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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Value T-Shirts for Fourth of July – Top Picks

Many people like to dress in patriotic t-shirts for the fourth of July. However, instead of buying a designer outfit they will choose a value t-shirt  for their holiday look. Then coordinate it with red white and blue bottoms, shoes and accessories.

For the last week, I have been shopping for t-shirts to wear on Independence Day and have found some really cute halter tops that I could wear with shorts to our family BBQ but I would rather buy a value t-shirt and a pair of patriotic flip flops for the 4th of July. This value t-shirt will serve me well, I can wear it all day and not worry about getting it dirty because it was not expensive.  So if you want a trendy fashion look for your holiday party then shop for a value t-shirt at I found a few for him and her that are my picks for 4th of July.

If you like what you see, click on the blue link under the product image and go to the store where you can check for sale coupons and buy.

Patriotic USA 4th of July T-Shirt
Patriotic USA 4th of July T-Shirt 
Look at more Independence day T-Shirts at zazzle

Other holiday products that you may like are shown below. I created these patriotic shirts, accessories and home decor products at my store. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Artsy Outfit Ideas

Show off your love of Art  with this paint splattered artsy outfit. This art top features red paint splattered with paint brushes on a black background. The colors in this top are; red black, blue yellow green and tan. So you have a variety of colors to work with when coordinating summer fun outfits.

Zazzle Red Paint Splatter Tank Top

Zazzle Red Paint Splatter Tank Top by sgolis featuring a rucksack bag

Coordinate this tee with black shorts, capris or your favorite jean. This top would also look fabulous with red also. Then accessories with matching Ziptz shoes and bag.

Know that the fit of this tee is hip length which means you could wear as a swimsuit coverup with flip flops and it would look fabulous with leggings too. You will have fun when you wear this paint splatter shirt because art is fun .  Plus this is an original design that was created by an artist.

This tank is made from 100% polyester, it is soft to the touch and has a light as air feeling. I recommend washing it in the delicate cycle then hang to dry.
Shop for the clothing items used in the fashion set here:

ZIPZ® shoes are interchangeable! The top cover can be zipped on and off so you can easily switch up your style on the go“

Dress up Neutral Outfits with Geo Prints

This Geo print copper and white print all over tank top looks fabulous when worn with full leg copper shorts and a chunky gladiator sandal with straw hat, bag and matching earrings. A summer style outfit that is not only comfortable it also has a fashion look.

Everyday Geo-TileTank Top

This copper outfit is perfect for everyday looks. You can dress this outfit down buy changing out your shoes to flip flops or slip on sneakers. Plus create a business casual look by wearing pants instead of shorts and add a jacket. Know that this tank top is a great way to add a fashion look to your neutral outfits. The material is 100 percent white spun polyester that is soft to the touch and comfortable. It will not wrinkle so you will always look put together.

Shop for the Geo print tank top and earrings by clicking onto the product links bellow.

Gold Kaleidoscope Print All Over Tank Top All-Over Print Tank Top
Gold Kaleidoscope Print All Over Tank Top All-Over Print Tank Top by FunkyAbstract_Gifts
Check out other Geometric pattern All-Over Printed Unisex Tanks at

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Zazzle Everyday Toddler T-shirt Product Review

If you have not shopped at for kids clothing then know that the t-shirts are Mom Approved for quality, durability, and style.

I am a product designer at zazzle and started creating designs for baby, toddler, and kids clothing several months ago. I got into designing baby clothes when friends had asked me to make them t-shirts. Then my niece needed everyday t-shirts to be worn with jeans or leggings, but her mom preferred a tee with style or a print.

I designed a few tees for a 24-month toddler girl and ended up sending a white basic tee with a pink graphic Dahlia flower pattern to my niece. Her mom told me that she loves the zazzle t-shirt for toddlers. The fine jersey is soft on baby’s skin and style is so cute with leggings, shorts or jeans.

Here is a photo of my niece wearing the zazzle tee doesn’t she look darling?

The tee in the photo looks new, right? WRONG The tee you view is not new, I learned that the first time my niece wore this basic tee she dropped a grape soda on it. The tee was hand-washed immediately then hung outdoors in the sun and the stain was removed. The white tee with the pink flower has had many things spilled on it, but all stains came out in the wash.

Know that this toddler t-shirt is loved by my niece, she pointed to the flower and asked what it was. Now she learned a new word “Dahlia”.

Shopping Tips:
The white tee with pink Dahlia flower in the photo comes in a variety of colors, choose the color that you like. Here is a collection of toddler clothing from my shop

Baby clothing was designed Gifts For Babies
by Photo Gifts By Sgolis

Friday, June 3, 2016

Vintage Style Rose Print Dress for Curvy Women

Finding a dress that fits when you have curves can be difficult. Most designers cut their dresses for women that are flat chested and have no hips. I am not one of those women, I have curves and would like to wear a floral pattern summer dress with ballet flats but usually give up because I cannot find a dress that fits my body type.

Well, that was last year, this year I found this darling vintage online shop at At this specialty dress shop I found a vintage 1950’s style pink rose pattern fit and flare style dress, with a white background

Here is a fashion set that I created at polyvore that features this modcloth dress with a pink straw bag, ballet flats and pretty pink earrings from

This dress is cut for the women who has curves and the style of the dress is flattering. Know that you can change your accessories and wear this dress to a summer day wedding, or make it casual with a pair of pink flip flops, straw hat and bag

I think you will love the way this dress fits and shows off your figure.

Here are some pink floral pattern accessories that I designed at my Photo Gifts by Sgolis shop at