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Friday, February 5, 2016

Men's Fashion – Trendy T-Shirts

I don't know about you but I am married to a guy that lives in T-shirts. He may have an entire closet full of designer polo shirts and or button down shirts but he will not wear them. He is a t-shirt with pressed Levi’s jeans type of guy. So the other day we went shopping at Macy's and I showed him some print all over T-shirts and to my surprise he liked them. But instead of buying the shirts at Macy's I decided to create my own men's fashion t-shirt line at my zazzle print on demand store.

Zazzle has a variety of T-shirts to choose from. There are the basic cotton crew or V neck tees that come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Then there is a print all over tee with short sleeves that has a fashion look that I know my guy would like.

For this print on demand shirt your design goes on the front panel of the shirt and the short sleeves and back panel are solid black.

Here are the shirts that I designed for the man who likes fashion tees.

When I asked my husband his opinion he said “they look good” followed by, “I like the grainy texture on the leather looking ones” Which led me to believe that there was hope for hubby to be a fashion guy.

Know that if your guy is someone who lives in cotton T-shirts that the reason is because they are comfortable. Your guy is not opposed to fashion T-shirts as long as he feels comfortable. I bought my husband the black leather look tee and to my surprise he loves it.

The fit is true to size, the front panel is made from polyester and it is soft feeling on your skin. The back of the shirt is cotton. The length hits mid hip and the shirt looks good worn out or tucked in.

I was impressed with this high quality shirt. The fabric has a nice cozy feeling and the prices of the shirt is reasonable. The menswear shirts are unique designs that you will not find at the mall.

Here is the shirt that my husband loves.

Here are some menswear fashion outfits that show you how to create a trendy look. 

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