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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Favorite Brown Home Decor at Zazzle

Many people decorate their homes with a neutral color scheme and will accent the beige colors with brown or touches of green or pumpkin. I personally like the warm and cozy feeling of beige and brown colors because it reminds me of the earth.
Brown pattern throw pillows accent cream sofa.

Shopping for a brown color scheme for your home might be difficult because most stores at the mall carry bright colors and patterns. However if you know the colors that you are seeking you can always take a photograph and make your own home decorations, throw pillows, lamps, bathroom décor at Zazzle
Or you can shop from the products that I found at Zazzle. (Note several of these products are templates which means you can customize them with your own photo or text). Click the link bellow the image to view or to buy at the designers store.
Black and Tan Abstract Floral Shower Curtain

Brown and Beige Abstract Flower Bath Towel Set

Autumn Leaves Table Lamp

Modern Black and Brown Faux Leather Pendant Lamp

Leather Medallion Throw Pillow, Black and Brown Throw Pillow

Monogram Dark Brown Faux Leather Throw Pillow

Personalized Tawny Leather Look in Brown Wall Cloc Square Wall Clock

Rustic Orange Flower Pattern Tablecloth, 52

Antique Book, faux leather bound (brown retro) Binder

The Tavern Fine Leather Coaster Set of 4

Old Rustic Brown Wood Light Switch Cover

Elegant and Classic Vintage Look Monogram Initials Doormat

Art Deco Feather Pattern, Dark Brown and Rust Light Switch Cover

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Back to School Essentials for Boys and Girls

This week I have been designing fashion T-shirts and other school essentials for my Zazzle collection. I teamed up with a friend of mine at Sandyspiders Gifts to create unique clothing and back to school supplies for this collection.

If you are someone who prefers to buy your school-aged kids products that were designed by an artist instead of being mass produced at a big box store then you will love this collection.

Here are a few cute and unique shirts for wearing to school, other activities or for sports. These shirts come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. You can shop for short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, sweatshirt or hoodie. The designs are transferable onto any shirt that you prefer. Plus all shirts and other products can be customized by adding your own photograph or text. So you can buy the product as shown or create your own.

Add Your Own Text What Kid's Dk T-Shirt Would Say

The back-to-school collection features novelty shirts for teachers, girls, and boys. Also backpacks, socks, and other grade and high school essentials such as notebooks, binders, stickers, rulers and more.

Here is one of my original designs for kids that are just learning to write

Kindergarten Letters or Alphabet School Notebook

Click the link below the back to school fashion widget to shop for the print on demand designs.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Unique Political T-Shirt Designs

Normally when it comes to politics I prefer to not design products because I think it is wise to stay neutral as I would not want to offend clients. So for the last nine years, I stayed away from political designs until two days ago when my husband promoted my graphic design work to a buddy of his that brought this type of shirts for his shop.

My husband asked me to design unique statement shirts for his friend. Normally I would jump to it, but since the designs were to be controversial, trendy and political statements I found that I was dragging my heels.

I thought about the designs for a good six hours then decided that to not do the work for this client I would be showing prejudice so I accepted the contract and designed political party statement shirts for republican, democrat and democratic socialists.

The t-shirt designs were rejected by the client due to the costs. What he was willing to pay was out of range and now I can offer the shirts to the general public.

What I like about the shirts is that the designs are in good taste and that the supporter can wear them without saying a word. All will know what they support or believe in without bashing anyone or political party.

The shirts are shown on men however they are available in a variety of styles for men women and children. You can also choose different colors and if you are not happy with the text, you can also add your own words. Please click the highlighted blue link below the image to view the different styles at my Zazzle store.

Economy Booming Under Trump Politcal T-Shirt

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Favorite Summer Black Dress

When it comes to putting together outfits for summer I always look for casual and easy care black dresses. I shop for cotton blends that are wash and wear and for styles that can be worn casual or can be dressed up, Warm season black dresses are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe because the color coordinates well with other colors and the little black dress never goes out of style.
Basic tank dress with yellow sunflower accessories

My favorite styles are the tank because you can wear it with sneakers or flip flops or dress it up with your jewelry and a fashion bag. This style dress is perfect when the days are hot. Add a fashion tote bag and you are ready for shopping, going to the beach or sightseeing while on vacation

Tank style dress with super cute beach design. 

Black Beach Tank  Dress - Palm Tree Print

Here are some causal tote bags. Many of the styles and colors will coordinate with a black dress.

The classic black tank dress is perfect for spring or summer. It is 100 percent combed and ringspun cotton, 4.2 ounces so the weight is good, not too thin. The fabric feels like your favorite tee on your skin. *This dress is body hugging so if you want it to be a little roomier then size up or shop for a basic t-shirt style black dress. The t-shirt style is fun and flirty, however, the cut is looser and does not feel like your second skin. 
Love My Little Black Dress - Red Heart

Shop for black dresses and accessories at Zazzle, com.  Click the blue text to view or to buy.