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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Style - Rose Quartz Outfit

The winter has been long and to be honest with you I am ready for spring. Know that spring fashion has a retro 70's look. Trend is bare shoulders for dresses and blouses and floral prints. Also new for the season are the warm and exciting bold colors.

The colors for spring are warm shades of yellow, green, peach, coffee, blue. lilac and my favorite is rose quartz. These spring colors are a breath of fresh air, they are lively, and exciting.

Today I put together a rose quartz color outfit that consists of a hydrangea floral print t-shirt and pink accessories. This outfit is a casual classic look that is perfect for spring and summer everyday fashion looks.   The outfit is happy, cheerful and comfortable.  You will feel pretty when you wear this classic rose quartz outfit. 

I recommend wearing this outfit with a crossbody bag, or canvas rose quartz stripe canvas tote bag, then platform shoes, sneakers or sandals for a casual look. The accessories will change the look of the rose quartz outfit, you can dress up this outfit or keep it a casual look for your spring or summer fashion looks.

Here are some Zazzle Accessory recommendations

Put the outfit together and it will look like this.

Rose Quartz Floral Outfit - Hello

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