had read several excellent reviews on the store and since they were having a sale, I thought why not check it out. The website design is very nice, and finding what I need was easy.  There was a variety of bathroom accessories and all were very good quality. 

I was shopping for a bath set for my guest bathroom I found Amrapur Egyptian cotton towel set that featured 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths.  When it comes to bath towels I prefer 100% Egyptian cotton towels because the weave is twisted to absorb the water quickly and also this enables the towel to dry fast. Plus the asking price was fabulous; original price was $165. for these designer towels, sale price was reduced 85% off. I bought 2 sets and got free shipping.

Know that the towels that I bought were not the fancy pattern but the blue set would compliment the theme of my bathroom perfectly. I am very satisfied with my bath accessory purchase. The quality of the towels was excellent, the sale price was fabulous. If you are in need of decorations for your home, lamps or furniture then I would recommend that you shop at wayfaircom because they have just what you need.

This home set will show you my blue theme bathroom and all of the products that I like.

Blue Bathroom Accessories

Blue Bathroom Accessories by sgolis featuring Egyptian cotton bath towels

Monday, April 18, 2016

Shop Zazzle for Fabulous Craft Aprons

Aprons have come long way because they are not just for cooking anymore. The apron of today has a fabulous design and it is meant to be worn to protect your clothing when you do crafts, or work out in the yard. So if you like to work in the garden, paint the house or a works of art on a canvas these aprons will keep your clothing stain free.

Know that zazzle has the cutest and most useful aprons. I love them because when I paint or garden, my tools fit nicely in the spacious front pocket. Which means no more losing my garden gloves. The craft aprons keep my clothes stain free and the pocket keeps me organized.

Another reason to buy these aprons is the fabric, it is a 35/65 cotton polyester blend, The apron is a nice texture and it does not wrinkle.  This apron is made in the USA and that is important to me. 


Here are a few of my favorite Zazzle craft and Gardening aprons.

Garden Girl Flower Collage Standard Apron
Garden Girl Flower Collage Standard Apron by Susang6
Check out Garden girl Aprons online at zazzle

This Apron I designed for my friend who is a florist

Floral Designer Wreath Standard Craft Apron
Floral Designer Wreath Standard Craft Apron by Susang6
Find more Floral designer Aprons at Zazzle

For those who like to cook or have a restaurant this apron is perfect, personalize with your own text.

Chef Food on Forks Apron
Chef Food on Forks Apron by Susang6
Check out more Chef Aprons at Zazzle

Zazzle has partnered with LIFE Line in support of their mission to empower Kenyan mothers of special needs children, to be self-sustaining. Each product is handmade in Kenya and product sales directly benefit the Malaika Mums, many of whom have been shunned by society because of their special needs children. Since this is a charity I designed this cute apron for the women who likes to bake, I earn no commission from the sale of this product.  

Funny Cookie Recipe Apron
Funny Cookie Recipe Apron by Susang6
Check out other Funny Zazzle HEART Aprons at

This stained glass apron is perfect for crafts.

Finger Paints Anyone? This apron was designed for the”the artist is training” Personalize this apron with your own words.

You can buy the aprons as shown or edit them by uploading your photograph and make your own.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is a holiday  that honors thy mother. This day is a family day and a celebration. All mothers are honored on this day as well as motherhood. So one would celebrate all moms, grandmothers and moms to be on this day.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for May 8th

It is customary to celebrate mom with either a family style at home brunch or in modern times family go out to a restaurant. The meal is generally followed by giving the mother’s a gift. Gifts can range form small personalized gifts with the words “Best Mom Ever” “Happy Mother’s Day” “We love your mom” . Personalized fashion jewelry such as necklaces and charm bracelets are thoughtful gifts. Chocolate boxes are always delicious.

Jumbo size shortbread cookie with pink rose design and "Happy Mother's Day"  A sweet treat for mom.

Know that any gift that you give to thy mother is appreciated and there is no real guideline, give gifts that yoru mother will appreciate, but do not give gifts that she needs like a :washing machine or sharp vacuum”

Here are some gift ideas for Mother’s Day

We love you mug,Make a happy Mother's Day memory with this pink watercolor coffee mug. Personalize this mug with your own words or buy as shown with "love you mom" quote.

Let your mom know how much you love her by giving her a box of the finest Belgium chocolates. The pretty pink rose on the box cover is lovely. There is also a "Happy Mother's Day" greeting. You many personalize this box with your own text of buy as shown.

Pink Rose Mother's Day 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates
Pink Rose Mother's Day 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates by Susang6
Browse Mothers day Chocolate Boxes online at

This necklace features a lovely pink background with monogram. The pale color of this rose is oh so pretty and the style is perfect gift for Mom on Mother's Day or Birthday. Personalize with your own text

Make a happy memory with this pretty pink rose Mother's Day card. This card features an inside greeting; "You will always be my mother and my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you mom." You may keep this greeting or change it to your own text.

