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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Decorating with Table Runners

Table runners are not limited to the dining room, I say use them in the living room, foyer or bedroom. The runner with a cheerful, seasonal or colorful pattern will add interest to your space.

A table runner was used on Christmas themed coffee table.

I decorate my home and my customers home by using table runners on a variety of tables and cabinets. Sometimes I will gather it up to add soft folds in the fabric then set a floral centerpiece in the center. I may open up the fold in the table runner to add more interest or I will decorate around the folds with books, figurines or other collectibles.

Autumn Style Living Room

Autumn Style Living Room by sgolis featuring orange leaf print table runner

Another way to decorate your space with table runners is to use it to accent your coffee table. Choose a cheerful pattern that has colors that compliment your room theme. Set the runner in the center of your coffee table then make you table interesting by adding home accessories. Add candles a jigsaw puzzle,magazines,a silk floral arraignments or a holiday decoration such as a cornucopia for Thanksgiving. Play with your decoration, balance the colors, make it interesting. 

When it comes to decorating a space I would recommend that you be creative. Try new things, if you like the way the runner looks on your table then keep the display. If you do not like, then do something different. It’s your space, do what makes you happy.

Here are some table runners that I have designed. Click on the product to stop the rotation and to view at my online store.

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