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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

When it comes to casual summer outfits I prefer to have a look that is both fashion and comfortable.  Wearing a white log t-shrit with cutoff jeans and flip flops is not my style.  If you are like me then  here are some ideas for casual summer outfits that are fun and have a fashion look. 

This yellow sunflower pattern when worn with black makes for a fabulous outfit. Do you agree? I wear black outfits all year-round but find that I prefer to add yellow color to my warm season outfits, otherwise black is too dark looking for spring and summer.

Here is a fun summer outfit that features a black and yellow sunflower pattern. The yellow is a cheerful color that makes me think of bumble bees or butterflies. Instead wearing a cotton twill or denim crop pant I thought the black knit yoga pant from would be more comfortable for this summer outfit.

This pant looks fabulous coordinated with the black racerback top with yellow sunflower print and matching flip flops found at Buy top and shoe here:

When it comes to putting together a yellow sunflower outfit I do like to add a quality bag, so I shopped online at and found a stunning shoulder bag by MICHAEL Michael Kors that was on sale.  The bag is considered small, which is fine by me. Everything that you need will fit nicely and it is perfect bag for everyday.

Here is the yellow sunflower outfit, this polyvore fashion set will provide you with ideas for creating a fashion look.

Yellow Sunflowers
Yellow Sunflowers by sgolis featuring a michael michael kors shoulder bag

Here are other casual outfit ideas.  The fashion set will show you how to create the look. All products used in these fashion set are available for purchase.  Click onto the links bellow the outfit image to view or buy. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

TOP 5 Patterned Flip Flops

Spring is here and now is the time to shop for flip flops. In the past I have waited till a later date, and found that the best pink styles had sold out. So I am shopping now for the best pink patterned flip flops to go with my summer outfits.

Everyone wears flip flops because life is better. These summer shoes are comfortable and you feel relaxed when you wear them. If it is warm outdoors then you bet I am wearing flip flops.

How about you, do you live in your flip flops?

Know that when it comes to buying pink flip flops I am really picky. I do not want the mass produced big box store flip flops. Plus the solid color flip flops are BORING. Nope I want something that is unique. So I designed a few flip flops from illustrations, graphics and photographs.

What I like about these summer fun sandals is that they are 100% rubber which makes them durable, plus they have a cushioned foot-bed with texture. With wear. this flip flop conforms to your foot and becomes your “go to” shoe because they are so comfortable.

So here are my top 5 pink pattern flip flops. If you like any of them and want to learn more or buy a pair or two, then click onto the text directly bellow the shoe photograph.

Whats summer without a pair of pink flip flops? Know that there are flip flops that you can buy at the mall that are solid color and BORING..then there are the designer flip flops like this pink and black zebra pattern.. Don't you think that summer is more fun when you are wearing a patterned flip flop?

If you love tie dye and the colors blue and pink then you will know that these flip flops are a MUST HAVES. I created this fun design from one of my digital abstract paintings, so you will not find this print at your local mall. When you buy this flip flop know that you will be wearing a work of art.  

The colors in this abstract designed flip flop are fabulous because they will coordinate with so many outfits. Green, purple and pink swirls of colors make this flip flop a must have for your summer wardrobe.

View my entire collection of flip flops for everyone; him, her and kids.  See fun patterns and a variety of colors.  You bet there is a flip flop for everyone. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Yellow Flower Pattern Fabric for Home Decor

Many people decorate their home with the color yellow because it is a cheerful and will add positive energy to your home. You do not need many yellow flower pattern decorations to make your space look and feel warm and inviting.   Update your space with throw pillows, sofa throw, chair covers or kitchen place-mats or tablecloth that you make from a yellow floral pattern fabric.

It is fun to sew and make your home decorations.  Plus DIY is a great way to save money.  Saving money is great as long as you are able to find the right yellow floral pattern craft fabrics.  

I shopped at zazzle tonight and found a few unique yellow flower pattern craft fabrics.  There are a variety of fabric textures to choose from; combed cotton, pima cotton, cotton twill, polyester polin, poyester weave, ivory linen and natural linen.  You can buy the yellow pattern shown or make your own from your photograph. 

