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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Christmas T-Shirts for Everyone

The holiday season will soon be here and invites to the “ugly Christmas Sweater Party” will be received. What will you wear to the costume party? Will your sweater, sweatshirt or t-shirt be acceptable to the holiday party dress code?

My husband and I have been invited to a few “ugly Christmas Sweater” parties and these parties are fun, but if you arrive not dressed in a festive top then you will be frowned upon. What makes these parties fun is how the guest are dressed. It is a costume party for the Christmas season.

Shopping for Christmas party Shirts

If you shop early you may be able to find an ugly sweater online or at the mall. A classic crew neck polyester sweater is all that you need to wear with jeans or leggings. However, you can also show for sweatshirts or T-shirts that have a seasonal design.

If you shop at a big box store then chances are somebody at the party will be wearing your sweater and they you will look like twins. If you want a top that is unique then I would recommend shopping online at a print on demand store like Designers create the Christmas pattern shirts which means that your party T-shirts will be unique.

Here are few of my favorite Christmas party shirts for him, her and kids.

See other gifts available on Zazzle.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Big Brother / Little Sister Clothing

Recently I was hired to create big brother / little sister clothing for a customer. She told me that the new baby is getting gifts and the big brother who is two years old is feeling left out and thinks that nobody likes him. So I designed a big brother and little sister shirts for my customer and for my store.

New Baby Brother

New Baby Brother by sgolis on Polyvore

Whenever there is a new baby and the big sister or brother is a toddler then it is a good idea to give them both a gift. Otherwise, the sibling feels left out, they think nobody likes them and these anxious feelings could cause the toddler to become jealous of their little brother or sister.

The big brother or little sister shirts are very cute here are my latest designs. You can buy as shown or add a name. Shop for these shirts and other designs here

Friday, October 14, 2016

Winter Trees Camouflage Legging Outfit

If you are a fan of camouflage clothing then you will love this Winter tree pattern legging outfit. I designed the pattern used on print all over legging and coordinating hoodie from one of my original photographs. The photo used was captured while I was hiking in the Ozark Mountains on a late fall day.

Know that I do wear camouflage clothing when I am in the woods taking photographs of deer and other wildlife but feel that the patterns are manly. This is why I created the winter tree pattern separates for women at The products were designed for women and the tree patterns are beautiful.

Click on the blue link to view or buy real tree camouflage clothing; tank top hooded sweatshirt leggings

Here is a fashion set that I created at polyvore that will show you the outfit. 

Real Trees Camo Leggings

Real Trees Camo Leggings by sgolis featuring sorel boots

Real trees pattern clothing makes a stylish outfit that is perfect for everyday gatherings and casual date with that special someone.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Autumn Pattern Sweatshirts for Everyone

This week has been cool to cold at night and I realized that I had two classic sweatshirts. So I decided that it would be more fun to have sweatshirts with an autumn pattern.

Fall Style Sweatshirts for Family

Sweatshirts designed by sgolis 

The autumn patterns would make the shirts more interesting. Besides prints are better than plain. I went to gather some of my original photographs and also used public domain graphics to create autumn pattern sweatshirts for everyone.

The basic sweatshirt has a crew neck and a boxy fit.  It is the classic style that is perfect for outdoor activities. This sweatshirt is warm; 10oz. cotton-poly blend with a 100% cotton face. I would recommend wearing a layering tee with your sweatshirt because if you get too warm you then can take off the sweatshirt, or if the weather turns cold the extra layer will keep you warmer.

Shop for sweatshirts for the entire family by viewing my flash panel. Click on the product that you like and the panel will stop. Click again to view at my store. The panel will show you all of my sweatshirt designs for him, her and kids.

Do you prefer patterned sweatshirts or plain?

View more gifts at Zazzle.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Decorating with Table Runners

Table runners are not limited to the dining room, I say use them in the living room, foyer or bedroom. The runner with a cheerful, seasonal or colorful pattern will add interest to your space.

A table runner was used on Christmas themed coffee table.

I decorate my home and my customers home by using table runners on a variety of tables and cabinets. Sometimes I will gather it up to add soft folds in the fabric then set a floral centerpiece in the center. I may open up the fold in the table runner to add more interest or I will decorate around the folds with books, figurines or other collectibles.

Autumn Style Living Room

Autumn Style Living Room by sgolis featuring orange leaf print table runner

Another way to decorate your space with table runners is to use it to accent your coffee table. Choose a cheerful pattern that has colors that compliment your room theme. Set the runner in the center of your coffee table then make you table interesting by adding home accessories. Add candles a jigsaw puzzle,magazines,a silk floral arraignments or a holiday decoration such as a cornucopia for Thanksgiving. Play with your decoration, balance the colors, make it interesting. 

When it comes to decorating a space I would recommend that you be creative. Try new things, if you like the way the runner looks on your table then keep the display. If you do not like, then do something different. It’s your space, do what makes you happy.

Here are some table runners that I have designed. Click on the product to stop the rotation and to view at my online store.

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Perfect UGG Loafers for Winter

UGG is renowned for their well-made quality shoes that are stylish and so comfortable. My friend has worn UGG shoes and boots for the last decade and when my feet felt cold she would always say that her toes were toasty and no complaints because she was wearing UGG boots. She would say that they were very expensive and I could never afford them, so I forgot about this shoe until I found them on sale.

Granted the shoes are last year's styles and if you can get past that then you too can own a pair of UGG shoes. I found them at Saks Fifth Avenue and at Nordstrom’s online, but these two stores were priced higher for the same shoe than

I showed my husband the water-resistant duck styled leather loafer that was perfect for  rain or snow. These shoes are lined with wool which will keep my feet dry and warm. Plus the sole has good traction making it good for walking on ice. My husband said buy them, you need a shoe like this.

I was all smiles until I tried to find out what size I would wear. The product reviews said the shoe ran large and many verified customers said they had to size down. I have a narrow foot but can wear a medium width that runs narrow, but I cannot wear a true medium that is cut for a wider foot. I was torn as to what size to buy.

I ended up sizing down and bought the size 7 Medium. If the shoe is too wide I will try it with a sock or a sheep skin insole. I really hope this Ugg loafer style shoe fits because it will perfect for running errands, walking the dog and outdoor activities

This shoe comes in black or brown and you can view or buy it here.