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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Autumn Pattern Sweatshirts for Everyone

This week has been cool to cold at night and I realized that I had two classic sweatshirts. So I decided that it would be more fun to have sweatshirts with an autumn pattern.

Fall Style Sweatshirts for Family

Sweatshirts designed by sgolis 

The autumn patterns would make the shirts more interesting. Besides prints are better than plain. I went to gather some of my original photographs and also used public domain graphics to create autumn pattern sweatshirts for everyone.

The basic sweatshirt has a crew neck and a boxy fit.  It is the classic style that is perfect for outdoor activities. This sweatshirt is warm; 10oz. cotton-poly blend with a 100% cotton face. I would recommend wearing a layering tee with your sweatshirt because if you get too warm you then can take off the sweatshirt, or if the weather turns cold the extra layer will keep you warmer.

Shop for sweatshirts for the entire family by viewing my flash panel. Click on the product that you like and the panel will stop. Click again to view at my store. The panel will show you all of my sweatshirt designs for him, her and kids.

Do you prefer patterned sweatshirts or plain?

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