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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Patterned Blankets for Bedreoom and Decor

I like the patterned fleece blankets at because they add seasonal color to my décor and will keep my family warm while watching TV or sleeping in their bed.

You can shop for a variety of patterns and colors and when it comes time to decorate for the season you will find fabulous blankets for your space. Add a leaf or wildlife patterned throw blanket to your living room for the fall and winter season. Choose colors that would compliment your décor, these patterned blankets are meant to be seen so drape over the backside of your sofa or over an accent chair.

See this throw on the arm of the chair? Use the blankets for home accents and warmth.  When the nights are cool, take a leaf pattern throw blanket outdoors.  Just think how cozy the blanket will make you feel while sitting by the fire or enjoying the company of friends.  

Zazzle Decor for Outdoor Space

It gets cold here in the Midwest and there is snow on the ground in the winter. The patterned fleece blankets will compliment our décor. I am going to buy a few and keep them in the living room , perfect for watching TV and stretching out on the sofa for an afternoon nap.

If you have not shopped at for home goods. then I would recommend that you check them out, as they have a variety of styles, patterns, and prints that are sure to appeal to your taste.

Here are a few fleece blankets that you may like. Know that if you do not like the pattern that is shown that you can make your own by uploading a photograph or your graphic design.

View more gifts at Zazzle.

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