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Friday, February 26, 2016

Dooney & Bourke Fabulous Wallets

I need a new wallet, but do not a want a wallet to hold me over for a season, or even a year, nope those cute and trendy disposable wallets are not for me. I want quality, and a fabulous wallet with a modern edge by Dooney & Bourke.

Spring Style Blue Bags and Wallets

Spring Style Blue Bags and Wallets by sgolis featuring dooney bourke handbags

Many women think that these accessories are old school prep with the duck logo on the crossbody bag, satchel or wallet. But what you should know is they have come a long way and  their designs are modern, edgy and fabulous. You can easily coordinate any of their wallets with your fashion bag or outfit.

I shopped  for my wallet at online stores; and, they all carried  Dooney wallets and leather accessories. But they do have limited inventory and that is why I prefer to shop directly at  

The  home store does have the latest fashion looks, best sales and right now when you buy regular price products you can pay with three payments.  Their current offer is for a limited time:  3 interest-free payments on all in-stock full price products priced at $200 and up with DooneyPay.   

So if you thought you could not afford a quality accessory then  this payment plan makes buying a fabulous wallet affordable. Know that I recommend these accessories because of the quality, details and the craftsman.  Plus you get a designer wallet at an affordable price.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Must Have Fashion Tank Tops \ My Zazzle Picks

When I shop and see something that I like, I will visualize how I will put together an outfit and thus create a need for the item. Normally a top has to be worn different ways, I need to be able to dress it up or down.  Well this zazzle fashion tank top ranked really high as a must have fashion look for summer and beyond.

First things first, the cut of this tank top is flattering to many body types.  Unlike the skimpy body hugging cotton knit tank tops that show all the body parts that you prefer to hide, this top is made of polyester and spandex and the cut is styled to be a drape front.  BUT it does not look like a maternity top. 

This tank top was designed for women who have curves. Of course many body types can wear this top and look fabulous.

Another plus is that the print all over pattern.  Normally when it comes to summer tops our choices are limited; solid colors or a graphic design in the front. these tops are BORING.  This zazzle racerback top has a fabulous look and the print all over designs are perfect for summer outfits.

This tank top a must have for your wardrobe because you can dress it up or dress it down, by changing your accessories.

Here is a casual  abstract pink flower pattern tank top coordinated with sneakers and canvas bag, This is a fabulous look for everyday.

Pink Floral Print All Over Tank Top

Change the look of this racerback tank top by wearing it with a black jean, pumps and pink accessories and you have a fabulous fashion look for date night, party or other special event. As I said before, this top is a MUST HAVE for your summer wardrobe.

Pink Racerback Tank Top

Shop for must have tank top here:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Barnyard Baby Boy Clothing and Accessories

Recently a friend of mine made a remark about my fashion baby collection at my print on demand online store; she said the baby girl clothes were darling but what about the baby boys? She was right I was all caught up in designing clothing with the thought of my niece that I neglected to design  cute clothing for baby boys.

 And now without further ado, here is the special baby boy barnyard clothing and accessory collection.

Shop and buy all of these adorable boy baby products at zazzle print on demand store. I hope you all love this line of baby boy clothing, accessories and nursery gift ideas.

Get the outfit look by coordinating the red barn with farm animals bodysuit with a pair of baby boy Levi's. Then add a pair of red sneakers and golly this outfit is too cute.

Barnyard Baby Boy Outfit

Friday, February 19, 2016

Zazzle Spring Style Gift Ideas

Spring is finally here and so are the party invites for family and friends gatherings or special occasions. Which means that you may need a spring theme gifts for party, host, Easter Mother's Day and other. No need to shop until your drop at the mall as I have hand selected a variety of spring gift ideas that will appeal to many people.

View bellow the spring style gifts that were created at my my print on demand store. I used several of my original photographs to create unique floral prints that have spring theme. Other gifts were created from public domain photographs. All gifts shown are unique and you will not find them at the mall.

These gifts were designed to compliment a traditional home; see purple Iris quote pillow. This pillow is fabulous because you can personalize with your own text and make a happy memory.

