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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Halloween Outfit for Toddler Girl

When it comes to creating a cute Halloween outfit for your toddler girl you can buy an outfit at or create a unique look that she can wear to parties, family gatherings and for trick or treat. I designed an adorable toddler girls t-shirt that features a black cat with copper eyes, pumpkins, graveyard silhouette and purple sky. This orange tee with black cat design is paired with a black sparkle tutu that I found at amazon. Then added black tights and black Maryanne shoes, plus cat ear headband.

This Halloween outfit is adorable and can be worn many ways. The tutu can be worn with orange and black stripe leggings and another top, the orange tee can be worn with jeans or black leggings.

Here is the tee that I designed at Bellow see the outfit.

When you buy a Halloween styled top for your toddler girl you will have many outfits, so it is better to create your own Halloween look for toddler girl than to buy a costume.  

Here is a Halloween outfit idea that I created for one of my clients. The outfit is all that was needed to show her that the toddler tee was a good buy. Shop for other toddler and kids Halloween t-shirts and more here.

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