This pink rose case is so pretty because it is a pastel and would make a lovely gift for her; Mother's day, birthday or other Personalize this rose flower print case with your own text, greeting or other monogram.
Give the gift of love and style with a custom charm bracelet. Design your charm bracelet with photos of your mom and child, or add a monogram. Be creative and design a happy memory for your mother to cherish. Or buy as shown; lovely lavender with the word mother.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Zebra Print Casual Outift

Here is an casual outfit I put together at polyvore.  This trendy outfit features zebra print accessories worn with  black classic style tank top and zebra print shorts.  It is accessories with fabulous black and white zebra accessories which makes this summer outfit perfect for everyday looks and can be dressed up for other uses.

What I like about this  outfit is the the tank top.  Too many tank tops are not figure flattering, they hug the body in all the wrong places, but the fit on this tank is so appealing.  This top is a must have for your wardrobe because you can wear it to work under a jacket and wear it with shorts as shown in the casual outfit bellow.   Know that when I shop I like to buy basic pieces tops and bottoms that I can wear with other outfits.  Everything shown in the zebra print casual outfit can be worn with other clothing.   A fun look for summer and beyond.

When I searched for accessories for this outfit I found some fabulous shoes and jewelry at  I like the flip flops that feature a unique zebra design, I also like the slip on sneakers with platform and zebra print.  Both shoes can be worn with this casual outfit.   Or you can wear a zebra pattern wedge sandal with this outfit.

Here is a slip-on sneaker that I found at zazzle.  The platform makes this shoe looks comfortable and it would be great to wear shopping and a must for vacations where you plan to walk.  A shoe like this would be more supportive than flip flop.  The zebra print makes this shoe a fashion accessory.

Create a zebra print wardrobe by adding a zebra print top, then wear the the print top with your shorts or other black bottoms; skirt, capri legging, or other pant.  Use the same accessories with this print top and solid black bottom outfit. 

Trendy Zebra All-Over Printed Unisex Tank All-Over Print Tank Top
Trendy Zebra All-Over Printed Unisex Tank All-Over Print Tank Top by Susang6
Browse Black and white All-Over Printed Unisex Tanks online at

This zebra outfit can be dressed up or down by changing the accessories.  

Zebra Pattern Outift

Zebra Pattern Outfit by sgolis 

Buy zazzle products used in this fashion set by clicking onto the text bellow

Green Home Decor Ideas

The color green represent life, nature, harmony, energy and for some like my husband money. Many people will decorate their homes by painting a feature wall the color green and then add some green accessories. Others use green as the accent color and will add splashes of green, such as a throw pillow or a canvas print or poster with greenery or paint a trunk, end table or wooden mirror green.

Here is a table I found at  It shows you how green an accent table would compliment your green theme.

Pier 1 Imports Toscana Cabinet

Pier 1 Imports Toscana Cabinet   (see more shelving furniture)

Here is a living room set that I designed at polyvore that shows how the green color is used as an accent.

Green and Gold Living Room

Green and Gold Living Room by sgolis featuring a round container

Decorate with the Color Green

  1. One way to decorate our home with green color is to hang a framed poster with a green theme. This touch of greenery could be found in a landscape, modern art, or floral still life.
  2. Another do it yourself way to add touches of green to your décor is buy a paint stencil at and then add a border onto your wall or use this stencil to paint on wood furniture of cabinets. 
  3. Paint is an easy way to revitalize your interior. Select a green paint that will compliment your interior design. Choose the right color by picking from paint cards or purchase sample paint. The sample paint allows you to paint a small section of your wall. This is a good way to determine which shade of green works best with your interior.
  4. Shop online at Walmart for Artscape decorative window film to cover your windows with a beautiful green color design,  Window film is a quick and easy way to add ambiance to a room. There are many patterns to choose from; traditional, contemporary, modern or classic. The decorative window film will make your windows look like works of art.
  5. Accessorize sofa with green color by adding throw pillows. When adding pillows to your décor I always recommended three or four, as they make a more inviting presentation. It is fun to color coordinate your pillows, then you can add same color stripes with a floral pattern or solid green pillow.

Here are some green color pillows that are complimentary. These pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Mixing square with rectangular or circle pillow shapes makes your sofa interesting.  

Moss Green Linen Like Throw Pillow
Moss Green Linen Like Throw Pillow 
View Linen like Pillows online at zazzle

Green Leaf Throw Pillow
Green Leaf Throw Pillow 
Check out other Leaf Pillows at

View this video to learn how to learn how to accent sofa with throw pillows