Choose from a variety of gift ideas, there is something for everyone, even a pretty spring dress for toddler. Happy spring everyone and I hope you enjoy these hand picked spring style gift ideas.

Spring Style Gift Ideas

Spring Style Gift Ideas by sgolis featuring quote throw pillows

Delightful Spring Living Room Ideas

When it comes time to decorate for the spring season I prefer to create a classic look by featuring spring floral throw pillows, wall décor, table linens and room accessories. I will shop or I will design botanical home decor that features a flower that blooms during the spring season; daffodils, tulips, lilacs, and irises to name a few of my favorite spring botanicals.

Along with the delightful floral decorations I will accent my spring living room with a few figurines by Jim Shore. The Heartwood Creek collection is adorable especially the pint sized bunny or chick with egg figurines'.

Know that I am a firm believer that less is more. I do not like clutter and this is why when I decorate a living room I will add splashes of color so that the room is pleasing to the eye. It is important that the space have ambiance; a delightful spring living room would feel cozy and welcoming to family and friends.

Here is a set that I designed. It features a classic style living room setting with a variety of iris botanical home accessories. Shop for these these spring home decorations by clicking onto the product icon bellow the home set.

Decorating with Irises

Decorating with Irises by sgolis featuring a serving tray

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Style - Rose Quartz Outfit

The winter has been long and to be honest with you I am ready for spring. Know that spring fashion has a retro 70's look. Trend is bare shoulders for dresses and blouses and floral prints. Also new for the season are the warm and exciting bold colors.

The colors for spring are warm shades of yellow, green, peach, coffee, blue. lilac and my favorite is rose quartz. These spring colors are a breath of fresh air, they are lively, and exciting.

Today I put together a rose quartz color outfit that consists of a hydrangea floral print t-shirt and pink accessories. This outfit is a casual classic look that is perfect for spring and summer everyday fashion looks.   The outfit is happy, cheerful and comfortable.  You will feel pretty when you wear this classic rose quartz outfit. 

I recommend wearing this outfit with a crossbody bag, or canvas rose quartz stripe canvas tote bag, then platform shoes, sneakers or sandals for a casual look. The accessories will change the look of the rose quartz outfit, you can dress up this outfit or keep it a casual look for your spring or summer fashion looks.

Here are some Zazzle Accessory recommendations

Put the outfit together and it will look like this.

Rose Quartz Floral Outfit - Hello

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Green Outfits

You do not have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. In fact if you are someone who looks good in the color green then why not dress up in a new outfit?  When I say outfit I do not mean a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt and your favorite jeans. You can put together an Irish look by wearing a green shamrock pattern top, green dress then accessorize with green shamrocks or other Irish patterns.

Here are a few of my St Patrick's Day fashion looks for him or her.

Here is the menswear St. Patrick's Day outfit:

Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish by sgolis featuring print t shirts

Then for the women I designed some Irish accessories.

Get inspired to create a green outfit.  This outfit that can be worn on St. Patrick's Day and beyond. Change the accessories and create a new fashion look.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Fashion Baby – Zebra Pattern Outfit

It is fun to dress your baby girl in fashion looks. These trendy zebra outfits are great for casual play dates, parties or shopping with mom. Animal prints have been popular for several years and have become a basic in woman’s fashion as well as baby girl clothing.

Here is a fabulous fashion baby dress that I designed at my print on demand online shop. The zebra pattern features a black and white animal print with circle in center for animal and for your baby's name or other text. I would recommend coordinating these tops with black legging, shorts or jeans. For high fashion baby buy black and white animal print; zebra leggings with matching boots or shoes.

View all of my fabulous fashion baby clothing designs for girl here.

Not sure how to put the outfit together? View the digital design that I created using my zebra clothing line plus coordinating online finds here. From this set you will know how to create a fabulous black and white zebra pattern outfit for your baby girl.

