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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Baby and Kids Christmas Santa T-Shirt

When it's time to shop for Christmas clothing for baby and kids know that seasonal t-shirts with a Santa pattern are a must for everyday looks, parties and sleeping. Putting together a jean, legging or skirt outfit with a Santa tee makes the trendy look more FUN.
Do you shop for Christmas clothing at the mall or online at

For the past several weeks I have been busy designing t-shirts for baby, toddler, and kids. Many customers had contacted me for Santa tees and sweatshirts because they prefer zazzle's quality clothing over the kid's clothes at the mall. So I created some unique clothing designs.

Many of my customers asked me about the quality of the kid's tees and they were concerned with how the fabric felt.  Most kids clothing at the big box stores feel rough and you need to launder the clothing a few times with dry sheets to make the fabric feel soft. Know that the fabrics used on the kids clothes are super soft right out of the bag. There is no need to launder the shirts several times to make them feel soft.  Plus the printing is excellent and does not fade. 

You can shop with confidence because guarantees everything that they sell.  If you would like to learn more about the clothing then read my product review here.

Here are a few of my Kids Christmas clothing designs shown in outfits or click here to view my Santa, Snowman and other Christmas T-shirts for kids at my gallery.

Christmas Fashion for Girls

Christmas Fashion for Girls by sgolis featuring snowman ornaments

Cute Snowman Christmas Shirt

Cute Snowman Christmas Shirt by sgolis featuring a cross-body handbag

Snowman Fashion for Girls

Snowman Fashion for Girls by sgolis featuring christmas home decor

Christmas Presents Under Tree

Christmas Presents Under Tree by sgolis featuring photo ornaments

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