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Friday, March 4, 2016

NEW Menswear: Cat Pattern T-Shirts

They say that real men love cats, and we know that this is true but do they where shirts with their beloved cats face on it? Recently I have seen new menswear fashion shirts with cats on them and there seems to be a movement in fashion where men are putting on the cat tees.

I suppose that these “real men that love cats” have come out and do not care what people think, they love their cat and it is a manly thing to do. Okay with that said I put it to the test and designed a print all over shirt with black background and black and white Maine Coon cat on the front and asked my hubby “would you wear this shirt” to my surprise he said, “I guess so” followed by he has seen guys with this type of shirt where he works.

Here are some menswear cat pattern panel t-shirts that I designed. Click the link to view at my online store.

His next question regarded the fabric, I told him that it was a polyester blend and he was okay with that..because he does not like a rough cotton.

Know that my husband did not always love cats, but grew to love cats after he married me and said he would wear the black and white cat t-shirt.  
How about your guy would he wear a cat face on his tee?  

Real Men Love Cats

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