Fashion Baby Yellow Floral Dress Outfit

Last year zazzle came out with a few print on demand designs for baby and I created fashion looks for customers and for my niece. Then this year zazzle added the most adorable designs for baby girl. There is a ruffle dress that is darling and I thought would be perfect for a yellow floral design so that is exactly what I did. 

Spring here in the Midwest will be cool this year and a long sleeve white polyester and cotton interlock knit dress with a yellow sunflower design will look darling especially when coordinated with yellow spring accessories and yellow hat.

Here are a few of my print on demand baby girl designs.

Call me old fashion but I like baby girls to look girly, fashionable but still like an adorable baby girl with spring bonnet or flowers in her hair.  Here is yellow flower dress that I put together at This outfit will show you how to create an adorable spring outfit for you baby girl.

*** For further reductions or sale prices on many of your favorite zazzle products click HERE FOR THE LATEST SALES OR COUPON CODES

Fabulous Sweater Outfit Ideas

When it comes to putting together  outfits I always pull out a classic style sweater and then create a fabulous fashion look. Black cashmere, cotton or silk blend sweaters are a basic in my wardrobe and I have many styles; turtleneck, v-neck crew neck, cardigan and boatnecks.  
I think black, cream or gray sweaters are a must have for every woman’s wardrobe. You cannot go wrong with classic sweater outfit.  

Classic sweater outfits are always in fashion because you can wear with your favorite jeans, leggings, skirts or skinny or boot cut pants.  Then accessories and you have a fabulous fashion look.

Know that when I plan to go to the city for shopping and or a meet up for lunch with friends I will always create my outfit around a  sweater. Of course weather is also is a factor, if it is going to be cold I will wear a heavier sweater, but for mild weather like today; Sunny with highs in the 30's I will plan an outfit that will be comfortable and have a fashion look.

The outfit that I will wear to the city will be created to coordinate with a black cashmere turtleneck sweater. The entire outfit will be black except for silver accessories and contrasting color vest. 

The accessories will be simple classic looks; a sterling silver necklace, worn with silver earnings. A designer black belt with metal hardware. I will change out my iphone 6 cover to a black leather look with illustration of rose on the case. Then take along a bucket, cross body or messenger bag that is roomy enough to carry all of my things including my laptop.

This sweater outfit is perfect for today’s weather and is also a good look for my meet up with friends at trendy city bistro.  Here are a few sweater outfit that I put together that are perfect for a day of shopping in the city, and lunch meet-up at trendy bistro.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Men's Fashion – Trendy T-Shirts

I don't know about you but I am married to a guy that lives in T-shirts. He may have an entire closet full of designer polo shirts and or button down shirts but he will not wear them. He is a t-shirt with pressed Levi’s jeans type of guy. So the other day we went shopping at Macy's and I showed him some print all over T-shirts and to my surprise he liked them. But instead of buying the shirts at Macy's I decided to create my own men's fashion t-shirt line at my zazzle print on demand store.

Zazzle has a variety of T-shirts to choose from. There are the basic cotton crew or V neck tees that come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Then there is a print all over tee with short sleeves that has a fashion look that I know my guy would like.

For this print on demand shirt your design goes on the front panel of the shirt and the short sleeves and back panel are solid black.

Here are the shirts that I designed for the man who likes fashion tees.

When I asked my husband his opinion he said “they look good” followed by, “I like the grainy texture on the leather looking ones” Which led me to believe that there was hope for hubby to be a fashion guy.

Know that if your guy is someone who lives in cotton T-shirts that the reason is because they are comfortable. Your guy is not opposed to fashion T-shirts as long as he feels comfortable. I bought my husband the black leather look tee and to my surprise he loves it.

The fit is true to size, the front panel is made from polyester and it is soft feeling on your skin. The back of the shirt is cotton. The length hits mid hip and the shirt looks good worn out or tucked in.

I was impressed with this high quality shirt. The fabric has a nice cozy feeling and the prices of the shirt is reasonable. The menswear shirts are unique designs that you will not find at the mall.

Here is the shirt that my husband loves.

Here are some menswear fashion outfits that show you how to create a trendy look.