Quote from

"Whether you are creating a beautiful quilt, refreshing your home décor, or making crafts, our custom fabrics are uniquely designed to inspire you. Zazzles high quality fabrics you may customize.   These fabrics are printed on demand, with eco friendly inks, creating fabrics that are ‘sew’ perfect for any home décor project”

Yellow is a good color choice for a kitchen, bedroom, den or bathroom.  Here are a few of my favorite yellow flower pattern craft fabrics for spring or summer home decorations.

White Daffodili Floral print Fabric

Shop online at for sewing patterns. Here are a few that I like.  Know that there are other online shops that sell the same patterns. I prefer to take advantage of the rollback prices at Walmart than to pay more for other brands.  Better to get a deal on the pattern and then with the money you saved you can apply it to the fabric for your DIY project.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Easter Pink Flower Outfit for Toddler

When it comes to dressing your toddler for Easter many mommies choose the color pink because baby girls look darling in this color. Pink is a cheerful color for spring because it compliments the Easter decoration, and looks fabulous when worn to collect Easter eggs or flowers.

I designed a sleeveless white and pink floral dress.  This cotton knit short this dress would look adorable when worn with skinny pink leggings. I recommend coordinating this pink and white fashion baby girl outfit with sunhat, and sandals.  These add on accessories will turn this dress into a darling outfit for Easter and beyond.

What I like about this outfit is that it is perfect for Easter egg hunt at park, church or your backyard plus it can be worn after the holiday.

The fabric is a 100 percent cotton interlock knit which allows the fabric to feel soft on your babies skin. Here is a fashion set that I created that will show you how to put together a fashion pink outfit for toddler.

Here is a cheerful yellow flower pattern dress for a fashion baby girl

BEST Jeans Ever at Lands' End

Shopping for a jeans is not an easy task for me. My body is curvy plus I have long legs; 32 inch inseam. When I do find a jeans that fits me perfectly I will buy many just to have because finding a well fitting jeans is nearly impossible, but that was before I shopped at

I found the best fitting jeans ever at Lands' End. The straight leg with mid rise fits me perfectly. It is such a good fit that you would think the jean was made for me. Plus I like the midrise because the jean sits slightly bellow my waist, then the straight fit through the hip and thigh. Which makes this jeans flattering.

Comfort is a factor and this denim pant delivers. They are made with 98% cotton and 2 % spandex. The spandex give the jeans body and just a little stretch and comfort. I bought the dark indigo wash color because this color is my other “black”.  The color  will go with a variety of colors plus I can dress it up with a dressier blouse, blazer and even accessorize with peals for a sophisticated look. For a casual look I can wear a print all over tank top and platform sneakers.  

I shopped online at bought a size tall 8 with 32 inseam. Shipping was fast as I received the package three days later.  Know that I washed this jeans in the perm. press cycle, cold water and hung it up to dry. There was no shrinkage and the jeans looks new.

Hands down the lands end straight leg is the best jeans ever and is my favorite.  What's your favorite jeans?

Here is a casual outfit that features the lands' end straight leg jeans

Friday, March 4, 2016

NEW Menswear: Cat Pattern T-Shirts

They say that real men love cats, and we know that this is true but do they where shirts with their beloved cats face on it? Recently I have seen new menswear fashion shirts with cats on them and there seems to be a movement in fashion where men are putting on the cat tees.

I suppose that these “real men that love cats” have come out and do not care what people think, they love their cat and it is a manly thing to do. Okay with that said I put it to the test and designed a print all over shirt with black background and black and white Maine Coon cat on the front and asked my hubby “would you wear this shirt” to my surprise he said, “I guess so” followed by he has seen guys with this type of shirt where he works.

Here are some menswear cat pattern panel t-shirts that I designed. Click the link to view at my online store.

His next question regarded the fabric, I told him that it was a polyester blend and he was okay with that..because he does not like a rough cotton.

Know that my husband did not always love cats, but grew to love cats after he married me and said he would wear the black and white cat t-shirt.  
How about your guy would he wear a cat face on his tee?  

Real Men Love Cats